A dream about washing clothes means that some situation or person has brought anxiety into your life and you do not know how to deal with it.

The meaning of the dream can be associated with conflict in the work environment, threatening to lose your job or weaken your position.


Dreambook Laundry

What does a dream about laundry mean?

A dream about laundry may indicate that you are a very organized person, but you need to review your relationships take care of your future, and let go of what is no longer important to make room for the emergence of the new. Do some real cleaning in your life.

Dream meaning of laundry

Washing clothes (to do laundry).

Doing laundry in a dream means that you are looking for a suitable way out of a conflict or problem. You are looking for a solution that will calm the situation and put everything in its place so that no one feels hurt. Dreambook assures you that the solution will come faster than you think and everything will return to normal.

Another meaning of the dream may suggest that you had difficulty in solving the problem, which contributed to minor conflicts that made the situation even worse. You need to find out the cause of the problem. The more time passes, the more difficult and serious the situation becomes.

Someone else is doing the laundry

Dreaming that you see someone else doing the laundry signifies changes in your lifestyle and they will be very beneficial for your development. You will quickly see transformations that will be opportunities for you to have new relationships, a new job, new friends, and even a new and more beautiful home. A period of radical and asset changes is coming for you. Be guided by your intuition.

If in your dream someone you know is doing laundry, don’t worry. Any news will be positive and will contribute to your development and success.


However, if it is a person you do not know, you need to review your priorities. Be more attentive so that opportunities do not elude you.

Hand washing

A dream that you are washing clothes by hand means that you are not ready to stop dwelling on past traumas. You are allowing memories of past pain and suffering to fill your mind. Now is the right time to get rid of what hurts you, to cut off the bad memories.

This is a great opportunity to grow, mature, and see new perspectives in life.

Washing clothes in the sink

The dream symbolizes that you want to overcome all the difficulties that are in your life, you have the motivation, dedication, and everything you need to change the direction of your life.

Washing in a washing machine

If in a dream you are washing clothes in a washing machine, it means that problems are disappearing, and you are freeing yourself from the obstacles that stand in your way. The feeling of relief brings you peace and joy.

Laundry in the laundry room

A dream about washing in the laundry room is a sign that you are cleansing yourself and opening your mind to receive only good energies, through good suggestions to change your life, behavior, and true transformation. Keep it that way!

Washing children’s clothes

Washing baby clothes symbolizes the need to look at life differently. You definitely need to work on positive change to find a new approach to your routine.

Washing white clothes

Dreaming about washing white clothes indicates that you need to pay more attention to the people you spend time with together, especially those who are close to you. Everyday life makes us neglect our relationships even inadvertently. Try to pay due attention to those who live with you daily and keep in close contact with them.


Washing bedding

Dreambook suggests that it is the right time to put your intimate affairs in order. It may be about relationships with your loved ones, partner, parents, or children. It can also be about intimate life and relationships.

Cleaning clothes

Cleaning clothes in a dream speaks of an internal cleansing process. You need to put an end to annoyances and give a hand to the person who has a grudge against you. Make peace with others and with yourself.

Drying laundry (washing on a clothesline, hanging out laundry).

The dream is a harbinger of positive changes that are slowly approaching. If you are convinced that you want to change many of the situations around you, take advantage of this right now and look at every opportunity that presents itself.

Another dream meaning says that your behavior can bring you trouble. Do not insult others or spread rumors, because it will reflect on you. You need to rethink your attitude and change your behavior as fast as possible. Remember, the more clothes are hung up, the more conflicts ahead of you. Think about how you behave and how it affects the lives of others and you.

Pile of clean clothes (clean clothes, washed clothes).

The meaning of the dream symbolizes making a decision to reject negative thoughts and bitterness. You want to be devoid of any resentment. As a result, you will regain inner peace. Positive changes will appear very fast. Sharpen your attention to see them.

The meaning of the dream indicates your organizational strength. Folded and clean clothes are indicators that balance and harmony are constant in your life. It also means that you manage to balance your personal and professional life.

