dream mineThe mine in the dream can stand for the dark in the unconscious and with it for the underworld in which unbeloved personality shares are edged out. To meet this underworld, can be very frightening. The mine as well as all people working in it or machines symbolise in general the inner life of the dreaming and the resources therefore brought in the daylight of the unconscious. The dreaming is able to use the potential available to him. If the mine is intact, it concerns around just such soul life or the desire for it, – it is felt as menacing and sombre, one should strive to brood not too very much over the things of the life and to withdraw before the environment. If it comes to an accident or somebody is buried, the mental balance of the dreaming is disturbed really seriously, – personal inclinations should be stronger realised. Nevertheless, the vision can also show the job of the dreaming. If one was whole only in a mine, one inclines to lonesome decisions and to the single-handed effort in many respects. One plans and realises a lot ‘in secrecy’ – team spirit and trust in others is not own strength. But one has draught, knows what wants one and is successful with it. Old dream books understand it often as an increase of the prosperity which one is envied, however.


At the spiritual level a mine shows the opportunity to investigate the accessible unconscious.




  • see: Increase of the property or business,
  • are in it: you come to a rich house,
  • work in it: you will reach by strenuous work to wealth,
  • go in one: if means luck and property increase,
  • drive on with negative feelings: one cannot always count on his friends,
  • with working miners and negative feelings: is on the alert that you do not suffer damage.

(European ones).:

  • go in one: if means luck and property increase,
  • shovel coal or similar from one: indicates lacking or declining energy, – one has overdone it and should allow himself some rest,


  • you will have envious person, because the blessing of the sky has increased your property.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Mine

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