dream powder


dream powderWho uses up his powder in the dream pointlessly, also had to complain in the awake life his energy soon verpulvert and then about much too weak nerves.



  • from the chemist’s shop: you will visit a health resort, – also: your marriage is in danger,
  • gunpowder: War, – your enterprise is ventured, – annoyance and frustration,
  • (gunpowder) see exploding: if a sudden event or a fright promises.

(European ones).:

  • gunpowders see: advises not to go in all things too far, – one should put current attempts immediately,
  • work with such: one gets involved in a very risqué and dangerous adventure,
  • get from the chemist’s shop: if means illness, help and improvement.


  • for shooting: disagreeable times.
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