A dream about a letter

The appearance of one or more letters in a dream symbolizes contacts, messages, information, and news. Therefore, a dream about a letter suggests something new, travel, achievements, and changes. Rarely in a dream will you be able to read what is written in the letter.

But if you do, the message is advice or a warning. The dream indicates that you long for a change in your life. Whether you write, send, or receive a letter, the dream is about communication and expression.


It shows that you have a deep need to be understood. It also indicates that you miss someone or something in the past. At the same time, it shows that you are not running away from challenges.

Dreambook letter

To see a letter

If in a dream you see a letter, it means that you are experiencing a moment of discomfort and anxiety, longing for love, family, or work, but do not know how to take the first step.

Usually, the content of a letter sent or received can become a reality, whether it is positive or negative.

It is also associated with problems and situations in the family environment. If in a dream the letter is closed it means that you do not want to see what is happening in your life.

To write a letter

If in a dream you write a letter it means that you need to start doing something you have been planning for some time or face a problem you are running away from.

This is the time to make decisions and prioritize – what is really necessary in your life? Dreambook advises you to listen to the voice of your heart from time to time.


It can also mean getting to know better people who were or are very important to you.

To send a letter

If you dream that you send a letter, it means that you will meet again people who have had a great influence on your life.

It also suggests that you are unhappy with your relationship, but don’t know how to talk about it. You feel restricted or realize that you are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate.

Letter in a mailbox

The dream is an expression of the trust that other people have in you. Do not let them down. The dream can also mean a search for contact with you by people who are far away or with whom you have not spoken in a long time.

To receive a letter

Receiving a letter with an unimportant or small message is a warning not to waste money, and to avoid financial difficulties. Letters that bring good news indicate a favorable moment in all spheres of life.

However, if the letter brought bad news, or is disturbing, remain vigilant, control your impulses, and be careful not to hurt loved ones.

When the letter is written in inks of different colors or contains drawings, it is an omen of happiness for the two.

If the letter in your dream arrived by mail, you will experience a difficult time of worry and anxiety. Another meaning of the dream suggests that an opportunity or challenge will arise.


You can’t read the letter

This dream illustrates a feeling of helplessness in the face of a problem that you are unable to solve on your own.

It can also indicate that you don’t see things as they are and that you refuse to take on your obligations, whether in your professional, family, or love life.

It also shows that you are putting off a decision for longer than is acceptable. It’s time to act.

Opened letter

If you dreamed that you received an open letter it indicates that you are very afraid of exposing yourself to others. The dream also indicates that some wishes or secrets may be revealed against your will, thus you may face an awkward situation.

To look for a letter (hide a letter)

If you hid or searched for a letter in a dream, you are facing an improvement in your professional life. It could be a promotion or a raise, but also a change of job position or supervisor.

To tear up a letter

If you tore up a letter in your dream, it means that you feel unprepared to face a problem. The dream also indicates discomfort about some past mistake or injustice you suffered.

Dreambook notes that you need to solve this problem fast. Another dream meaning may suggest that you have a tendency to isolation.

If you destroyed a letter without reading it, it means that you will need the help of friends. However, if in a dream you tear up a letter after reading it, it is a warning to open yourself to others, to go out to people, because only then new paths will open up for you.


Letter to someone else

The meaning of the dream about reading or receiving a letter addressed to another person is a suggestion that your communication skills are not the best. Work on it, it is worthwhile to show your goodwill and reveal your emotions.

Official letter

An official letter seen, received, or sent in a dream is advice to plan your time better and pay more attention to family life. Through your inattention, you may miss something important that will not come back.

Letter from a friend, relative

Sending or receiving a letter from a friend or relative is a lucky omen and means that with his presence and decisive action, you will overcome difficulties. Thus, do not turn away from your loved ones and seek support from them.

Anonymous letter (anonymous)

If you dreamed that you received an anonymous letter, it means that you are afraid of a situation. The dream is a warning for you to think more about the relationships in your life, whether romantic, friendly, or professional.

If you receive an anonymous letter in your dream, beware of betrayal, infidelity, and intrigue on the part of someone very close to you.

Dreambook suggests that you need to reflect us your life, where are you going, are you satisfied?

