Visions of loss often appear after the death of beloved people. Nevertheless, they can also appear if it is about the loss of less handy things like love or respect or even self-esteem. If the dreaming has lost something in his dream, this can also mean that he has forgotten things which could be important. This can be a chance, a friend or a way of thinking, something what has maintained him earlier. If the dreaming suffers a loss, this refers to the fact that now a part of his self-or his life is dead and that he must learn to handle with it.


It is taken away from you energy. In the dream this situation mostly appears with real loss fears. If the dreaming has lost the way or has got lost, this explains emotional, mental or also physical confusion. To him the ability or the motivation has got lost to make decisions.



At the spiritual level the search for a lost object embodies the striving for enlightenment.



  • even something: draws the attention to an omission, – also: can mean a profit in another area. (57, – 67)

(European ones).:

  • loss of a child: the plans are soon thwarted, – one will stay behind frustrated, – expected success ends in failure,
  • the loss of member or friends: well prepared plans will fail, – one has bad future prospects,
  • of money: one will make a profit on another life area,
  • something what has meant a lot: one will soon receive a big present.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Loss

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