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Meaning of dream Opera :

dream operaAssociation: – polished or complicated form, – epic. Question: – Where in my life I strive for size and sublimity?

In general:

If the dreaming is in his dream in the opera, he observes the ‘drama’ of a situation in his sphere – it can be absolutely measured to observe only it instead of taking part in it. If the dreaming appears as one of the actors in an opera, is hidden behind it the tip that he needs a dramatic ‘input’ in his life. Opera can be understood like stage. Often she stands also for feeling exuberance, deception by others or unnecessary appearance of processes.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Opera


An especially harmonious experience probably expects the dreamer who sees sitting to himself in an opera-house and which hears singing singer in the awake life. If he appears, however, even in an opera and acts the singer, although he can sing, actually, not at all well, he demonstrates himself in the everyday life probably all kinds of ones and would like to appear before others in wrong shine. To be an auxiliary in an opera, can require from the dreaming to express itself in everyday situations more dramatically and more trained.


At the spiritual level the opera in the dream shows the life drama.



  • you will be present at a party and get to know many new people,
  • visit: you take pleasure in noble pleasures,
  • hear: one inclines to oversized trustfulness and thereby threatens to lose a true friend, – also: warns about complacency and vanity, – against treating a reminder, the members not unfairly,
  • opera-house: you go in a foreign town,
  • opera singer: you hear patiently the complaints of your friends and help with pleasure, – profit.

(European ones).:

  • almost always the representation of own life or single episodes, or unclear moments from it,
  • visit one: one will well maintain from friends, – immediate shops run off favourably,
  • hear one: still promises to you many joys completely by your wish, – also: Warning before the insincerity more different,
  • must help in it: Weird nit and Zaghaftigkeit, – one will play an excellent role, but get to know easily setbacks.


  • see: is not so stonyheartedly against yours.

Dream Symbols : Opera

Opera - dream interpretation and meaning
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