If the letter remains closed it means that you are afraid to make decisions. If you are able to read the contents of the letter, you should be able to find clues as to how to deal with something that bothers you in waking life.

Love letter

Writing or receiving a love letter in a dream is a signal that you will learn to forgive and thus unresolved issues from the past will be resolved.


Clarifying certain issues will bring about changes in your relationship and perception of your partner.

Registered letter

The dream means that there will be an opportunity for significant gains. Be alert, some situations will suddenly appear when you take advantage of it, and you will earn a lot.

Another meaning suggests that money will divide you with someone you have known for a long time.

Letter from a debt collector

The meaning of the dream can be read as information about mistreatment. It will be unpleasant for you, and the situation will be sudden. Say what you think about it and do not return to the matter.

Letter from the court

Dreambook warns against people who can harm you. Someone will try to slander or insult you. Avoid gossiping and confiding in others about your plans and problems.

Letter from the deceased

The dream foretells happiness, as well as help in solving some problem. If you are experiencing some trouble, it will soon be over. Trust your loved ones.

Several letters (plenty of letters).

If you see several letters in your dream, it means that you are able to perform various tasks that have been entrusted to you. Get ready for new challenges. Believe in your potential, because you will be very successful.


If in your dream you send a telegram, the meaning of the dream hints that a change of residence is getting ready, and receiving a telegram is a sign that a long-awaited message will come, which you will be very happy about.



If in a dream you saw an open envelope – expect some problems, react in time, and you will be fine. If the envelope is closed – there will be moments of financial difficulties.

A torn envelope foretells the receipt of sad news, and a dirty one – the need to take care of health.

If in a dream you saw or used an unusual envelope Dreambook explains that an unexpected visit will change your life.

Buying envelopes in a dream foreshadows that you will enjoy a peaceful life for a long time after overcoming many obstacles, and finding an envelope in a dream is a sign that you will need the help of friends to clarify a misunderstanding and avoid a breakup.

Dream meaning: letter

  • To see a letter – you miss love, family, or work
  • To write a letter – do something you have been planning for a long time
  • To send a letter – again you will meet people who had a great influence on your life
  • Letter in the mailbox – someone is looking for contact with you
  • To receive a letter – don’t waste money
  • You can’t read the letter – you feel powerless in the face of some problem
  • Opened letter – you are afraid to expose yourself to others
  • To look for a letter (hide a letter) – an improvement in your professional life awaits you
  • To tear up a letter – you feel unprepared to face some problem
  • Letter to someone else – improve your ability to communicate with others
  • Official letter – pay more attention to your family
  • Letter from a friend, or relative – do not turn your back on loved ones
  • Anonymous letter (anonymous) – you are afraid of some situation
  • Love letter – you will resolve issues from the past
  • Registered letter – misunderstandings will arise through money
  • Letter from a debt collector – someone will make you uncomfortable
  • Letter from the court – avoid gossiping and confiding in others
  • Letter from the deceased – you will get help in solving some problem
  • Several letters (plenty of letters) – prepare for new challenges and believe in yourself
  • Telegram – a long-awaited message will arrive
  • Envelope – unexpected difficulties will arise

Dreambook letter, message, email

In the past, many of you waited for the mailman to receive a letter or news, today we use text messages more and send e-mails.

Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a letter. Remember that one symbol can have several different meanings. It all depends on the circumstances and other symbols present in your dream.

Thus, receiving a message can be done in different ways, by different means. However, always receiving a message evokes emotions. Messages can be bad or good, but also neutral. They can contain very important information, and shipments of something to look forward to, gifts, money.

Have you dreamed recently about receiving a message, a parcel? Think about what else happened in your dream and how you felt.


Dream about letters (mail and messages)

What does it mean to dream about messages, letters?

Receiving mail can be exciting and fun. This association probably comes from childhood (when mail was more common), and the joy of opening a letter has not yet been ruined by endless bills and junk mail.

Affluence + opportunities

Did you receive mail in your dream? Did someone send you an unexpected letter? Were you surprised by a piece of news? How did you feel about it? If you remember it well it could mean that you are expecting good news.

