A dream about a mother

Mothers are special persons for each of us. They are mainly associated with feelings such as tenderness, understanding, and love.

The sight of a mother in a dream is most often a harbinger of good things and positive events in life.


Dreambook mother

To see a mother

If your mother appeared in your dream, it represents the maternal side of your personality. Mothers offer protection, help, and love. You will now want to surround others with care and help, you want to show more empathy to others. You will be surrounded by many people.

The dream shows that you are moving toward what you expected. You need to continue to cultivate positive thoughts. The symbolism of a living mother in the dream shows that everything will go according to plan, and keep good intentions and thoughts.

If a woman dreams about her mother it means that she will have a happy married life.

To talk to your mother

If you dream about talking to your mother Dreambook will explain that you are talking about a problem that worries you and you still do not know how to solve it. Another dream meaning suggests that you are about to receive news on a topic of interest to you.

The dream may also reflect problems in your real relationship with your mother, perhaps you should take some time to clarify the issues that hinder a good relationship between you.

Mom and dad

The meaning of the dream can be interpreted as the announcement of a wedding.


The dream can also augur a successful relationship. Single people will have the opportunity to meet someone with whom they will create a successful relationship.

Mother calls you by name

If your mother calls you by name in a dream, it means that you need to pay more attention to your obligations.

You should pay more attention to your daily routine activities. You may be going down the wrong path in life.

Mom is crying (crying mother)

If you dream that you see your mother crying it is a premonition of sadness, an event that should move your whole family. However, remember that experiencing difficult moments together is plenty lighter and gives relief to everyone.

If your mother’s crying was caused by pain, or sadness the dream indicates that you do not value your family or even your life. Therefore, you should reflect on yourself.

If your mother cried out of joy or happiness, it means that you are heading in the right direction.

A crying mother who is no longer alive but appears in your dream is a call for you to be careful, wise, and considerate when making life choices.

Angered mother (angry mother)

The dream means that you are too impulsive.


Lack of planning and goal setting in waking life causes chaos or stagnation in your life. Think about your future.

Argument with mother

A dream about an argument with your mother shows that you need to strengthen your patience, avoid raising your voice and be less impulsive.

Your explosiveness is losing you and causing you to miss many opportunities in life.

Pregnant mother

A dream about a pregnant mother means that you are living in a phase of withdrawal and can’t establish closer ties. However, you understand well and know the reasons for this blockage. The dream reveals the need for dialogue and companionship.

Pregnant mother also symbolizes the affection that only a brother or sister can give you. Subconsciously, you know that such an intimate bond can ease your daily difficulties and can make you feel much better.

Mom in church

The dream reminds you of values that you may have abandoned or stopped paying attention to. It’s an exhortation to change your life, your habits or to abandon what harms you. Take care of yourself.

Sick mother

The Dreambook interprets the sight of a sick mother in a dream as a sign that you are not trying to please her. Perhaps you are neglecting her, not giving her time or enough attention.

The dream is a warning about the weakening of maternal ties. A dream about a sick mother also means that you value friends and acquaintances more than your loved ones.


If your mother is no longer alive and during the dream you see her ill it means that you have forgotten the values she taught you. The dream is a reflection of your life choices, cutting yourself off from your roots or family.

Mom in the hospital

The dream may foreshadow health problems for you or someone in your family. It can also be a warning to take more care of your health. Consider how you take care of yourself and your loved ones.

You may want to change your diet, give up your addictions or get a check-up.

Mom sick with cancer

The dream foretells problems in relations with your loved ones. It is worth spending more time with your relatives and taking care of their needs.

Another meaning of the dream can be read as a warning against something that is debilitating you, ruining your health. It’s high time to abandon it or change your approach to some things.

Mom died

Dreambook announces the beginning of a new stage of life, perhaps it is time to grow up or become independent. The dream can also mean that you feel lonely, spurned, and deprived of love. Get closer to your family.

Mom who is no longer alive (deceased)

If you lead your life recklessly and impulsively, the dream is an admonition for you to change your behavior. If your bond with your mother was strong and full of love, the dream reveals that your mother is always with you and guides you through life.

If in your dream your mother is happy and smiling, the meaning of the dream is very promising. It foretells you of an improvement in your fortunes, comfort, and hope.


The dream should give you encouragement and guidance for the future, and encourage you to change your attitude and perception of various issues.

Mom of a boyfriend (girlfriend)

If you have dreamed such a dream, it may mean that your relationship is very strong and is an asset for the future together. If the dream concerns the mother of an ex-boyfriend, it is a sign that your affairs are not closed, and the feeling is still not extinguished.

Female colleague’s mom

A dream about a female colleague’s mom means that you will change your life. You will start living the life you want. You will feel relief and freedom. Make good use of these moments.

Dream meaning: mom

  • To see a mother – everything will work out well
  • To talk to mom – clarify the issues that hinder your good relations with loved ones
  • Mom and dad – you will have a successful relationship
  • Mom calls you by name – apply yourself more to your obligations
  • Mom is crying (crying mother) – think about yourself
  • Angered mom (angry mother) – think about your future
  • Argument with mom – be more patient and calm
  • Pregnant mom – you need conversation and companionship
  • Mom in church – abandon what is harming you
  • Sick mom – don’t neglect your mother and your loved ones
  • Mom in the hospital – take care of your health
  • Mom sick with cancer – devote more time to relatives
  • Mom died – you will start a new stage of life
  • Mom who is no longer alive (deceased) – change your behavior
  • Mom of a boyfriend (girlfriend) – feelings for your ex are still not extinguished
  • Mom of a female colleague – you will begin to live the life you want

Mom – Dreambook – mystical dreambook

In general, this symbol can signal that your relationship with your own mother is not the best and you are subconsciously biting yourself with this, or it can mean that in waking life you feel insecure in the life situation you are currently in and you want to be more independent and provide a sense of stability.

  • When you see your deceased mother in your dream, it means that in waking life you are behaving recklessly and may bring serious trouble to your head because of it.
  • If you see your living mother in waking life, it heralds some auspicious event for you, which should take place in your life soon.
  • When you hear your mother’s voice, it is a signal from your subconscious that in real life you are neglecting your household obligations and have little time for your loved ones, which you should change immediately.
  • If you see a mother fearing for her child, it means that you may soon suffer some damage due to the plight of some other person.
  • When you see a mother crying, it heralds an unspecified misfortune for you.
  • An argument with your mother means that it is time for you to become independent and start deciding for yourself and taking full responsibility for your actions.
  • When you dream that you are living with your mother, it foreshadows that you will not have any financial problems in the near future and thus you will have excellent well-being.
  • When you see your mother cleaning the house, it foretells that the activities you will undertake in waking life will become a real source of joy and satisfaction for you.
  • When in a dream you see a happy mother taking care of a child, it is a sign that you will benefit from someone else’s happiness, but it is not clear exactly what this prediction may refer to.
  • Hugging your mother is a sign from your subconscious that in waking life you should not be shy about showing your feelings and the gratitude you feel towards someone.
  • When you dream of the death of your mother living in waking life, it is a sign that you are plagued by remorse for some reason, not necessarily having to do with your mother.

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