If you see an owl in your dreams, it is worth taking care of your health. You may also get a promotion or raise at work.

Dream Meaning Of an Owl

A dream about an owl means that you must be careful what you say and try to remain calm and wise in everyday situations.


The owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge and holds secrets. It can mean intelligent decisions and good advice, as well as the power of discernment and the ability to decipher secrets. The dreamer suggests that a time of discovering new things and situations is approaching. Owls are animals known for their intelligence, nocturnal habits, discretion and protective instincts. A dream about an owl indicates that your intuition will not let you down. The meaning of the dream about an owl symbolizes that there are changes ahead of you and you should not be afraid of them.

To see an owl

To dream of an owl means that you will soon reach your goal. If you have not been easy so far and you have come to the conclusion that you will not be able to achieve something, then the owl symbolizes that your perseverance will bring results. The dream is a sign that you do not stop and do not give up.

Big owl

A dream about a big owl indicates some problems. You should focus more on what is important and try to solve difficult situations as soon as possible. Putting things off will only complicate the situation.

Young (small) owl

This dream means that you are beginning to develop your mental and spiritual abilities.

Find ways to feed your mind and spirit with the right content, such as contemplating art or appropriate reading. A dream of young owls is a sign that something new has been born and is growing within you, so make sure it can fully develop!

Another meaning of the dream could be that in order to achieve one thing you have to go through another. You may have to go through a period of bad luck in order to achieve good luck, or vice versa.


Owl’s nest

The meaning of this dream is that you feel abandoned or lonely, but this is not the case.

It is likely that a person close to you is busy with something very important and you have the impression that he or she is forgetting about you. This is an illusion. Take an interest in their problems.

Many owls

A dream about many owls indicates that you are being watched by other people. It’s important to watch what you say and do. There are those who are waiting for you to stumble.

If several owls appear in your dream, it is a sign of good news. Several owls together indicate a favorable time to create and take advantage of opportunities in the areas of learning, finances, and even meeting new people and forming bonds. This is the beginning of beneficial changes.

Flying owl

The dream foretells a promotion, an improvement in your professional and financial situation. It is a sign that you should start planning to make the most of the time that is coming.

If you see an owl landing, pay attention to your habits and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Owl looking at me

A dream of an owl looking at you indicates spiritual protection. The owl’s eyes are a symbol of concern.

A dream about an owl watching you, according to the dreamer, also indicates that you are very far from people, especially family members. As long as you enjoy this lifestyle and estrangement is your choice, try to show your family members that you are still present in their lives.


Owl (hooting)

The dream heralds the end of a conflict and a time of excited emotions, the end of a difficult period, the end of a problem or the resolution of a dispute. Take advantage of this moment. The long-awaited victory is at hand, only a little patience is needed.

Screaming owl

A dream about a screaming owl indicates that you should pay more attention to your attitudes, because you lack balance and this affects you very negatively. The dreamer advises you to relax and work on your ways of communicating with others.

Talking owl

This dream indicates how you should behave or speak in a certain situation. Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to what the owl told you in the dream. It is worth taking this hint.

Silent owl

The dream means that you need to keep quiet, not share your plans with everyone. Silence is the greatest driver of your fulfillment now, for it is in silence that you find the concentration and focus to make the best decisions and achieve better results.

The dream also reveals that you are in one of the best periods of your life. Enjoy all that you have consciously achieved. It is your merit and your success.

Owl on shoulder

A dream about an owl landing on your shoulder indicates health problems. Don’t hesitate to see your doctor. It is also a recommendation to listen to the good advice of wise people, such as specialists or close friends.

Wearing an owl

The dreamer advises: Be careful, drive carefully, be careful where you enter. Also take care of your loved ones. Ensure their safety and do not take any risks.

Owl in the house

The dreamer warns of conflicts. Always try to get along, talk calmly and present rational arguments.


An owl in the house represents misunderstandings in relationships due to abusive behavior by one or both parties. If you are going through such a moment, talk to your partner and try to come to an agreement.

Owl on the bed

The meaning of this dream is that you will be able to solve any problem that affects your love relationship. If you have recently ended a relationship but want to resume it, chances are that you will. It’s time to talk to your partner, as the dream predicts reconciliation, provided you are sincere.

Owl in a tree

This dream indicates that you are looking for ways to escape your responsibilities. Your actions are shadowed by fear and even uncertainty. Remember that you are capable of achieving whatever you want. Do not give in to negative emotions.

Attacking owl

The dream indicates that someone misses you a lot. Another meaning of the dream is that it signals falsehood and hypocrisy, the dreamer is warning you of an attack that you did not notice. Watch out for your friends, because someone is not being honest with you.

A dream about an aggressive owl also means that you are putting yourself in danger. Be careful and pay attention to all details.

Hunting owl (attacking an animal)

A dream about an owl attacking a small animal is a sign that someone is setting a trap for you. However, this person will be discovered by you. If you are attacked by the enemy, you will triumph and emerge victorious from this battle.

Owl flying around the victim (circling owl)

This dream indicates that you should pay more attention to your goals. You may have strayed from your path or given up on something, but know that such decisions take you further away from your goal. So pay attention to what you are doing.

Scare the owl

A dream in which you scare an owl means that you are not taking seriously what your intuition has been trying to warn you about for a long time, and this can have negative consequences. You should trust yourself more.