Information + insight

Just as a postal parcel can contain gifts, and money, a letter can be an asset of good or bad news, it can also contain advertisements, newspapers, and research results. Parcels and messages can be representative of important information.

If you receive messages in your dream, it may be an attempt to draw your attention to an issue. If you send a message to someone, you are trying to communicate something to them. Are the messages repeated in your dream? This could mean that you feel you are not reaching the person you are trying to communicate with and you feel frustrated by this.

Anticipation + anxiety

Waiting for something can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Knowing that there is some important information and you haven’t received it yet can certainly cause anxiety. If you’re dreaming about getting an answer to an email, it could be a manifestation of the excitement or impatience you’re feeling in waking life.

Types of messages

Types of messages you may encounter in your dreams:

  • Handwritten letter
  • E-mail
  • Text message (SMS)
  • Chat messages (Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Telegram
  • Fax
  • Voice messages

Dream meaning of letter, mail, message

You receive mail (or messages)

When you dream about receiving mail, it may simply be something you expect to happen during the day.

Maybe you are expecting news, money, or an answer to a question. This dream may reflect the anxiety you feel about what you are waiting for.


Receiving something is often a pleasant experience. If in your dream you were satisfied with the content of the message/mail, it may mean that something good will happen in your life.

If you dream that you are receiving a lot of messages, it may mean that something is being overlooked, or overlooked in your life. If you are waiting, and you do not receive messages – consider whether you are ignoring something that needs your attention.

You send mail (messages)

A dream about sending mail suggests that you need to communicate with someone.

You may have already tried to reach this person, or maybe you haven’t yet, but your subconscious is telling you that you are not being heard and you will have to try another way to reach them.

This dream may refer to the frustration you feel when someone else doesn’t get a message from you, or you just feel the urge to meet someone from the past.

You are waiting for mail or messages

If you are waiting for mail in your dream, you are probably waiting for something in your life.

Perhaps for an answer to a question important to you, the money you desperately need, test results, etc. Waiting causes you to experience plenty of stress, which seeps into your dreams.

Lost mail or messages

Dreaming about lost mail can mean that you feel you have missed something.


If someone sends you a message or package and they go missing somewhere, who knows what could have been inside! If you send something to someone and it gets lost, you also don’t hold the answer.

Perhaps you are trying to communicate with someone and really want their understanding, confirmation, or some kind of reciprocation of your feelings or efforts. This dream probably means disappointment or frustration.

Questions to interpret the dream

To better understand what your dream means, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you think about the mail/messages in your daily life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with mail/messages?
  • Have you sent, or received mail/messages recently or do you anticipate getting mail/messages?
  • How did you feel in the dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Did you try to pass something to someone without success?
  • Are you expecting mail?

Mystic Dreambook – meaning of the dream letter

  • When you receive a letter in a dream, the Dreambook foretells for you to receive some unfortunate news in waking life.
  • Opening a letter warns that you may be a victim of theft, thus you need to exercise increased caution in the near future.
  • If in a dream you are waiting for a letter, it foretells that you will soon experience some disappointment.
  • Reading a letter can foreshadow an imminent marriage, not necessarily for you, but also perhaps for someone from your closest circle – family or friends.
  • When you dream that you received a letter with auspicious news, it is a sign that in waking life you will enjoy the results of your work.
  • Receiving a letter with bad news Dreambook foretells some worries for you.
  • An anonymous letter is a sign that you will be hurt by a person with whom you had a lot of trust and never expected this from them.
  • If in a dream you write a love letter, it is a reliable sign that in real life you are in love.
  • Receiving a love letter Dreambook foretells for you to receive some bad news.
  • When you dream that you are writing a letter, it is a sign that you will soon learn something very interesting.
  • Sending a letter foretells that you will soon assist someone in some matter.
  • Burning a letter signals that in waking life you are an overly carefree and reckless person, and these traits may backfire on you much faster than you think.
  • Tearing up a letter means that you will soon make mistakes that you will not be able to correct.
  • Losing a letter means that someone close to you in waking life will spread nasty rumors about you.
  • A mournful letter announces for you to receive some good news.
  • Sealing a letter means that you will get into or have already gotten into some dispute from which you will emerge victorious and you can even expect some benefits.

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