In general, this symbol can mean that you are walking your way to full maturity while you are awake, but that you will encounter obstacles every now and then.

The interpretation of the monkey dream

When you see a monkey in a dream, it means that while you are awake you are mistakenly trusting people who do not deserve it, because they falsely compliment you and try to flatter you to get some benefit from it.


If you see a monkey dancing, it is a sign that you will soon be having a great time.

When you see a monkey on a tree, it means that while you are awake you want to break free from the limitations that prevent you from achieving the full freedom you dream about, but you are afraid that people around you will not look favorably on it.

If in a dream you see a monkey in a cage, it is a sign that in real life you care a lot about the opinion of others and, in order not to spoil it, you allow yourself to be mistreated, even though at times it is a real humiliation for you.

If you see a monkey climbing, it is a harbinger of emotional well-being.

When you see a jumping monkey, it means that you are a very nervous person while you are awake and that you get into fights more often than you talk to people calmly, using logical arguments and listening to other people’s statements.

If you see a monkey with children, it is a signal from your subconscious that you are awake some unfriendly person wants to divide you with your friends.


When you see a dead monkey, it tells you that you will soon be able to defeat your enemies and do it all by yourself, without anyone’s help.

Killing a map signals that you are awake with many enemies and people who want to harm you.

If you dream that you are upsetting a monkey, it foreshadows that you will soon cause some unpleasantness to someone you are friends with while you are awake.
Feeding a monkey is a warning to you from your subconscious that you allow yourself to be used by your superior and you are not even aware of it.

When you get a monkey from someone, it is a sign that you need to avoid rumors and unverified information while you are awake, as relying on them can significantly harm you.

If in a dream you were bitten by a monkey, it is a sign that you will somehow mess up your enemies in the business affairs.

A pack of monkeys appearing in your dream means that many people around you are only pretending to be your friends.

A dream about a monkey

A dream about a monkey can symbolize knowledge, resourcefulness, friendship, social relations, communication and a sense of community. Great apes are a species of mammals that includes several species: gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans.

What does dream of a monkey mean?

Since apes are large animals, a dream can symbolize strength, fear, danger, or great power under control. The type of monkey you dream about can also give you an important clue of what the dream means. Remember, great apes are different from other monkeys – they are larger and have no tails.


The meaning of the dream of the orangutan

Dreams of the orangutan are usually warnings. If an orangutan appears in your dream, it means that others can use your influence to develop their own plans. This is a warning to watch out for people who are trying to use you or your good reputation for their purposes. It may also mean that if you are in a relationship, your partner may not be faithful to you.

The meaning of dreaming about a chimpanzee

Dreaming of a chimpanzee may mean that you are reflecting too much on an event in your life. Perhaps you are impatient in some area of ​​your life and need to refrain from taking such matters into your own hands.

If a gorilla appears in a dream, you may find that you have suppressed your physical instincts and desires. Perhaps it is time to consider opening up and exploring this aspect of yourself. It may also mean that you are dominant in some area of ​​your life.

The meaning of the gibbon dream

Dreaming of a gibbon often means that you have an important goal that you would like to achieve and that you know that you have what it takes to achieve it. The gibbon is a symbol that it’s time to reach out and grab what you want.

How to interpret the dream of gorillas and monkeys

If you want to know what your dream really means, ask yourself the following questions:
-Where am I in a dream, who am I with?
-How do I feel while sleeping?
-Are there any other symbols in the dream?

You should rethink what the animal was doing in the dream and what aspect of the dream seemed to stand out.

For example, if you are teaching something to a monkey, it may mean that you feel that you have a lot of knowledge or skills in some field. Maybe it is worth investing time to pass them on to others.


On the other hand, if you see a monkey attacking someone or something, it could mean that you are acting the same way. Usually it’s an appeal that you work through your aggression and resolve those feelings in a more mature way.

dream monkey

Association: – Skill, – wickedness, – humor. Question: – Which part of me is almost human?


