A pig in a dream represents wealth and prosperity. A dream of a pig usually means that your life will be successful and peaceful. In some cases the dream represents difficulties and obstacles, in others it signals that you have the opportunity for great achievements.

Dream Meaning Pig

To see a pig

Dreaming of a pig is a sign that your life will be full of peace and success in all aspects.
Another meaning of the dream is that there will be obstacles to overcome.


Little pig (piglet)

The meaning of the dream for a woman can symbolize pregnancy, for a man it can mean a visit from a relative or other important person whom you have not seen for a long time.

The dream warns that many people will have a bad opinion of your behavior, many will not respect your thoughts and actions, they will judge you like a child. Think about when this happens and if they are really right.

Fat pig

A dream about a fat pig is a sign that you will gain a lot financially. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and focus on your professional life.

A fat pig symbolizes wealth, and if you want a life without financial problems, you should strive for it, no matter what happens around you. This good omen is a sign of many financial benefits, so take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. You have a good chance of making a lot of money in the industry you work in or plan to enter.

Many pigs

A dream about many pigs can indicate a confusing situation in your life. The dreamer wants to make you aware of the information you need to consider in order to organize yourself and solve problems without fear or hesitation.

The grunting (quacking) of a pig

Hearing the grunts of pigs is a sign that you will encounter gossip. It may concern you, but it may also concern those close to you. Approach them with caution and do not get involved in their intrigues.


Feed the pig

This dream means that you will soon receive news of a pregnancy in your family or in the family of a very close friend or acquaintance. The dream can also indicate a lot of health, and for women it usually symbolizes that they will have a peaceful and happy life at the side of a loved one.

Pig bite

The dream indicates that there will be some changes in your life and you should prepare for positive events. Something you didn’t expect can completely change your view of the world.

Another meaning of the dream is that you should watch out for financial difficulties.

To kill a pig

Killing a pig in a dream means success in your professional life, such as receiving an award, a raise or a promotion. The dream indicates that you have opportunities for advancement in your company or in another company, but in the same industry.

Dead pig

The dream meaning perceives that there is something in his life that he does not like. Try to change the way you perceive things, and if something is bothering you, solve the problem once and for all. Don’t try to stop or push away what may be causing you emotional or professional harm.

Change is a part of our lives and is necessary. Dreaming of a dead pig means that a phase of your life has passed and you are now beginning a new cycle. This change could be the death of someone, a change of job or address.

Eating pork, pork (pig meat)

Eating pork in a dream can mean a change in some area of your life. Usually it is a sign of a favorable change in your love life, perhaps you will find someone with whom you will experience true love.

Preparing, eating or serving pork in a dream is also a harbinger of great profits.


Roast pork

A dream about roast pork indicates family happiness, a stable relationship between family members. This dream can also predict good times with friends and relationships.

If you eat a roast in your dream, you will be lucky in love and it could be the beginning of a lasting relationship. Buying or serving a roast means family joys. If you saw a roast on the table, it is a harbinger of a new relationship that will bring happiness. If you prepared a roast, you are joining a group that is going on a journey that will bring you great benefits.

Piggy bank

The dream indicates that you will have to manage money and make important decisions. This dream is a symbol of responsibility. It can also be associated with new tasks or functions entrusted to you, such as at work.

Pig colors

White pig

A dream about a white pig is an excellent omen, indicating that you will achieve your goals. You can count on good luck and success. You will get what you are looking for.

Pink pig

A dream about a pink pig means that you will be lucky, but it will happen because of external factors and in a completely unexpected way.
This dream also indicates that you should be more careful in your choices, especially those that define the people who will accompany you in life. This will be a determining factor in your professional success.

Black pig

A black pig in your dream means that something will get in the way of your plans, which may put you in an unpleasant situation. Be careful of your attitude towards others.

The dream is also a warning that greed can get in the way of your plans, especially if you are never satisfied with what you have.

Dream Meaning: Pig

  • To see a pig – your life will be full of peace and tranquility
  • Little pig (piglet) – someone you haven’t seen for a long time will visit you
  • A fat pig – you will gain a lot financially
  • Many pigs – solve problems without hesitation
  • The grunting (quacking) of a pig – beware of gossip
  • Feed a pig – there will be a baby in your family
  • Bite a pig – there will be some changes in your life
  • Kill a pig – you will achieve success at work
  • Dead pig – you will start a new cycle
  • Eat pork – good changes are ahead of you
  • Roast pig – enjoy family happiness
  • Piggy bank – you will have to make important decisions
  • White pig – you will achieve your goals
  • Pink pig – you will have good luck
  • Black pig – something will get in the way of your plans

Pigs are very friendly and intelligent – they come to us as messengers. When pigs come to us as spirit guides or power animals, they are there to help us on our path in life.


Pigs can remind us of fun, curiosity and friendship, but they can also remind us to pay more attention to our surroundings and our behavior.

What does a dream about a pig mean?

If you dream about a pig, think about your first thought or association with these animals. Do you find them cute? Intelligent? Dirty? All of these things will help you determine the meaning of your dream.

Think carefully about other elements of the dream as well:

How did you feel during the dream?

What other events or symbols occurred in the dream?
Context can play a big role in determining which possible meaning best fits you and your life.
Here are some common symbolic meanings of pig dreams:

Prosperity and abundance

Dreaming of a pig can often symbolize abundance, as it is customary in some practices to place statues or symbols of pigs in the home to attract wealth and prosperity.

Feelings of connection, love, friendship

Pigs have the color pink, which we often associate with love, attraction, and affection. You may have longed for this in a relationship.


Pigs are very intelligent creatures, and the dream may mean that you have gained new knowledge or insight into a problem.