A pile of dirty clothes (dirty clothes, clothes to be washed)

Your desire is to get away from everything that disturbs your peace of mind, even your obligations. Dreambook advises you to simply solve unresolved problems one by one. The faster you get on with it, the better.
The dream is also a reflection of the bad relationships you are going through. It is necessary to pay attention to the friendships you have cultivated and the relationships you are experiencing. You may be the target of slander and gossip.

When you dream about other people’s dirty clothes, it means that you need help and don’t know how to ask for it. This dream symbolizes that you have great difficulties and are unable to express your problems.


Laundry basket

Dreambook believes that you urgently need cleaning in some areas of your life. If there are clean clothes in the basket it is a sign that you are ready and willing to face any lie that has been invented about you. If the basket is full of dirty clothes, you have a problem of how to deal with what hurts you and causes you trouble.

Summary of dream meanings of laundry

  • Washing clothes (do laundry) – you are looking for a way out of a conflict or a solution to a problem
  • Someone else does laundry – a period of radical and asset changes is coming
  • Hand washing – you are not ready to stop dwelling on past traumas
  • Washing clothes in the sink – you want to change the direction of your life
  • Washing in the washing machine – you overcome problems
  • Washing in the laundry – you cleanse yourself and open up has asset energy
  • Washing children’s clothes – you need to take a look at life in a different way
  • Washing white clothes – pay more attention to the people you are with
  • Washing bedding – it’s time to put your intimate affairs in order
  • Cleaning clothes – make peace with others and yourself
  • Drying your laundry (washing on the line, hanging out the laundry) – your behavior can bring you trouble
  • A pile of clean clothes (clean clothes, washing clothes) – you manage to reconcile your personal and professional life
  • Stack of dirty clothes (dirty clothes, clothes to be washed) – solve unresolved problems one by one
  • Laundry basket – you urgently need to clean up your life

Dream about laundry – detailed interpretation

What does it mean when you dream about laundry?

Laundry is a part of life, thus, of course, dreams about laundry are common. Many surprising symbols appear in them.

What it means to dream about washing clothes

If in a dream you see a washing machine, or perhaps a large pile of clothes that need washing, it means that the subconscious tells us to take a look at our daily life and examine which areas need improvement (“washing”). From such a dream we can learn how to solve some of our daily problems!

Plenty to do!

If you dream about laundry or see piles of laundry in your dream, you are most likely thinking about your never-ending to-do list.

You may have meetings you need to go to and aren’t sure how you’ll fit them into your busy schedule. You are bored with routine activities. This usually means you need a change of pace and something more interesting to help you be happy in life.

This might be a good time to consider a career change or even move to a new place where you will find exciting and positive challenges.

You feel that others are judging you

It’s embarrassing when you have a laundry basket full of socks and none of them match. And others see this and criticize it. In fact, we often feel like we’re being judged, even when we’re actually not. Most people rarely treat us as harshly as we treat ourselves, especially when we compare ourselves to others.


Comparison is the thief of joy. – Theodore Roosevelt

If we want to be happy, we must realize that it doesn’t matter what others think. If deep down you know who you are and that you are doing the right thing, you have nothing to fear.

Feeling guilty: is it time to come clean?

Laundry is often associated with cleaning – and if you are guilty of a crime or doing wrong, it is probably a sign that you are aware of an impure conscience.

While clothes in dreams usually symbolize our outward appearance, washing them means that we are trying to cleanse and fix our faults.

Ask yourself: is there something from my past that I am trying to correct? Am I seeking the approval or forgiveness of others? Do I have guilt over something I may have no control over?

Are you ready and prepared?

The sight of piles of neatly stacked clothes and towels can mean that you are organizing your affairs and are prepared for anything. You may feel great satisfaction seeing neatly stacked shirts, pants, and dresses, or all the things hanging on hangers.

Sometimes it means that you feel that you are not prepared for something or for something.

Most dream symbols are exactly what they seem – but sometimes the opposite can be true. Pay attention to what you think about the arrangement of objects. If you feel that you can’t keep up with putting them together, you are not ready for something. If you are comfortable in your dream, you are confident and able to succeed no matter what happens.


A dream about laundry sometimes can also mean that we need to start organizing our lives. Do you have everything “organized” in it?

