Mother in Law

Mother in Law

A dream about a mother-in-law is generally related to the relationships and personal connections you have in your life. Dreams about a mother-in-law usually have a positive meaning, but the final interpretation depends on many factors, a very important one being, for example, your relationship with your mother-in-law.

A dream about a mother-in-law means good news on the way, it is a harbinger of good energy, it can also be a sign of agreement in a discussion or dispute that may involve friends, family or co-workers.


Dream meaning Mother-In-Law

Seeing a mother-in-law

If you’ve seen your mother-in-law or someone else’s mother-in-law in a dream, the dream symbolizes satisfaction and happiness. It’s a sign that something in your life has turned out the way you wanted it to – and even if it’s different than you expected, you still liked it.

Dreaming that you see your mother-in-law indicates that you have problems that you are stewing inside. These problems can make you feel trapped and want to run away from everyone and everything. Get rid of these burdens, share your thoughts with someone, and go after what you really want.

Sad mother-in-law

If your mother-in-law was sad in your dream, it means she is showing maternal concern for the child. This means that some of her behavior while awake, although annoying, is out of concern for you, not malice.

Laughing (smiling) mother-in-law

This dream is a sign of stability in the relationship, you are in a great moment and nothing can break your bonds. It is also a sign of overcoming problems and misunderstandings. The dream also indicates that it is time to move to the next stage, to deepen or formalize the relationship. This auspicious moment should not only be enjoyed, but also used to share experiences that will strengthen the bond between you.

Hug your mother-in-law

Hugging is a sign of affection, tenderness, contact and closeness. A dream in which you embrace your mother-in-law is a sign of good relations with your family and with yourself. A sign that you are at the right time to invest in self-discovery and interpersonal relationships.

Talking to your mother-in-law

A dream of talking to your mother-in-law can have different meanings depending on the subject and context of the conversation. If you talked about something positive, the dream indicates the need for better communication between you and your family members. The dreamer advises you to stop and think about how you can best use your time to give more attention to those you love.


If the conversation was about conflicting issues, the dream indicates a lack of trust in someone close to you. In this case, the dreamer advises not to wall yourself off from the world, but to have a friendly shoulder to count on.

Quarrel with a mother-in-law

Arguing with your mother-in-law in a dream is a sign that you may unnecessarily put someone in a difficult situation. The meaning of the dream also indicates a tendency to control the actions of others or to unintentionally lose control. You need to think before you act and avoid impulsive decisions, especially when other people are involved.

Such a dream indicates that you are losing control, so be careful not to act on impulse and do something that could embarrass you or cause turmoil in the family or a problem in your relationship.

If your relationship with your mother-in-law is bad on the surface, it is likely that your partner’s family is in trouble, so take an interest in the problem and help ensure that these problems do not cause a rift in your relationship.

Make up (get along) with your mother-in-law

In dreams, a good relationship with your mother-in-law indicates happiness and contentment in life. It is time to settle down and enjoy the fruits of your past labor. The dream means family comfort and good relations with friends and relatives. Go out for dinner, have a barbecue, renew contact with old friends. Enjoy a good time.

In addition, the dreamer notes that if your waking relationship with your mother-in-law is good, the dream means that you have a home full of love and affection. Keep in touch with your loved ones, take care of your relationships, and maintain harmony and peace at home.

Complaining mother-in-law (mother-in-law groping you)

The dream sends you a message to be more discreet and cautious. The dreamer recommends that you study the situation very carefully and think about what to do before making decisions, especially the most important ones.

Annoying mother-in-law

A dream about an annoying mother-in-law is a sign that there are people who create difficulties for you, especially in relationships with other people. In addition, the negative energies they bring into your life can cause trouble and destroy your plans. Try to identify those who envy you and try to stay away from them.


Wicked mother-in-law

Your dream is a harbinger of peace and better understanding within your family. There is a good chance that misunderstandings will be cleared up and disputes resolved. Therefore, the dreamer recommends that you take advantage of good family relations and act with calm and balance.

Weeping mother-in-law

The dream may represent inner turmoil, hesitation, doubts about the way forward and negative feelings caused by unfavorable circumstances and bad experiences you have had to deal with. Try to stay calm, and the issues that keep you awake may not be as important as you think. Don’t doubt that you can find solutions to the problems that are bothering you and taking away your peace of mind.

