When you dream about an operation you should take into account your health condition. If you don’t have any health problems, this dream may mean that you got rid of the problems that stood in the way of your goals. If you are sick, there is a chance of recovery or a definite improvement in your health.

Dreambook operation

The dream also indicates the need for rest, physical and emotional preparation, and a break from something to improve the quality of life.


An operation is an intervention, an invasive action, which in the dream draws attention to vulnerability. The dream may also admonish you that the current moment in your life deserves to slow down to recover and feel better, return to activity, or have the strength to take on a challenge.

How you go about preparing for the operation and the surgery itself, and how you feel afterward, is indicative of your approach to the change in waking life, your attitude to events, and your emotional state.

To plan the operation

An operation is a carefully planned procedure, thus a dream about it indicates healing or rebalancing of the body. Take into account that it is a process, thus be patient and strive for the goal.

It also represents the need to heal the spirit, to eradicate the “disease.”

To be operated on

When an operation is performed on you in a dream, the Dreambook explains that you are trying to access some knowledge. Dreams about an operation mean that you may feel that you have a lot of work to do or that something needs to be changed in your real life.

An operation in the hospital is a symbol of your own fears of illness and pain, but also a recognition of the need for treatment. The operation is necessary, although unpleasant. An operation in a dream indicates that you need to adjust to changes that may be difficult at first, but in the end, are healing and beneficial. The dream can also mean that you want to get rid of something, such as a trait.


The dream also shows that you will stop worrying about irrelevant things. You begin to live a new life, and this makes you change your life philosophy.

A dream about an operation may indicate that a person is trying to improve, evolve, and grow. However, if you need help with this process, don’t be afraid to ask for support from a professional, such as a therapist or friend who understands what you are going through.

If you’re operating under anesthesia, it may mean that you’re protecting yourself from the pain of change or undergoing a safe and secure way to change your habits. If you did not receive anesthesia, you may be experiencing the pains of the transition process more acutely or realistically facing the consequences of changing your routine and developing new behaviors.

If the operation was successful the dream shows that you will have peace and prosperity in life.

If there are complications after the operation, it means that you are sensitive to change. You should calm your mind and relax so that your emotions do not affect you negatively.

Operation of a loved one

The dream signals that someone close to you may need care or support. It is also a sign that his health should be under control and that those who are currently ill have a chance of recovery. Since you have this dream, you should take an interest in their needs. They may be looking to you for support.


If you see a surgeon in your dream it means that you are recovering. However, it does not mean that the situation will not require your efforts and commitment.

When you see a surgeon who is not wearing gloves, the dream shows that you need to be more careful in your conduct.


To be a surgeon (operate on someone)

If you perform an operation in a dream, it means that you recognize your own skill level. The dream shows that you can perform very complicated tasks.

The dream can also mean that you are interfering in someone’s life or forcing someone to act in a certain way. Respect the free will of others and the right to make your own decisions.

Anesthesia, narcosis

Dreambook reveals that someone very close to you is disloyal to you.

This dream indicates that someone may speak ill of you. First, make sure who it is and only then decide what to do next about it.

To operate on yourself

If you are undergoing an operation on yourself, the Dreambook explains the dream as an expression that you are looking forward to change. The meaning of the dream indicates that your life is monotonous and you do not know how to change it. Dreambook advises to start the changes from the area that bothers you the most.

Operation of a friend

A dream that a friend is undergoing an operation means that you are jealous of him.

Jealousy can be related to assets, financial stability, family, and even emotional well-being. Think for yourself, because this feeling will not bring any asset.

To talk during an operation

You will face financial challenges. If you have recently made unsuccessful investments or overspent, this may be a good time to review your priorities. You need to approach every penny wisely.


To struggle during an operation

The meaning of the dream reveals that you are taking on a lot of tasks at work. Maybe you are trying to impress your boss, or maybe you are just afraid to say no. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether this is the right way to go.

Sudden urgent operation

A dream about an urgent operation means that you are feeling pressure, something or someone is pressuring you to take a certain position or take sides, and this is making you uncomfortable. Have the courage to express your own opinion and stick to it.

