dream oysterAssociation: – hard bowl, soft core, – erotizing effect. Question: What do I starve for?


The oyster was already found in prehistoric times and seems in all seas of our planet. With it it is a symbolic pattern for the theory that the water is the origin all life. An oyster is something unique because it can transform a sandy grain into a pearl. The dream draws the attention of the dreaming to this quality to show him how he can transform something annoying into something beauty. At all times and with all people the oyster is known as a sexual symbol and as a symbol for fertility. She embodies the lap of a woman whom a child receives or a woman whom a child carries in himself. If an oyster is broken open, this defloration registers or the escape from it. It is maintained that oysters aphrodisisch can work. Hence, in dreams they possibly symbolise the sexual act or everything what stands with sexuality in connection, or. point to sexual needs and problems which one should master. Partly they stand outward, for a sullen-unfriendly being or ostensible hardness in dealing with others, however, also for reserve, – nevertheless, behind it is often hidden a sensitive being which wants to protect itself by the apparently hard bowl from injuries. Sometimes she also circumscribes news which can be recognised from other symbols than well or badly. To dreams women of oyster food, this luxury, social rise, and the joy symbolises in it.



An oyster symbolises spiritual transformation. It is to be transformed possibly negative qualities instead of extinguishing them.



  • symbol for reserve and discretion,
  • see: unusual events, – warning before too big trustfulness,
  • open: one wants to fathom a secret or get to know closer a person or thing,
  • cannot open: one will not come behind the secret, – knowledge difficulties have,
  • eat: happy pregnancy for women, – one may count on good success in shops,
  • empties bowls see: your wishes are not satisfied.

(European ones).:

  • signals a light life and the view of many children,
  • see: Well-being and independence, – soaringly plans do not come true, – difficulties in the Erringung of an aim which is often of sexual kind,
  • eat: if indisposition registers, – one wants to seem more than one is, – in the love luck is indicated, provided that one is patient,
  • act with oysters: They are not quite reserved what concerns your methods to win a lover or also a property,
  • oyster shells: with the attempt to protect the property of another one will fail.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Oyster

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