A dream about pigeons signifies inner peace, friendship, and serene life.

Pigeons have played a significant role in history, including being used to send messages before the invention of telephones. In times of war, they reached the front with important information. Therefore, a dream about pigeons has many meanings, depending on the context of the dream and your life situation, as well as your attitude to these birds, often found in cities.


Interpretations of dreams about pigeons depend on the circumstances of life you are going through; they can express emotions and your aspirations and desires.

Dreambook pigeons

You see pigeons

Dreaming about pigeons expresses a desire to convey certain emotions and communicate your situation to others. The dreambook believes that you are opening up to the world, fighting shyness that has frustrated you for a long time.

Dreaming about pigeons often suggests self-confidence, and the end of tensions, regrets, and insecurities. It is a sign that you will feel better about yourself.

Pigeon in the house

The dream means that there is a great atmosphere in your home, and your partner is faithful and devoted to you.

If you had any doubts about someone in your family, they will be dispelled, and you will find that your fears or prejudices were unfounded. You can count on your loved ones. You can also expect good news.

Pigeon on the shoulder

The dream foretells new acquaintances. They will be respectable, intelligent people, with whom you will enjoy spending time. They will bring a lot of positive emotions and new entertainment into your life.


Pigeons flying in the sky (pigeons in flight).

A dream about a pigeon in flight is a sign of liberation. You probably feel independent and free now. Take the opportunity to appreciate every second of life.

Pigeon on the roof

If you see a pigeon on the roof in your dream, it means that your dreams are unattainable. Enjoy what you have, what you can achieve. Review your dreams and plans once again.

Cooing pigeons

The dream means caution or vigilance. The dreambook also says that cooing pigeons in a dream can mean confessing a secret or receiving good advice from someone.

Nest of pigeons

If you see an empty nest of pigeons in your dream, you feel tired and unhappy. It is time to rest and perhaps change your priorities.
A nest with birds symbolizes new feelings, fulfillment of dreams, and family happiness.

Young pigeons (chicks).

If in your dream there are chicks without an accompanying mother it will indicate that you desire security and respect for someone from your close circle.

Do not hide your feelings. Try also to find the person who needs your help. If you see a whole bird family in the nest, family happiness will not leave your home.

Pigeons in a dovecote

If you see in your dream many pigeons cooing joyfully in a dovecote, the dream signifies happiness, as you will gain recognition and support from others.

Pigeons in a group testify to the fact that you have found your life purpose, vocation, and peace.


Pigeon droppings

The meaning of the dream relates to your empathy or curiosity. The meaning of the dream should be read, depending on what you are experiencing in your waking life. You were trying to solve a situation that involved third-party problems, and the answer you were looking for was within you. Learn from these incidents.

Attacking pigeons

Dreaming of an attack by one or more pigeons can foreshadow some bad event, a surprise, or something that will go wrong. The only right attitude in this situation is a positive one. Everything can be improved, and you can come out of any situation unscathed.

Pigeon hunting

The dream explains that you are solely responsible for not achieving your goals. You should not accuse others of this. You have the power and ability to achieve what you have planned, take matters into your own hands, and do not look at others. Reject prejudice.

Wounded pigeon

The dreambook states that the organization of a project on which you have focused may be postponed for some time. You will be particularly affected by memories of a failed relationship that hurt you deeply. The memories will return.

Try to deal with the past. You need to overcome the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and expressing what you think, feel, and want.

If you dream about a pigeon that tries to fly towards you but fails, you should revise your way of being. You have likely been very strict with someone close to you, in the family, at work. Reflect on your behavior, and find the right way to express your emotions.

Dead Pigeon

A dream about a dead pigeon shows that someone is preparing to leave a partner. It can also signal that the relationship has burned out, and neither of you has anything to offer the other anymore.

Another dream meaning admits the possibility that perhaps your behavior or actions are harming other people. Think about your decisions.


According to the Dreambook, many dead pigeons on the ground mean that the inconveniences of life have led you to build a barrier that separates you from the world and people, preventing you from connecting with others and taking advantage of many opportunities.