New beginnings

Dreaming of piglets with their mother can signify the beginning of something new – perhaps a relationship, perhaps a business venture that you hope will be successful and profitable. It can also symbolize your desire to be nurtured or to nurture someone else, depending on the context of the dream. If you dream about a piglet, you can also look at the meaning of dreams about a baby.

Having a pet pig

A dream about having a pet pig can mean that you feel responsible for someone or that you like to take care of others.

Feelings of guilt, shame or low self-esteem

Especially if you don’t like these animals or have negative memories associated with them, it could mean that you don’t like yourself and don’t value yourself.

To “put the pig under”.

For some people, this dream can mean that you feel guilty about acting inappropriately towards someone.

Mystic Dream : pig

If you see a pig in your dream, it is a sign that in the near future your luck will be very good, so much so that you will have a chance to win something.
If you dream that you are afraid of a pig, it means that you are very different from your environment, but this is not a reason to isolate yourself from it.
If you dream that you are among pigs, it is a signal from your subconscious that when you wake up you are very conceited and do not see your faults, even though you have many of them, but are eager to point out their vices to others.
Killing a pig foretells that you will achieve financial success, but it will be at the expense of others, and even if you are happy at first, the joy will quickly be drowned out by remorse.

dream pigAssociation: – greedily, smartly, sometimes squalidly, sometimes pernickety. Question: – Do I bundle together more things than I can need or use? Have I fixed my own chaos?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Deep connection with the earth, – nourishing (physically and spiritually), – selfishness, – bad manners, – avarice. Description: A pig is a domestic animal with thick, heavy body overcast by bristles and a long, wide snout. To best known ones the pigs are for her meat and her skin with whom they supply the humanity. With the Celts they were valid in some places as holy animals. Although pigs have a bad reputation, they are in truth rather clean animals who take pleasure in her good connection with the mother earth no matter whether she is humid or dry. General meaning: Wish for a deeper connection with the mother earth, – the wish to wallow in the mud – the egoistic, thoughtless and greedy part of itself. Trick meaning: Pig – term of abuse for a person with bad manners. Transcendent meaning: Clear understanding of that, as it feels in your body to be connected with the earth.

In general:

Pig stands for a materialist life setting which is often connected with acquisitiveness and a little reined desires. In general one can see it as a luck symbol what mostly refers to the materialist area, above all if it digs in the mud. The male pig (boar, boar) has against it mostly the same or similar meaning like the bull.



Almost always a luck-bringing sign, – one comes to a favorable situation, has literally ‘pig’. Long ago the pig belonged to the suite of the big goddess whom mistress about all animals and also about the natural sexuality of the people was. It can also be a symbol for genital processes and female fertility, in the transferred sense also for a psychic enrichment and physical power.


The house pig symbolises big fertility, – the wild boar is a symbol of the demoniacal.


A woman dreamt, her lover makes her one pork head the present. She started to feel a dislike against him and gave him, finally, the run passport, – then the pig is insensible for love.



  • The pig calls a contemptuous, but mighty enemy.
  • Fighting somebody in the dream with a boar, he will fight against a mighty, well prepared enemy, – he kills him, he will destroy the enemy. However, this dream only princes look, – this face has another, it concerns high men, – a pauper or a my husband will have after this dream fright, oppression and torment of enemies to gewärtigen.
  • on a boar indicates to ride, one will make a mighty opponent subservient to himself, – a pauper will bring it to high position and big wealth.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, one brings him boar or he shoots them on the hunt, he will lay mighty opponents in chains, – one brings him house pigs, is valid the same interpretation like in case of the just called, but in lower and weaker measure.
  • Eating of a pork, he will attain so much money and property, how he meat eaten.
  • Seeming it one, he runs like a pig, he will take in short time a pleasure.
  • seen somebody in the dream a pig with horns, he will experience that his enemy is raised and will be honoured according to the jewellery of the horns.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, one brings him such a pig, he will arrest an unusual person who is his enemy.
  • Looking of the emperors or a prince, one brings him a pig who has an Aries’s tail, one will supply to him a mighty opponent rich in stone who disposes of big means.
  • handed one to the emperor a pork head or he eats him, he will bring the whole capital of his opponent in himself, defeat him and throw down.
  • see: Luck and profit in the play have,
  • tame ones see: Food find,
  • wild ones see: you deal with bad people,
  • shop: you are clever in shops and succeed,
  • sell: bad shops make,
  • feed: good views, success and luck for the future,
  • grunt: Satisfaction and prosperity,
  • see slaughtering: a party is celebrated,
  • slaughter: provide for the future in useful manner,
  • are attacked by wild ones: libellous people will damage to you a lot,
  • wild ones shoot: to your enemies have not grown to you.

(European ones).:

  • conclusions on itself, sometimes also on others,
  • see: if luck brings in the lottery and play,
  • has young which are nursed: should stimulate to the reflexion about own behaviour,
  • fat, healthy pigs: are valid as an omen for the coming success,
  • see wallowing in the mud: one will get because of his machinations in discredit,
  • feed: one will have a lot of luck and success in the life,
  • slaughter: promises a material success at the expenses of or by betrayal of an another which endangers the internal rest and thereby gives no right pleasure,
  • of A young woman promises this one jealous and stingy man who is rich most probably, nevertheless.


  • (luck) have: you most crazily you with every opportunity,
  • wild ones see: you must protect your health,
  • (animals) own: big luck,
  • slaughter: Advantages,
  • feed: you provide for the future,
  • see rolling in the excrement: you will get a bad house being,
  • the wild: bad people will damage to you,
  • shoot wild pig: you will be released from great fear.

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