Additional dream meanings of dreams about washing clothes

When you have a dream it is important to consider the context of the dream symbol itself. A pile of laundry that is dropped under the stairs certainly has a different meaning than the sight of personal clothes hung up or scattered around the room.

Dream about clothes drying on a string

Think of your dream in which you were drying your underwear on a string. Was it a peaceful and happy scene in the countryside? It could mean that you feel great satisfaction and contentment. You feel as if your needs have been met, and you are calm and satisfied with your situation.

If in your dream you see laundry hanging on a line and are terrified that everyone can see it, you are probably very nervous about work. You may feel as if someone is betraying you or worry that your personal secrets may soon be discovered. Or maybe it’s time for the truth to come out?

Dream about a pile of laundry

This is a dream indicating that you are feeling overwhelmed and neglecting key areas of your life due to an overwhelming workload. You may feel as if you are stressed and unable to keep up and meet the demands placed on you.

Sometimes this may mean that you are trying to organize and reorganize your current life. Perhaps you are restructuring in business, or maybe you are thinking of ways to improve efficiency and productivity.

Dream about putting clothes in the dryer

Wet clothes need to be dried. Most washers and dryers spin clothes in cycles, so in this dream, it is possible that the washer and dryer are symbolic of cyclical events that happen often.
Have you ever dreamed about washing clothes?

Think about what events took place then, and then compare what events are taking place now when you dream about drying them. This may mean that you are experiencing similar thoughts, emotions, and even similar life events.


You may feel like you are constantly going around in circles. Remember this: sometimes we need to be ready for a change! You can’t wear a wet shirt, thus going around in circles helps the shirt “be ready” to wear.
Our lives are very similar. You can’t start a new life if you’re not ready for it. Sometimes we have to go around in circles before we know what we have really been called to do.

Dream about washing other people’s clothes

If in a dream you are washing another person’s clothes, it means that you feel like you have to help them. You may be wondering what you can do to ease your own pains and burdens. You may love this person very much and be willing to do anything to help them succeed.

Dreaming about a laundromat

Dreaming about a self-service laundry suggests that you are trying to figure out how to scale up your current business.

You may have great ideas for the future – remember to plan accordingly.
If there are other people in your dream at the laundromat, it may mean that you may make a sudden and unexpected connection.

This person may – or may not – be someone you already know. Make sure you listen to your intuition.
Laundry can also be a symbol of feeling overwhelmed by what you think about other people. Consider: Do you feel comfortable in your relationship? Do you feel that you are stuck? Are you able to communicate easily with others?

Dream about someone else washing your clothes

If you have a dream in which someone steals your laundry or clothes and washes them, it means that you feel as if your privacy has been violated.

You may feel that someone doesn’t understand that you want to be independent. On the other hand, this dream may be a sign that you need to find a way to be more independent.

You may feel as if you need someone to take care of you, although in reality, you are an independent person and responsible for your own happiness and enjoyment of life.


Other things to consider if you wash clothes in your dreams
Every person and every dream is unique, and you are the best interpreter of your dreams.

Here are some ways to better understand your own interpretation of your dreams about washing clothes.

What color clothes are you washing? What kind of clothes are you washing?

Colors can mean many different things in our dreams. If you dream about washing a yellow shirt, it could be a sign that you are nervous about not getting out of a situation. If you dream about washing a red shirt, it could mean that you are angry and trying to get rid of feelings of anger.

See more about the symbolism of colors in dreams in our other article.

The type of clothes also has a meaning. Washing suits is different from washing work clothes. Dirty clothes can symbolize hard work or a small reward, while a suit can mean that you are uncomfortable with your current business.

Dreaming about washing a fancy ball gown or washing dry-clean-only items in the washing machine can mean that you don’t know how or why something should be done a certain way.

Dreambook mystic – laundry

This symbol is a warning to you from your subconscious to be on your guard against gossip, which can significantly harm you.

  • When you dream that you are doing laundry, it is a sign that the atmosphere around you will soon improve significantly, which you will certainly greet with great relief.

  • If you dream that you are hanging laundry, it is a signal from your subconscious that in waking life someone is spreading some rumors about you.

  • Hanging up your laundry announces that you will call a truce with someone with whom you have long been in conflict.

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