Eating pigeons

The dream makes you realize that good relationships with those around you should be nurtured. Appreciate people who are kind to you. Remember them all the time, not just on occasion.

Types of pigeons

White Pigeon

A dream about a white pigeon can mean your inner tranquility, peace, serenity, joy, and prosperity. The dream may also mean that you will meet someone you have not seen for a long time, with whom you broke off relations long ago.

You have a chance for grand success at work or a positive surprise in a relationship. Many things that have not gone your way so far will quickly move forward to a happy ending.

If in your dream you saw white pigeons in flight the dream means that you are surrounded by good, dedicated people. It may also mean that you will receive good news in the coming days, which will cause happiness in your family.

Black Pigeon

In case you dream about black pigeons, you must realize that sadness and trouble await you. You should try to solve your problems as soon as possible, as the problem may reach greater proportions and seriously harm you.

Gray pigeon

The dream may foretell the discovery of your partner’s infidelity. Other meanings of the dream relate to your behavior and concerns. First of all, the dream signals that you are oversensitive. You should look at the world around you more objectively.

Homing pigeon

A dream about pigeons means that you need to send (pass) a message to someone. Perhaps it is something you have wanted to communicate to someone for a long time. This is a good time for confessions and sincere conversations.


If you saw a pigeon with a letter in your dream, the dream means you will have a message from a loved one.

Meaning of the dream: pigeon

  • You see pigeons – you open yourself to the world, you fight shyness
  • Pigeon in the house – you can count on your loved ones
  • Pigeon on the shoulder – new acquaintances will bring a lot of positive emotions into your life
  • Pigeon flying in the sky (pigeon in flight) – you feel independent and free
  • Pigeon on the roof – enjoy what you have
  • Nesting pigeons – you will receive good advice from someone
  • Nest of pigeons – dreams and family happiness await you
  • Young pigeons (chicks) – don’t hide your feelings
  • Pigeons in a dovecote – you have found your life purpose, vocation, and peace of mind
  • Pigeon droppings – you tried to help someone
  • Attacking pigeons – something will go wrong for you
  • Hunting pigeons – don’t accuse others of your failures
  • Wounded pigeon – deal with the past, express what you think, feel, and want
  • Dead pigeon – your behavior harms other people
  • Eating pigeons – appreciate people who are kind to you
  • White pigeon – you are surrounded by good people, and luck favors you
  • Black pigeon – solve your problems as soon as possible
  • Grey pigeon – look objectively at the world around you.
  • Pigeon – this is a good time for confessions and honest conversations

Detailed interpretation of the dream Pigeon

When a pigeon or dove appears as a symbol in a dream or in waking life, it is a sign we should pay attention to!

    Spiritual Messenger

    Pigeons have long been a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian religions. It is commonly believed that to see a pigeon is to become aware of the Holy Spirit within us and to be open to receiving divine wisdom and guidance.

    In the biblical story, Noah sends a dove to see if the flood has passed. The pigeon returning with an olive branch is a symbol of the end of the flood and is still considered a symbol of peace today. The pigeon can be a call to further explore one’s spirituality.

    Homing pigeons were used to send important information. They were used by the military during World War I and World War II. Many pigeons were awarded medals of honor for transmitting important messages that saved many lives during the war. When we see a carrier pigeon, we can be sure that it is a sign to pay attention to the messages we may receive from the Spirit!

    While the white dove is most often associated with the Holy Spirit in Roman Catholic religions, it is important to remember that even the common gray city pigeon can signify God’s grace.

    Dreambook pigeon

    Peace and freedom from worry

    Two pigeons in a broken window remind us that conflict can always be resolved peacefully. Have you been worrying a lot about something lately? The pigeon as a symbol of peace can remind us that we can’t control everything and that sometimes we have to trust in fate.

    If you are worried about something, the pigeon can be a sign from the Holy Spirit and the universe to tell you that everything will be fine. However, the final outcome may not be exactly what you want.


