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Dreams have many meanings because they send messages and advice that we are often unaware of. So, it is important to understand their symbolism to understand our past, present and reduce anxiety about the future.

Dream meaning pool

Dreaming about a pool can mean problems and misunderstandings that you will have to deal with in the near future. It can also be a symbol of changes that are coming in your life. What these changes will be – depends on the color of the water and other details of the dream.

swimming in pool dream meaning

Swimming in the pool

You feel that you are doing your duties well. If you are joyful in a dream, it means that everything is going well, according to your plan, and the people accompanying you are kind and helpful. However, don’t forget about yourself, fight for what you believe in!

Diving in the pool

This dream shows that you can trust your partner and safely “immerse yourself” in this relationship. If there is clean water in the pool, it means honesty in a relationship, loving family. You can count on your loved ones.

You’ve been thrown into the pool

You are likely to run into a problem or challenge. Control your emotions and keep your balance. Think carefully before acting. You must analyze what happens to you in your sleep after throwing it into the water. Will you go out alone? With someone else’s help? Maybe someone will throw you a lifebuoy? Or possibly there is no one who would reach out to you?

Deep pool

You have a feeling of loss, sadness, failure. Remember to value yourself more! You have a lot of strength and talents that you can use to improve a situation or get out of issues.

Clean pool

The dream announces that significant changes will come in your life that will bring you happiness, pride and fulfillment. If you are expecting something good, it is worth getting ready for what is coming. If you’ve dreamed about something, there is a chance that your dream will come true right now.

Cleaning pool

It’s time to leave the past behind and not get back to bad feelings. The dream shows that you need to “clean” your life. Think about what is still unresolved in your life and is influencing your decisions.


Take care of old business, clear up misunderstandings. Maybe you should make up with someone? Possibly to let something go? Settling matters from the past will positively affect your current situation and your future.

Dirty pool

The dream warns that you are surrounded by false people. Watch what you say. This applies to your professional life, but also to friends and acquaintances. Think who you can really trust?

dirty pool in dream

Full pool

Sleep shows that you are exhausted, you still have the same problems. Remember that everything that happens is the result of our own attitudes. Try to rest, calm your thoughts, and then look at the issue again.

You have to solve problems, free yourself from emotions. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Pool overcrowded

Dreaming of an overcrowded pool means emotions and feelings that overflow. Perhaps these are negative emotions, and possibly positive. Remember that too much emotion is not good for anyone. Try to calm down and rest. Be patient with others.

Empty pool

Dream interpretation signals that this is the perfect time to start implementing new plans. You can fill the pool with any amount of water and invite or not invite people you want to use with you. Use this clue and have a good waking time for you.

The pool full of people

You should go out to people, open up more to others. Stop hiding, put on masks, show others who you really are! It is worth showing your talents, character traits that you are afraid to reveal.

This discovery of yourself will improve your well-being and allow you to strengthen your relationships, as well as meet interesting people who think like you.


Huge pool

This is a warning that you are going the wrong way. Consider your action. What is wrong? Maybe you need some support? Possibly you need to change your plans a bit? Don’t start something you are not convinced of.

pool dream meaning

According to the dream book, such a dream applies to every sphere of your life.

Fish or animals in the pool

Dreaming of fish in the pool means an unexpected inflow of cash, it’s a good time to check your bills and pay off your debts.

Pool – dream symbol interpretation

  • swimming in the pool: you do your duty well
  • diving in the pool: you can trust your partner
  • thrown into the pool: encounter a problem or a challenge
  • deep pool: appreciate yourself more
  • clean pool: lucky changes
  • cleaning pool: it’s time to leave the past behind
  • dirty pool: you are surrounded by fake people
  • full pool: you are exhausted
  • overcrowded pool: emotions and feelings overflow you
  • empty pool: time to implement new plans
  • pool full of people: go out to the people, open up
  • huge pool: you are going the wrong way
  • fish in the pool: cash inflow

Dream about pool

A dream about a swimming pool

The swimming pool is one of those dream symbols that don’t appear frequently in our dreams, but are of great importance because it allows us to discover various features of our personality, the existence of which we have not been aware of or had only a very vague idea about them.

So, we must consider not only what we are doing in the pool and whether we are alone in it or there are other people, but we should also observe what we are wearing, what feelings we have while bathing, whether the water is clean or dirty, and any other details that can sometimes be very strange and have little to do with reality.

Interpreting dreams about the pool

The pool, like other water reservoirs, is a symbol of the limited human unconscious, as it is an artificial structure that is associated with social life. It is limited because it is confined within certain limits, its width, length and depth are determined by the structure, unlike natural bodies of water which do not have such limits.

In addition, in the pool we will not encounter unexpected twists, as it can happen in natural reservoirs and contact with water is much safer there. So, if we dream of a pool, it is an indication of our limited part of the unconscious, which, however, may be available to us, depending on various factors and whether we choose to explore these areas.

When we dream of a backyard swimming pool, the dream is personal and concerns our private affairs, completely unlike a public swimming pool found in any public institution or holiday resort where many people can swim.


Dream Dictionary – pool symbol

If in a dream you can see some people who are in the pool and swim in it, it is an omen of your most important or innermost dreams coming true.

If you are swimming in the pool, it may mean some new acquaintances that you will soon make and that will help you in some way, mainly in the professional sphere.

The theme of swimming in the pool can also herald a new love, or at least infatuation. If you bathe in clothes, it also has to do with your love life, but without any further details.

If you dream of a swimming pool with dirty, opaque water, it is a harbinger of some mysterious feeling that will soon appear in your life, or you will become its object. If the water is clean, and you can see the bottom of the pool, it is a sign that you will soon be able to deal with some serious problems that have kept you awake at night.

When you dream that the swimming pool is near your home, it is a signal that you are waking up to restore order in your love life, but you do not know what to do so as not to make it worse. Most likely you have trouble expressing your feelings openly and hence the misunderstandings or understatements with your loved one.

dream pool

To dream of a pool of water represents finding pleasure and happiness with your love life. It means you will have a hectic social schedule.

Playing or shooting pool denotes your competitive spirit. You may need to learn how to be graceful in defeat and magnanimous in victory. On the other hand, dreaming of a pool may likewise point to the necessity of focusing harder on a difficulty you are experiencing in real life.

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