A rival mother-in-law

A dream in which your mother-in-law was your rival means that there are people around you who do not pay attention to the feelings of others and cause discord and misunderstanding.

Be selective about who you accept as friends and try to stay away from people who bring negative energy into other people’s lives.

Strangely dressed mother-in-law

If your mother-in-law was strangely dressed in your dream, the meaning of the dream is that things are going well in your life, but you are missing something that could give you more pleasure or a sense of satisfaction. Find out what it is and pursue happiness.

Pregnant mother-in-law

A dream about a pregnant mother-in-law can mean that your emotional life is about to change, such as your relationship entering a new phase. If you are not married or in a partnership, the dream may foretell that you will soon start a family.

Old mother-in-law

Older people in dreams are associated with history, ancestors and the family tree. The meaning of a dream about an old mother-in-law is the desire or need to reach out to tradition, history. History is one of the best sources of knowledge. We learn a lot from the mistakes and successes of our ancestors. Your dream indicates that it is time for you to open your mind to this kind of learning and to know how to use it. It also indicates that you need to listen to the voice of more experienced people, especially when you are in a difficult situation.

Sick mother-in-law

If you dreamed that your mother-in-law became ill, went to the doctor or got worse, it is a sign of complications in your professional life. You will face problems at work that will be very difficult to solve. Think about how to get rid of the habit of distancing yourself from colleagues. The dream indicates that you may be clinging to problems that have already been solved and focusing too much on bad situations. Let go and you will feel much better.


The meaning of the dream is also associated with a tendency to receive help from unexpected sources. It can also mean the weakening of family ties, so it is necessary to strengthen them and pay attention to the needs of relatives.

Death of a mother-in-law

The dream symbolizes a deep bond between you and someone special in your life – if you have already found your ideal partner, this is an extremely positive sign for the future. If you are still looking for your other half, it is a sign that the perfect person for you is close.

The dream also represents longevity. You are able to adapt to a wide variety of circumstances and environments, so few things can affect your willingness to fight for those you care about.

Former mother-in-law

Dreaming about a former mother-in-law is a sign of unresolved or improperly resolved issues. There is something that you let go of too quickly, not allowing the issue to be properly resolved, and it is time to go back and reassess the problem. Did you end a relationship that you were not sure you wanted to end? Did you turn down an opportunity that now seems perfect? Re-evaluate your decisions and make sure you did the right thing.

Dream Meaning: Mother-In-Law

  • To see a mother-in-law – the dream symbolizes satisfaction and happiness
  • Sad mother-in-law – mother-in-law cares about you
  • Laughing (smiling) mother-in-law – it is time to move to the next stage in your relationship
  • Hugging mother-in-law – you have a good relationship with your family
  • Talking with your mother-in-law – thinking about communication with your family
  • Argue with your mother-in-law – avoid impulsive decisions
  • Agree (get along) with your mother-in-law – you are satisfied with your life
  • Complaining mother-in-law (mother-in-law groping you) – be discreet and considerate
  • Annoying mother-in-law – stay away from jealous people
  • Angry mother-in-law – family misunderstandings will be cleared up
  • Crying mother-in-law – you have doubts and negative feelings, stay calm
  • Rival mother-in-law – avoid people who cause discord and misunderstandings with you
  • Strangely dressed mother-in-law – you are missing something
  • Pregnant mother-in-law – your emotional life will change
  • Elderly mother-in-law – you want to draw on family traditions
  • Sick mother-in-law – there will be problems at work
  • Death of mother-in-law – the ideal person for you is nearby

dream mother in lawOne understands mother-in-law in the altindischen dream interpretation as a symbol for business success. Other dream books against it interpret them than warning of disputes. The exact meaning also depends with on whether one really has a good or bad respect with his mother-in-law.


Who dreams of a bad mother-in-law, grief maybe has in own family. The unconscious suggests us the picture of the mother-in-law behind whom, however, probably own mother (see there) is with whom one seeks advice.



  • see: Frustration and annoyance in dear problems, – also: you are unfair and jealous,
  • see a foreign woman as those: one should concentrate upon his duties and duties and wield a bigger authority towards certain people.

(European ones).:

  • means quarrel, – a happy reconciliation also forecasts after a bad disagreement, – also: Shops fail, one will have to reshape his plans,
  • she gets

  • Arguing to herself a woman with her mother-in-law, annoyance with cantankerous people.


  • see: Luck in your shops,
  • speak: you will find help in the need.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Mother in Law

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