    It symbolizes that there will be a peaceful resolution in times of conflict and unrest. You may have had an argument with someone, or perhaps you are experiencing a particularly difficult time in your life.

    The pigeon may be a sign to seek peace and serenity within yourself. It can signify that peace is possible when you give up the need to control and dominate.

    Care, love, and the gift of life

    Many Valentine’s Day cards and wedding invitations depict pigeons as a symbol of love and fidelity. Many cultures worldwide see the pigeon as a symbol of nurturing, care, and creation.

    Many different cultures recognized the dove as a symbol of fertility. In Greek mythology, the pigeon was associated with the goddess Aphrodite, who was a symbol of beauty, love, and pleasure. The ancient Romans associated the dove with the goddess Venus. Today, many people see the pigeon as a sign of good fortune and happiness.

    A pigeon in a dream can sometimes signify the conception of a child or can be a symbolic symbol of rebirth.

    Commitment and loyalty

    Two pigeons are a symbol of love, commitment, and nurturing.

    Pigeons usually mate for life and can be a symbol of commitment, loyalty, and fidelity. Many wedding ceremonies often feature the symbolic release of pigeons as a symbol of a happy marriage.

    Sometimes this symbol can appear when we are afraid of commitment.


    Innocence, purity, and truth

    Because pigeons are associated with the Holy Spirit, they are sometimes considered a symbol of all things pure, innocent, and true.

    Many saints are depicted in paintings surrounded by pigeons. Pigeons are often considered a symbol of innocence, which is how they are depicted in the Bible, for example.

    Pigeons are typically urban birds. Their whole flocks often accompany each of us, so it happens that we also see them in dreams.

    Pigeons in dreams

    Meaning of the dream pigeon

    When interpreting the meaning of dreams and signs, it is important to think carefully about your personal experiences and feelings about pigeons.

    If you often notice them, it may be a sign to look deeper into your own spiritual path. Also, look in the dreambook for related symbols you see in your dream.

    When you dream about a pigeon, it is important to consider the dream’s context, the birds’ appearance, and the environment.

    Mystic dreambook – the meaning of the dream pigeon.

    • If you hear a pigeon cooing in your dream, it is a sign that someone will soon give you valuable advice, which you should definitely follow, as this is the best you can do in this situation. In another sense, this symbol foretells that you will get physically closer to someone you have long desired.
    • When you see sitting or flying pigeons in your dream, it is a sign that you will make important social contacts with high-profile, influential people and enjoy their great affection.
    • If you dream that you are feeding pigeons, it is a sign from your subconscious that you should focus more strongly on doing favors and being nice to your friends, who can do a lot, and you can have great benefits from it, also fully measurable.
    • When you dream that you scare, catch, kill, or eat pigeons, it is a signal that soon someone who has been your protector until now will lose all sympathy for you, and it will all be solely your own fault.
    • Shooting pigeons is a harbinger of unpleasantness you will have at work due to the fact that your co-workers will accuse you of dishonesty.
    • Suppose you dream that you see pigeons gliding through the air. In that case, it is a sign that your professional situation will improve due to new contacts you will manage to make in the near future.
    • Two pigeons pecking at each other signify that you will soon engage in a happy emotional relationship or make a true friendship.
    • A pair of pigeons is a harbinger of a happy and successful relationship with your loved one.
    • A large number of pigeons means that a happy life in the bosom of the family awaits you.
    • If a wounded pigeon appears in your dream, it means that on waking you are suppressing the emotional needs you feel, but this makes you unable to satisfy them and it torments you.
    • A dead pigeon foreshadows unspecified troubles you can expect in the near future.
    • A white pigeon is a sign that you don’t need to worry about your future, both near and far, as it looks bright.
    • When you dream about a trading pigeon, it is a sign that in the near future, you will have many reasons to be happy, and your well-being will not leave you.
    • A dovecote seen in a dream is a harbinger of profits and improvement of your financial situation as a result.
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