dream patentPatent symbolises a promising idea from which one derives profit if one realises them vigorously and diligently.


Who invents something in the dream and receives on it the patent, has followed in the awake life up to now some not whose value he will suddenly recognise.




  • patent: one wants to challenge you for a profit,
  • Patent Office: you should allow to confirm a promise in writing, otherwise you have damage.

(European ones).:

  • announce one: one will explain duties carefully and conscientiously,
  • cannot announce: one will fail, – one takes part in enterprises for which one is not suitable,
  • receive: one will have a great idea which one should move in the reality,
  • see one: one will experience by illness incommodities,
  • see a foreign one: one has reacted in a certain matter, unfortunately, too late,
  • deal with a stranger: in a matter one comes too late and has looking,
  • buy one: undertake, perhaps, a tiresome and unproductive trip.


  • receive: you will earn profits.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Patent

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