The monkey appears very often as a dream symbol. He stands for the uncivilised, materialist oriented, animal-primitive person without spiritual interests, – he can contain the request to develop and to mature. It is the shade of our Ichs, the caricature of itself. The monkey has in our widths nothing more of that animal in Indian dream interpretations in himself in which he was valid as holy, but often calls our desires and passions in the sense as he appears to us in the vision that to us is made by the unconscious clear. Sometimes he also points to the fear, our people could estimate us worse than we are actual, or make fun of us. In the Middle Ages the monkey was often equated with the devil because he embodied the animal which was valid in the Middle Ages as sinful. In the antiquity against it the monkey belonged to the death God Thoth and was revered with this. In this epoch the monkey as a reminder was valid for the fact that the person, although he differs by his mind from the animal, is physically still as mortal. To be able to interpret a dream in which a monkey seems, one must pay attention to the action of the monkey. The action can refer to sexual problems: If, e.g., the monkey appears as a sexual symbol, this can mean that an erotic connection lacks emotional depth. Tells to be bitten by a monkey that flatterers could try to dupe us. Little monkey gambled away swings agilely from branch to branch, the dreaming longs (mostly unconsciously) for the carelessness of his childhood. This is a frequent dream of people, after own statement ‘too early had arisen’ had to go.) However, the dream symbol of the monkey can simply also mean that the dreaming has a too strong slope ‘to ape’ others, to copy so. If the monkey changes in the dream, so, for example, a human face agrees, this is a very positive sign: The dreaming realises his Animalität.


The dog monkey means a guy who knows all tricks, and a bateleur eagle. The baboon means the same like the dog monkey, however, prophesies, moreover, illness, mostly the so-called holy, – then he is holy to Selene, and the old people say that this illness is also holy of Selene.



  • Dreaming one, he fights with his monkey, he will see in the house devious, spiteful, but unconscious enemy, and the victory will also close in the reality to that who wins in the dream, – he kills the monkey, he will chase away the aforesaid from his house.
  • Being the monkey to him strange, his enemy will creep by cunning and malice more different with him.
  • Dreaming somebody, an aggressive monkey bites or injures him with his claws, he will be tormented by a villain badly and fall ill hard.
  • are bitten by a monkey without foreboding meant with young people love, with older illness.
  • simian meat to eat brings illness and plague.

he will bring

  • Finding somebody a simian fur, the modest property of an evil and a little prosperous person in himself.
  • Dreaming one, a monkey caresses him, speaks to with him or waves him, an enemy will wake only the light to be a friend to him, but badly act in him.
  • gets as a gift somebody an old person and brings he him in his house, he will take up an underhand, unknown person with himself.
  • letting one a monkey before the people dance, he will force his enemy in the knees and do his play with him.

the monkey a spiteful, but unconscious enemy means

  • quite in general, and everything what happens to the animal adverse or good, comes true in the dreaming.
  • see one: if means an embarrassing meeting, – also: Fear of own bad qualities, – also: somebody competes with you, – see yourselves before
  • several see: Flatterers will deceive you, – or cheat, – warning before wrong friends,
  • see run or climbing: Stupidities of all kind commit or experience,
  • see climb and playing: you deal with stupid people,

he plays

  • with us or he cuts grimaces: one is surrounded by unserious people, or faces to his own follies,
  • see dancing: Cheerfulness and cheerfulness expect you,
  • tease: you have hurt somebody without knowing it,
  • lausen see: if luck brings in the lotto,
  • see doing gymnastics: Obstacles approach, – if these are overcome, it is getting better,
  • see eating: you stand in danger to lose your darling, – keeps open the eyes,
  • beat to death: you will destroy a stubborn opponent,


  • This symbol warns about a wrong friend whom one has entrusted too much. It is a matter, of being very careful, of finding out the wrong friend and of avoiding of being above all also in future more carefully in the choice of the friends and in his statements. One should better pay attention to his contact. (Woman



(European ones).:

  • see: Flatterers try to cheat you, – one gives them undeserved faith,

a monkey with us plays

  • or tailors he grimaces: one should observe his own ‘animal arrangements’,

one sees

  • several monkeys or plays with them, one will soon probably have to experience how one is disappointed by flattering wrong friends,
  • one see run or climbing: one will commit stupidities of all kind or experience,
  • climbing monkeys promise a success above all in a love relationship,
  • pursue: meant nuisance,
  • see dancing one: Widerwärtigkeiten,
  • see several dancing: Cheerfulness and cheerfulness expect to one,
  • tease: one has hurt somebody without knowing it,
  • are bitten by them: make themselves ridiculous,

one shoots

  • a monkey, one will carry off probably in a quarrel the victory if one remains attentive enough, – one will destroy a stubborn opponent,
  • dead: Retreat of your worst enemy,
  • a (young) woman dreams of one: They should marry fast, because your fiancée to them subordinates infidelity,
  • (has young) woman feeds in the dream one: They go for a flatterer on the glue.


  • on the tree see: Do not believe the flatterers!
  • playing ones: you seem to do in spite of your age still rash things,
  • with them play: it has the appearance that you will soon have the friend to the enemy,
  • kill: you can arise if you keep open the eyes still as a winner from your quarrel,
  • are scratched: your soul suffers, masters your feelings.

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