dream lieLie admonishes to stand openly to his actions, even if the serious consequences have. For the actors, artistes and all the others who live on the deception it is a good portent. Even unimportant lies bring bad luck to all others, namely it brings bigger bad luck, if one a friend, the smaller if one lies to a stranger.


Witnesses of a dishonesty against ourselves which ‘do not want to admit’ of a mental or physical state which would have to make us worries. If lies tell other us in the dream, people want to hide something from us in our surroundings or do not give to themselves us towards in such a way as they are in reality.



Something introduces lies in nobody, excluded to stage artists, bateleur eagles and people with whom lies belong to the profession. It is less bad to lie to strangers than his members, – then this threatens big misfortune, even if one believes to lie in an unimportant thing. (The interpretation absolutely corresponds to the sentence applying in the Greek national morality, the justice consists in using to the friends, in damaging the stranger or to enemies.)



  • lie: Luck in the play and the trust of a dear person lose, – you are to yourself in the way,
  • are lied: may count on a lot of luck and well-being if one approaches to the solution of existing difficulties,
  • are lied by a high-ranking personality: one soon attains special respect,
  • hear one: you find out a long concealed truth.


  • an ambivalent symbol: If you yourselves are the liar, you must soon accept a row of joyless events in selfdebt. If the liar is another, unexpected help is given you from the outside. Moreover, you should probably always consider your words and watch out for exaggerations. The outside world takes from you the picture which you sometimes try to provide from yourselves, not so just like that.

(European ones).:

  • one says or does something which has disagreeable results to which one should confess, however,
  • lie to escape from a punishment: one will behave towards an innocent person dishonourable,
  • lie to preserve a friend from deserving punishment: one will be laid open to critics because of own behaviour much more unfairly, ignore, however, this and be liked very much,
  • others hear lying: these would like to mislead one,
  • believe, people are liars: one loses the faith to some things for which one had exerted himself,
  • call somebody such: deceitful people will prepare for a grief,
  • Dreaming a woman, her darlings be a liar, so it is warned about the fact that she loses the respected friend.


  • luck in the lottery.

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