opal dream symbol


This stone is a symbol of good luck, despite the fact that many people who believe in superstitions avoid wearing it. This symbol augurs quiet happiness and satisfaction.

Opal dream meaning

When you see jewelry with these stones in your dream, it augurs good luck and a good future for you.


If you lost an opal in your dream, it is a sign that you should be careful, there will be some danger on the horizon.

opal dream meaning

The meaning of the dream OPAL in other cultures and Dreambooks

Mystic Dreambook

This is a very favorable sign. It means that you are respected and many people around you will be happy to befriend you.

Arabic Dreambook

This symbol can mean that your virtue finds recognition or signal that you have doubts about the loyalty of your friends.


Indian Dreambook

This dream foretells that someone will praise your qualities.

Persian Dreambook

This dream foretells that if you manage to remain undemanding and do not despise small fortunes, a modest but happy, sweet future awaits you.

dream about opal

Dream about opal

Opals blue-green gemstones foretell prosperity, wealth and popularity in dreams…..,

Pure Opal is a pale blue stone with green and gold flecks…..,

Hindus gave it divine power and called it “Precious Stone”……,

Opal fills with tranquility, protects from agitation, melancholy, stimulates mental abilities, positively influences concentration, enhances Mental Astuteness”, calms and allows to realize one’s lofty intentions. Can level our mental weaknesses…,…,


Healing Protects against infections, strengthens the heart, improves eyesight, helps with liver, stomach and intestinal disorders….,

As a Power Stone Revitalizes and stimulates the properties of all chakras, and thus opens the general consciousness to new sensations…..

  • To see – great good fortune…
  • To find – abundance and wealth….
  • For a woman – a happy marriage….
  • For a man – a wonderful wife….
  • To lose ? be careful not to lose your luck….

dream opalThe opal prophesies always quiet luck and satisfaction. If the dreaming succeeds, give to remain and to be glad about the small things of the life, a happy future will expect him. Nevertheless, besides, he should watch out with envy of his people.



  • Your virtue finds recognition, – also: you are not sure to the loyalty with your friends.


  • of The opals prophesies quiet luck. If you succeed in remaining undemanding and

not to despise small luck« », a materially modest, but happy, sweet future expects you. (Woman +)

(European ones).:

  • very favorable sign. One is estimated and some people in the vicinity would have with pleasure to the friend.


  • one will praise your virtues.

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