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Meaning of dream Llama :

dream llamaThe ‘spitting animal’ is valid as a symbolic shape for unpredictability and unconventional behaviour. One dreams of it if one has himself too much under control and also does not shine yet with polished manners when one best ‘around himself lash out’ would become. Maybe you should behave once quite emotionally and ‘misbehave’ if necessary – you must not spit equally wildly around yourselves – how the llama.


(Material from prank wool)

Dream interpretation and meaning : Llama

(European ones).:

  • good shops and advantages.

(Schafkamel) (arab:):

  • you will make a high mountain hike.

(European ones).:

    one will attain

  • wealth abroad.


  • putting out to pasture: Satisfaction, happy family life,
  • find lost: you will make a happy husband’s choice,
  • slaughter: watch out for Hoffart,
  • umherhüpfen see: you will take pleasure in children.

(Buddhist priest)

Dream Symbols : Llama

(European ones).:

  • means that we have invisible assistants aside and brings interest in higher God’s wisdom and supernatural forces.

Llama - dream interpretation and meaning
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