dream mosquitoKey words: Reminding, – deflecting, – of course, – tiresomely, – blood-sucking, – warmth-finding. Description: There are mosquitoes or mosquitoes worldwide in more than 3000 known kinds. The female mosquito drinks blood as a part of his food, while the little man refreshes himself merely in other juices. The female finds his food, while it looks for the warmth. Already the sting of a single mosquito can be tiresome, the stings of several every now and then already unpleasantly painfully. Mosquitoes are illness carriers, for example, from malaria, yellow fiber and encephalitis. There are stories with the Indians, in those it means that the mosquitoes the people were friendly minded, until these forgot the other parts of the net of the life. Since that time mosquitoes have a sting to remind the Mensche of her internal and external imbalance. General meaning: Of the life small problems, – small Lästigkeiten, – an aggregation of Lästigkeiten which could turn out painfully. Association: Bright humming pests. Transcendent meaning: Be attentive, – you could see something that you judged first as small and without consequence which, however, you must still know.



  • you must protect yourself against obtrusive people, – small hostility brings frustration,
  • mosquito net: you know how to get rest,

(European ones).:

  • see: one will try in vain to oppose the attacks of perfidious enemies, – the property will suffer from it,
  • can kill: one will enjoy domestic luck.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Mosquito

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