dream leechKey words: Stubbornly, – clutching, – parasitic, – blood. Description: The leech is a blood-sucking worm who lives mainly in the water or in the mud. Leeches were used in the medicine to let patients »to the vein« in the attempt, to cure them with it. General meaning: To cure something from which you feel that it sucks at you, – something what taps your life energy, – an attempt. Association: Leech, – a doctor, – a person who clutches in another to achieve his aim. Transcendent meaning: Recognise of the circumstances or people who rob you to your energy.


This not exactly popular little animal is almost always as a symbol for (unadmitted?) to understand disgust at own body. In general the leech is understood superficial-trivially as a warning before the wrong friends by whom one is ‘sucked out’. Because leeches are also used in the medicine, one interprets them now and then also as a tip to forthcoming illnesses or quick recovery of an illness.




  • your avarice will bring you only damage, protects you from usurers.

(European ones).:

  • see with bad feeling: Enemies kick your interests with feet, – with good feeling: A good omen. The difficulties will be mastered in a manner which will surprise to one very much.
  • see in others: Signs of illness or problems with friends,
  • from medical view see: for ill recovery, for healthy illness,
  • if they bite to one: Danger lurks where one does not suppose them.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Leech

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