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Morgue drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Morgue :

dream morgueThe mortuary is a frightening place because it stands with the death in connection. If a mortuary appears in the dream, the dreaming must think as a rule his fears and feelings in view of the death. Morgue can stand for feelings and hopes which have not come true, – this can be connected with resignation and separation.


If the dreaming sees a corpse in a mortuary in his dream, it is for him in the time, about a part his Itself which has died to think or, however, also about a respect which is given this destiny. If the dreaming himself is the corpse, he has maybe caused a state of sluggishness which does not allow that he can properly enjoy the life.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Morgue


At the spiritual level the mortuary in the dream under circumstances can signal new beginning.



  • see or enter: the news of the death or the heavy illness of a friend.

(European ones).:

  • see: points to a death or a property loss.


  • somebody will say goodbye to you,
  • for lovers close separation.

Morgue - dream interpretation and meaning
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