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Office dream. If you stay in the office after hours in a dream, it means that you will have a satisfying job.

This symbol can also indicate a fear of being alone and deprived of love in a relationship. However, it can also herald concerns about the daily bread. If you leave them, it portends a time of rest for you and the relief you will feel after solving a serious problem that has not allowed you to breathe until now. Home is not a place to work.


Office Dream Meaning

When you dream that you are working in an office, it may limit your freedom. However, if in a dream we see the office in which we work feeling disorganized and unpleasant, on the contrary, it is a sign of disagreement; it is a harbinger of various inconveniences in the field of work.

If we dream that we are working in an office, but we cannot define what an office is, it will signify an unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing job. If you dream that you are going to the office, it foreshadows that your position will increase, and you will be given new, more significant responsibilities.

Offices symbolize a promotion or loss in professionalism, ambition, self-esteem, self-image, and financial security. This dream suggests that we don’t feel valued by the people we serve.

office dream meaning

What does it mean to dream about being at office, work?

When you visit the office, you want to clarify something or confirm consent to something, or you would like to fix something and make it recognizable from the outside. When you dream that you are going to the office, it is a sign that there is something wrong in your life, but you can avoid the wrong if you are wise. Perhaps you have an ambitious plan, and you are afraid that you will not be able to implement it. It can be a change in the work situation, keeping a secret from others, and new professional challenges. The masses have a chance to take on some responsible tasks soon.

If you leave your office in your sleep, you will relax as your trouble will be resolved.

If you admit someone into the office, it is a sign of nervousness. Often dreams in which we see a nice, well-kept, and elegant office prove that we are now comfortable at work.


Office attire promises you to achieve your goal thanks to its extraordinary qualities and yourself. The office symbolizes a position in a person’s life, career, job, or profession. It promises to settle official matters and obtain the necessary certificates.

When you dream that you have lost your office, you may lose your valuables. The office in a dream symbolizes social status, augurs numerous achievements and finding your place in the world. They also imagine the planning and organization of their ventures.

If you succumb to negative emotions, it can have a terrible effect on your future. An office is usually a harbinger of unpleasant news. A dream that you will go to the complaint office to make a suggestion or complaint indicates that we are not satisfied with how they evaluate our work.

If we go to the recruitment office in a dream, it will signify the need for a little more integration with the surrounding society. The profession of this hero should interpret dreams in which we go to a professional’s office for a consultation.

If you dream that you are sitting at your desk, it is a sign that your feelings towards a person will change dramatically soon, and if you are in a strange, unfamiliar office, it is a sign that you will be able to make a new friendship.

When you dream that you are entering an office, it promises that many responsibilities will fall on your head shortly. There may be some particularly unpleasant and challenging task for you among them. If we are too busy in a dream, it is a sign of the pressure we are under now, and there is no promise of change shortly.

If you are applying for a job in an office, it is a futile fight. The corporate office is a symbol of mighty power and strength. It also symbolizes that a new kind of responsibility is coming in your life; there is a change in your life regarding your career, job, or profession.

When you see office buildings in a dream, it is a sign that your hopes will not come true. When you find yourself in a strange office in a dream, you will win someone else’s friendship.


The office as a place of work symbolizes the hardships and efforts of everyday life, which can suck all the energy out of a person; this is most often the case when we bring work home.

When we dream that we are separate from others in the office, it suggests that soon we will suffer various losses. The office writer announces you to chase a friend. A collective place where you are judged and judged by others.

When you sit at your desk in a dream, it portends a change in your feelings for a particular person. The dream of running an office or running an office with many employees suggests that you have ambitions for progress and that you can make them come true.

When you dream of having an office, you have lofty plans, but you must stay on the ground and plan your future wisely. This symbol can mean that you are having difficulty creating a free life and self-improvement because of too many responsibilities, so you should try to take on fewer burdens.

Home is a place to rest. Dreams about the post office show our impatience and anxiety about some problems.

When you enter your office in a dream, it is a sign that a lot of work awaits you, a complex, ambitious, but not entirely pleasant task. The office is identified with a higher social status and a sense of personal dignity. If you are in the office after hours in a dream, it is an announcement that you have received a job that will make you very satisfied but not necessarily financially.

dream about office

Be in someone’s office

You will gain recognition as an essential person, higher profits, a promotion, and a comfortable lifestyle; someone will turn to you for help with a move. You start to envy someone with your successes and make a new acquaintance.

Have your office

You will start to predict the consequence of your actions and thus take responsibility for your actions, job satisfaction, and new career prospects.


Be in your office

You will impose too many duties, hardships, and toil of everyday work at work.

Seeing a large office

Try to do your job better because you may lose your job.

Work in the office

Striving for promotion and universal recognition for individual projects.

Strange office

You will start comparing yourself to someone who does not deserve your attention.

Moving the office

Changes are not going in the right direction.

Office rent

More significant savings will begin.

Not being able to leave the office

You will get bad news.

See a cramped office

You will experience unpleasantness.


Dream about office

The office can point out to the fact that one is strongly hindered by too many duties in the free life creation and selfdevelopment, – therefore, one should try to encumber himself with less offices. If one claims an office, one wants to get out in the awake life too high, however, should remain rather on the ground of the fact and not attach zuviele hopes to future plans.

Who visits an office, something wants to reach, confirmed agree etc. – translates into the Symbolsprache of the dream: One would like to fix something, make to the outside recognizable. Maybe one has an ambitious plan and has feared not to put through him. Or one would like to ‘secure’ a respect (and with it also own valency as a partner) ostentatiously, while one dreams of the registry office. (What is dreamt, by the way, in conflict situations and with great fear of separation and deprivation of love far from more frequent, as if really a partnership are confirmed ‘officially’ has to go.)

dream office

Islam Dream Meaning Office

  • dress one: your position will lift, – you will get new bigger duties,
  • apply for one: vain struggle,
  • go to an office: something disagreeable approaches you, – if you are clever, you can avoid evil.

Biblical dream interpretation

  • deal with it: Restriction of own freedom,
  • take over: Annoyance,
  • dress: reach of the aims with unusual means and themselves, besides must exert, – worries about the everyday bread,
  • lose: menacing loss of objects of value,
  • office buildings see: Hopes will not come true,
  • office writer: Pursuit of a friend.
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