Chasing an owl

The dreamer notes that there is a conflict between what you believe and what you do. Maybe this is the time to stop and analyze what you expect from your life and what you have done to achieve your goal. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, don’t hesitate to change it.

Killing an owl

The dream of killing an owl means that you are deluding yourself and refusing to accept reality. Since the owl symbolizes wisdom and reason, the meaning of the dream symbolizes killing these abilities. Try to find what is destabilizing you so that you can restore the lost balance and ripen the truth.

Wounded owl

The dreamer is paying attention to your spiritual side, are you neglecting it? The dream symbolizes a spirituality affected by a lack of perspective and faith. It is important to feed your spirit, your faith, so that you become more sensitive to warnings and signs.

To kill an owl

A dream of trying to kill an owl means that you are losing your head in some situation. Don’t lose control of yourself. Be careful with your words.

Dead owl

To dream of a dead owl means that you are putting an end to a period that has caused you much pain and suffering. The meaning of the dream also indicates the end of a moment that required a lot of attention and energy from you. You will breathe a sigh of relief.

To be an owl (owl turning into a human being)

The dream of an owl turning into a human indicates that you will realize how much someone you have not noticed before likes you. It will be a big surprise for you.

To dream that you are flying like an owl means that you are getting rid of very heavy experiences or people. It could be a poisonous relationship, a difficult job, a dishonest friend. You will finally feel free and “light”.

Owl colors

White owl

A dream about a white owl indicates that you should seek peace. The dreamer advises you to find more time for yourself, for activities that strengthen your mind and spirit, such as meditation, reading, music or any activity that makes you relax.


You should relax and look for ways to revive your faith in others and in yourself. The white owl is a spiritual symbol that comes to make you look deeper into yourself and focus on spiritual matters. White is usually associated with a feeling of calm, spiritual protection, so even if there are problems, you will get through them peacefully.

Gray owl

A dream about a gray owl means that you are overlooking some problems in your relationship. The gray color represents fog, smoke or something that makes it difficult to see a person or situation, and the owl symbolizes the attention and intuition you should follow in your daily life.

Black owl

A dream about a black owl means that you will soon have to face tense situations, but you will be able to overcome them. Pay attention to everything that happens around you.

A black owl in a dream is a warning sign of the next reckless steps you are about to take. Pay attention to the way you do things.

The dream also indicates a lack of protection in a tense situation. This will cause a lot of fatigue, but you can handle everything, so try to be calm and patient.

Brown owl

A dream about a brown owl means that you may have a conflict with your loved ones, which will leave you exhausted and emotionally wounded. The dreamer recommends much calm and wise action. Avoiding conflicts is always good for both parties, but especially for you, because disputes only cause unnecessary consumption of energy and time. Be careful with your words.

Golden owl

A dream about a golden owl means that your finances will improve. Gold is a color that symbolizes wealth and prosperity, so be prepared to receive unexpected money. Take advantage of this moment.

Colorful owl

A dream about a colored owl means that you are ignoring your intuition at important moments in your life – and that is a big mistake. Trust your own intuition and experience more.


Dream meaning of: an owl

  • To see an owl – you will reach your goal soon, do not give up
  • Big owl – concentrate on what is important and do not put off anything for later
  • Young (small) owl – you are developing your spiritual abilities
  • Nest of owls – you feel abandoned or lonely
  • Many owls – you are being watched by others
  • Flying owl – an improvement in your professional situation is on the horizon
  • Owl watching me – showing family members that you are present in their lives
  • Singing owl – the end of conflicts is coming
  • Screaming owl – you lack balance, relax
  • Talking owl – choose your words well
  • Silent owl – concentrate and don’t talk too much
  • Owl on your shoulder – listen to professional advice
  • Owl on your shoulder – be careful, don’t take risks
  • Owl at home – try to get along, talk quietly
  • Owl on bed – be honest with your partner
  • Owl on tree – don’t give in to negative emotions
  • Attacking owl – someone is not being honest with you
  • Hunting owl (attacking animal) – someone is setting a trap for you
  • Owl flying around prey (circling owl) – pay more attention to your goals
  • Scare owl – trust your intuition
  • Hunting an owl – change what doesn’t suit you
  • Killing an owl – you are deceived by something, finally ripen the truth
  • Wounded owl – take care of your spirituality
  • To kill an owl – you are losing your head, watch your words
  • Dead owl – your problems are coming to an end
  • To be an owl (owl transformed into a human) – you will feel free
  • White owl – you should seek peace, find time for yourself
  • Gray owl – you see no problems in your relationship
  • Black owl – do not make rash decisions
  • Brown owl – you may have conflicts with loved ones
  • Golden owl – your finances will improve
  • Colorful owl – you ignore your intuition

Mistic dream meaning – owl

In general, this symbol can signal that there is a battle of the spirit with the passions that are haggling within you.

  • If you see an owl in your dream, it is a sign that someone will give you instructions in the near future.
  • If you see an owl sitting in a tree, it is a signal from your subconscious to be more careful because you may be in danger.
  • If you hear the voice of an owl, it is an omen that you will be afraid of something in the near future.
  • If you see the eyes of an owl, it means that someone will spread false rumors about you, which will be detrimental to your career.
  • A hooting owl announces that you will soon hear something about friends you haven’t heard from in a long time, and you were worried about them.
  • If you dream that you have captured an owl or see it in a cage, it is foretelling a visit from special guests.
  • A dead owl appearing in your dream foretells that there will be obstacles in your path that you will not be able to overcome.

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