dream pipePipe often promises a cosy life with secure prosperity, – however, now and again it also points to fears and failures.


Not only after S. Freud a sexual symbol. If in a dream pipes seem, the dreaming thinks about how he can better canalise his feelings. This shows how he handles with his feelings, security wants to create and control the river of the emotions. Such a dream can also refer to the inside of the dreaming, – a physical one or a mental-spiritual disturbance could be given.

  • Dreaming one of congested pipes, one blocks his sexual sensations, lives too abstinently – or holds back feelings consciously.
  • a burst pipe symbolises that a feeling has got out of control – or that one does not come with his sexual needs to edge: They ‘sprinkle the usual frame’ – what may always also mean in the special case.
  • must the dreaming creep in a tube in which he suffers then from strong claustrophobia, this picture indicates at sexual inhibitions or defence towards dominant and motherly women.
  • however,

  • Becoming the tube enter in the dream for the protection, this points to the fear of life and the protective need as well as to a strong connection of the dreaming to the mother. Emotional security is important for every person.
  • checking at

  • If the dreaming in his dream of pipes and lines, he looks in truth his subconsciousness. He must learn to find the way about the muddled management and pipe system of his subconsciousness if he wants to create clarity in his life.


At the spiritual level pipes stand in the dream for the knowledge about the spiritual river in the life.



  • of iron: you get help from wide distance,
  • from reed: do not build on the love, she is unstable,
  • cut: Misunderstandings become remove,
  • lay: you build a house for yourself.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant a leisurely life,
  • many pipes see: one can count on Wohlhabenheit.


  • (plant), in the water: you are unstable,
  • cut: quiet life,
  • hineinblasen: you have good views,
  • sit in it: Luck and prosperity,
  • tubes: Wohlhabenheit.

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