Successful operation

A dream about a successful operation means that you are experiencing unpleasant moments with a loved one, and this makes you exhausted. Dreambook advises you to talk, to reveal your feelings.

Failed operation

A dream about a failed operation means that you are protecting someone, even though this person has a questionable attitude. This may be the right time to talk to this person and reveal the possible consequences of such actions. Don’t do anything against yourself.

Complications after an operation

The meaning of the dream indicates that you are going through a turbulent period. Perhaps you were trying to change something and, despite your efforts and endeavors, you did not achieve your goal. Maybe you have a lot of problems that have shattered the routine of your life. Try to distance yourself and assess the situation. Maybe it’s worth doing something from scratch once again.

Operating room

When you see an operating room in your dream it is a good sign, it shows your good health and good financial condition. Take care of what you have, because nothing is given forever.

Types of operations (procedures):

Head operation

A dream about a head operation indicates the severance of a relationship with someone in the family or with a close friend. It can also be a time when someone will need your support and strength.

Face operation

Dreambook notes that you know how to deal effectively with your problems, so use these abilities to not leave anything unsaid, or unresolved. The dream meaning suggests that at any time such situations may arise, which may take time to resolve, and this may cause you to want to abandon these issues.


Jaw (dental) operation.

If you are looking for a job or want to change it the dream means that you will find one. Be careful and look for an asset so you don’t miss an opportunity. This will also be a chance to earn better wages.

Heart operation

The dream represents openness and the need for emotional healing. You need to eliminate from your life what is not positive, and what hinders you in your daily life.

Heart operation, especially for a young person, can also symbolize falling in love or love problems. It is worth expressing your feelings more and opening yourself up to love.

Eye operation

The meaning of the dream can be read as a call for you to refrain from making changes. Dreambook warns that this is not a good time to change the way you perceive an issue or problem.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are overlooking something, and it may be of vital importance to you.

Nose operation

The dream suggests that you are too curious and nosy. You should follow your instincts to get better results at work, for example.

Leg or arm operation

The dream means that it is time to stand firm on the ground, be more practical, make decisions, and act effectively in a certain direction. Don’t back down, don’t think too long, take advantage of opportunities.

Abdominal operation

The dream foretells a change in your financial status. A large injection of cash or the adoption of material assets is coming. This may involve work, but also investments or receiving an inheritance, for example.


Uterus operation

A dream about a uterus operation means that you are afraid to reveal your feelings to someone. Think about yourself, what is the reason for your fears. Are you unsure of your feelings? Is it the past that is bothering you and preventing you from starting a new phase of life?

Cesarean section

This dream indicates that you need to do something, but because there is a possibility of harming yourself or others, you may be putting it off. However, the meaning of the dream encourages you to act fast, the faster you take care of the matter, the better.

Plastic operation

The dream means that you want to change something about yourself. Perhaps you are looking for some flaws or imperfections at all costs. You’d better take advice from someone you trust before you take drastic steps. Don’t look for a hole in the whole.

Summary : dream meaning of operation

  • To plan an operation – you will heal or gain emotional stability
  • To be operated on – something you want to change in your life
  • Operation of a loved one – someone close to you may need your care or support
  • Surgeon – you will regain your health
  • To be a surgeon (operate on someone) – you interfere too much in someone’s life
  • Operating room – take care of what you have
  • Heart operation – open yourself to love
  • Eye operation – you are missing something
  • Nose operation – you are too curious and nosy
  • Leg or arm operation – be more practical and decisive
  • Abdominal operation – plenty of cash coming your way
  • Plastic operation – you want to change something about yourself

Dream about an operation

Dream about an operation : in general, this symbol may mean that you have been following the wrong path in life so far, and when it reaches you forcefully, you may experience a violent shock.

Mystic Dreambook : operation

  • If in a dream you participate in an operation, it means that soon there will be some sad events in your life.
  • When you dream that you are operating on someone, it heralds unspecified honors for you.
  • When you dream that you underwent an operation, it means that thanks to someone’s help you will overcome depression or deal with some problems.

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