dream marketMarket symbolises interpersonal, partly sexual relations which one must interpret after the processes at the market individually. Salesmanship or carried too far striving for material possession often also appears in it. If the dreaming sees himself in his dream on Mark, this refers to his ability to manage with the everyday life and to enter relations with other people. Especially he is able to refer to a human mass. A market is also a place in which is bought and is sold, – hence, this vision also gives an instruction to how the dreaming values his own buying and selling.


Mark is an animated place. If he becomes on the subject of a dream, this one request can be to the dreaming to look better after itself and not to spend too much time with many people. The dream could also contain the recommendation to the dreaming to become more commercial-competent in his occupation or influence themselves stronger from creativity and to be guided instead of pursuing a thing only for commercial reasons. Hence, a market is an ambivalent symbol in the dream. The market expresses in the dream mostly the respect of the dreaming with his people. It is a place of the communication, the meeting with our people. However, in his Weitläufigkeit and in the variety of his offers one can also lose himself. Besides, it is to be entered always importantly closer on the market: If we can decide in the dream on nothing what we see there, we are also put in the awake life before an awkward and difficult situation and will not probably reach so soon what we want with pleasure. If it concerns in the dream an animated market on which interesting things happen, this is a tip to the contact happiness of the dreaming and his balance. Inhibitions and contact difficulties are reflected in the picture of a hectic market on which nervous activity rules. If the market in the dream seems deserted, this concludes by the wish for rest of the dreaming or also by his loneliness.



A mark place can be looked in the dream as a place of spiritual exchange. The dreaming can produce a balance between the everyday reality and the spiritual internal world.


The marketplace is the symbol of confusion and din because the large amount appears there. It brings to the people who are at the market at home luck if they look him in the dream, from people being swarming and noise-fullly. If he is left, nevertheless and quiet, he prophesies to them Stockung of the business, to all others, however, big security. A planted marketplace becomes natural for everybody unenterable, uninterested what he is planted with. Some maintain that such a state means to the community if it lives through happy times, famine if it is struck by a famine happy times.



  • see, in general: watch that you are not done down,
  • visit: you will lead a moved life,
  • see themselves there: points to bustle and contact with many people,
  • many people there see: you will tie on new friendship,
  • see an empty one: one lives in loneliness or tries to be found,
  • offer for sale there something: you will find a good advancement,
  • there friends hit: disagreeable clap,
  • markten (act): you will make a new, important acquaintance,
  • see marketplace or are on one: you will feel not happy in your future relations.


  • an animated market with rich choice stands for good, sure times, a hardly visited market with poor offer prophesies financial difficulties. In general the dreaming should pay attention a little bit more to the financial side of his life, because he neglects them, otherwise, allzugern. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • often synonymous like brothel, – revelation of all values or self-assessment only from the money,
  • on one is or on it make purchases: one will get in unsteady or unsafe relations, – also: if thrift and activity promises in all employments,
  • are on one and do not know where: if means poverty and worry,
  • talk on a fair: brings new friends with whom one will lead a very moved life,
  • make purchases: the next time will bring erratically and unsafe relations,
  • offer for sale even on wares: if mean unsafe shops or enterprises or professional change,
  • are in a covered market: one will be put before a choice or decision,
  • market crier: it approach a Schwindeleien,
  • emptier: if prophesies dejection and sadness, – difficulties,
  • spoilt vegetables and meat: points to losses in the business,
  • the market pleasant changes forecasts

  • of A young woman.


  • see: you soon make better deals.

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