dream pencilPencil can express artistic (often draftsman’s broad) talent which one neglects. However, often appears in it that one wants to confide in others or on the fact waits that they confide. Together with the sheet of paper (see under this headword) which is unmarked one still arises that the communication can serve for the development of new life possibilities. However, pencil can also stand for sharp remarks. In connection with a caricature he stands for the mockery to which one is put out. However, the reminder to themselves something is also to be noticed.



  • see or with it write: you acquire high education, – also: friendly news receive,

(European ones).:

  • see or with it write: tells news in, – pleasant activities,
  • with one sign: one should follow his artistic inclinations, because one will succeed with it,
  • of a friend get handed: if separation of this person registers,
  • she will lead

  • Writing a young woman with a pencil, a happy marriage. However, erasing out of words forecasts disappointment in the love.


  • not always tries to be the cleverest.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pencil

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