dream parentsDreams of the parents can express the feelings and recollections of the dreaming about his next relatives. The meaning of such a dream can be cleared, while the role of the parents and the kind of the contact of the dreaming with this figure is roofed in the dream. The father can symbolise a strong moral consciousness – whether true or only accepted. Childhood experiences with a father as a mighty leader and judge can reresound in the mind of the dreaming. The father can also show a playful and loving figure. The mother can reflect the feelings of the dreaming to a strong mother’s child’s connection. The dreaming can take pleasure in the warmth and the nearness of this respect. The mother’s figure can also symbolise the need to break out of a too firm connection. To the most important aspects with the interpretation belong the behaviour of the parental figure in the dream and the emotional reaction of the dreaming on it.

  • dreams about fathers and mothers are usually interpreted as a token of the parental love. If one dreams of the mother, this sometimes registers that a positive strength will enter into the life. If one dreams of the father, this can forecast a new job for one – possibly in a senior position.
  • is Sometimes the present of the parents in the dreams an open representation of how one sees them in the life. However, sometimes it is important to get out which messages the dream feeling can contain towards the parents. If the father is to be become more independent in the dream, e.g., a protector, a tip can be to it.
  • a father in the dream of a woman appears, love and a firm connection gives to recognise. It can also be a sign that the dreaming should try to develop the male side of her personality. The reverse is valid if a man dreams of his mother.
  • mother and father who provided for a happy youth appear in the dream often when a dreamer longs to return in that security which he felt in the parental home. The unconscious takes them as an example if arise in own family of the dreamer’s discrepancies. Probably one is in a situation in which one hopes for help.
  • goods the parents in the youth no model, then such a meeting can be interpreted contrary as which to themselves resist against people whom one holds for bad counsellors.
  • in puberty dreams the parents appear as an opponent, a proof of the fact that one would like to free himself of them.
  • of dreams in those own parents die, can explain the hostile feelings towards the parents. Such dreams indicate that topical or past conflicts are unsolved or the problems lie in the respect before one.
  • meeting

  • If one to the late parents, this will search as an advice evaluated, one needs assistance in a precarious situation.
  • a dream in which one lies to his parents can be a sign for the fact that one stands shortly before a business transaction, possibly secretly.
  • a dream in which the parents to one lie means that one feels impossible from a social group.
  • feelings of the powerlessness show

  • of the dreams in which to one the parents reprimand. One considers how one can win back control in the life again without arguing too much with others.
  • a dream in which the mother cries can be connected with worries about a problem. Some dream analysts think that a crying mother indicates the coming problems.
  • The appearance of a benevolent father in the dream is sometimes connected with interests or hobbies with which one displays only brief interests and which one would not like to pursue seriously. So a dream can be a sign for one to extend own horizon and to take care of a new plan.
  • the dreams in which one or both parents to one leave are mostly connected with worries about the stability of the finances. If a parent or both return, finally, the worry is probably groundless. Do not come back, however, this can be called that one must position himself to the financial problems in the life.

among the rest,

old dream books still give the following meanings:

  • with the parents argue warns about the fact that one gets by own guilt in difficulties.
  • parents can see to promise luck and success in the next time.
  • parents should see dying own long life announce, – maybe is also expressed in the fact that one should escape from her strong influence.
  • dead parents are understood as a luck symbol, sometimes in terms of prosperity.



  • speak: you can safely see in the future, – luck in enterprises,
  • see: you are well protected, – you get a warning, is careful in the traffic,
  • argue with them: one will receive bad news,
  • the living ones lose: A long life is given to consolation and help in the grief, – to the parents,
  • see ill: Evil,
  • the late ones see or speak: Cheerfulness and luck will please you, – receive positive news, – in an emergency receive unexpected help.

(European ones).:

    one dreams

  • of them if one longs for her hold, – (if they still live):
  • see or speak: meant joy, cheerfulness, luck and success in enterprises,
  • see happy: Signs for harmony and pleasant employees,
  • with them argue: bad premeaning,
  • happily see in her house: pleasant changes come up to you,
  • see with good health and contently: in happy circumstances live, – your business and your love relationship well develop,
  • see sad: the luck leaves to one,
  • the still living persons dead see: Expression of own fears, – a long life for mother and father,
  • this dream marriage and wealth means

  • for a young woman. If the parents are pale and dressed black, you are struck by disappointments.
  • late ones see: tells good family news in, – also: unexpected help come up with problems on one.


  • the late ones see: good times will come for you,
  • with them argue: you will regret your disobedience bitterly,
  • see dying: meant for them a rather long life.

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