A dream about murder means that you need to analyze your relationship with people. It is worth thinking about how your relationships with others are going.

This dream also often affects people who have recently lost family members or friends, not only because of death but also because of a move or a breakup.


It is a dream that reveals that you are saddened by the absence of something or someone very close to you.

Dreambook murder

To commit murder (to kill someone, to be a murderer).

If you dream that you committed murder, it may mean that you will feel saddened, but soon everything will return to normal. Another dream meaning suggests that you are unknowingly interfering with someone’s plans. Consider whether you are interfering too much in someone’s life.

The dream also means that you are up to a challenge that you thought was very difficult. These may be issues related to your personal, family, or professional life.

The dream is a sign that you need to break out of some patterned behavior, thought, or addiction. It indicates the rebirth of a new you. It may also indicate that you feel angry with someone and need to give vent that anger in some way. It can also mean getting hurt. Be careful not to hurt a loved one’s feelings or leave someone out without even realizing it.

To see a murder (witness a murder)

If you dream that you are a witness to a murder Dreambook warns that difficult times may be coming for you. The dream reveals that you hold a grudge against someone. Dreambook recommends that you get rid of negative feelings as fast as possible.

This dream indicates that you are angry with someone and are suppressing anger. Isn’t it worth having a frank conversation with this person, explaining and confessing everything, and taking this burden off your heart?


To be murdered

If you dreamed that you were murdered, this is a very favorable sign for you, informing you of a life change. The dream may also mean that your friend may be in trouble and will soon ask you for help.

If in a dream you were murdered, it means the end of some relationship, relationship. This could involve a partner, friend, or job. Another dream meaning suggests that there are people with bad intentions near you. Watch out for them.

Murder of a relative

This dream indicates that you are ready to live independently or start a new stage of your career or an important decision that changes your personal life.

Try to get involved in new projects, in a challenging job, go on a trip, or abandon your routine. Invest in yourself.

Murder of a father

The dream is a sign that you are ready to enter a new stage of life, building your own family. This is a good time to make important decisions, make a proposal, enter into a lasting relationship, build a house, and start a family. It is also a sign of independence and maturity.

Murder with a knife

The meaning of the dream indicates a period of financial and personal success. If you also saw blood during this dream, it may foreshadow significant success. You are well on your way to achieving your dreams.

Murder with a firearm (shoot someone).

Dreambook suggests that the dream may mean that you have anger towards someone. The dream may also represent some conflict that you are a witness to or are experiencing in your professional environment, which makes you uncomfortable.

If the murder was committed with a firearm your subconscious is asking you to stop hating the people around you. This feeling harms you the most.


Analyze how you receive constructive criticism, how you react to any comments, or how you behave in the face of conflict. You need to calm down and take a deep breath so that your life does not become a battlefield.

Learn to talk to people assertively about what has hurt you, without attacking.

Summary : dream meaning of murder

  • To commit murder (kill someone, be a murderer) – you interfere with someone’s plans, do not hurt the feelings of a loved one
  • To see a murder (witness a murder) – you hold a grudge against someone, get rid of negative feelings
  • To be murdered – your friend will ask you for help
  • Murder of a relative – you are ready to live independently or start a new career stage
  • Murder of a father – you can build your own family
  • Murder with a knife – you have a period of financial and personal success ahead of you
  • Murder with a firearm (shoot someone) – learn to talk to people

Dream about murder

Mystic Dreambook : murder

In general, this symbol may foretell the sudden closure of some stage in your life or it may be an announcement that you will have some benefit from the misfortune of another person.

  • If you are involved in a murder in your dream, it means that you will take advantage of someone’s bad situation in some respect for your own purposes, and it will be extremely selfish on your part.
  • When you see a murder, it foretells happiness for you, which you do not expect.
  • If you see a murderer with bloody hands, it means that no one will help you deal with your problems and you have to deal with them yourself.
  • When you dream that you commit a murder, it is a signal from your subconscious not to suppress your emotions any longer but to act as your instincts hint.
  • If you dream that you were attacked by a murderer, it means that you need to get used to the fact that from time to time you may also fail.
  • When you are the victim of a murder, it means that someone will benefit greatly from your harm or will take advantage of your difficult situation.

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