dream potWho drinks from it, new strength scoops in full trains, – who wants to drink from an empty pot, with that is not healthwise some in order.



  • see: can count on a good message, – also: you are loaded to the wedding,
  • full ones: if a long-standing loyal friendship,
  • promises

  • drink from it: happy experiences may expect, – one will get over several dangers and receive his health long,
  • fill: let in the luck not from the high spirits thrill,
  • empties: announce a tiresome visit which will bring problems with itself.

(European ones).:

  • see: promises good news, – means good friendship and the coming joy,
  • see one with clear contents: one is interested not only even in his well-being, many real friends will act to a good,
  • empties see: own behaviour will alienate from one of friends and from home,
  • drink from it: big forthcoming joy, – good news,
  • from a wine drink: points to good health and optimistic philosophy of life in all areas,
  • from a milk drink: if good health,
  • promises

  • take a bitter drink from it to himself: stands for disappointments, although one was of good hopes,
  • broken ones see: signalled illness and failure in the occupation.


  • drink from it: good message.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pot(s)

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