dream planePlane (plane) is often known as an admonition how to show more consideration and sensitiveness in dealing with others because one provokes unnecessary conflicts, otherwise, by own behaviour, – this can also refer to a concrete life situation which one should soon settle. With the plane filings also fall in the dream. These are the education attempts which we begin to influence our environment in our sense. If we see planing others, we have fear that they could mend us in the witness. The unconscious with the picture of the Hobelns often gives to us an instruction to the fact that we bring ideas or thoughts only on the right denominator, would have to go so zurechthobeln to be able to derive from it benefit. The plane sometimes appears as a warning before the much too pedantic exactness which is interpreted by other people very often than punctiliously and petty bourgeois.



  • see: sad experiences in view, – you have quarrel with the neighbours,
  • work with it: your situation will remain the same, – one will have to ascribe to himself failures,
  • see working with it: your wealth grows,
  • put away: Death,
  • filings: you are disorderly and Desultory.

(European ones).:

  • of the planes: stands for harmony and even success, – love for the reality and not the lie is prophesied thereby,
  • use one: own generosity and successful efforts are promised,
  • plane: a bereavement will enter,
  • carpenters see planing: one will slowly make headway in his matters,
  • others see planing: somebody strives to become man about one,
  • shavings see or make: one will explain his works with exactness,
  • planes see: one will fix a matter.


  • see planing: your friends require sincerity of you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Plane

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