dream mossAssociation: – Silence, – slow growth. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to show more patience?


Symbol for rest, contemplation and balance. Moss (money) is also understood as an overestimation of material goods which one must normalise to become impoverished not mental-spiritually. Who sees it in his dream garden, to that financial advantages could become overgrown like weed, – who goes, however, on moss, some nice hope possibly tramples down.




  • see: are made happy by plentiful income, – the monetary mailman comes to the house,
  • hard green: an especially romantic time approaches, – good health,
  • withered, humid, unpleasantly: Disappointments in dear problems or new friendship,
  • pick or enter: rich harvest, – big profit in the play,
  • hold in the hand: big profit,
  • lie on it: good health.


  • The dreaming may be glad about a romantic time if green, healthy moss strikes him. If it is wilted, however, a disappointment in dear problems and feeling problems remains to him not saved. In general the sign wants to ask the person concerned to be concerning eroticism and romanticism more courageously and self-confident and also to go out once from himself. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • indicates a quiet and old age, – it turns everything around material profit or loss, – one should pay attention to his correspondence and write deliberately, because somebody has caught affection for one and will soon lend her expression,
  • see: if promise pecuniary or material advantages or monetary income, – also: one will take subordinated places,
  • on fertile ground growing: these become to an honouring to share,
  • hold in the hand: if brings profit,
  • lie on it: the same meaning in reinforced measures, also good health.


  • lie on it: your health is not at all good,
  • the green: long life and health,
  • pick: rich harvest of your fields,
  • have in the hand: Wealth is given you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Moss

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