dream jugglerThe juggler is the symbol of the skill and concentration, but also the unstableness and risk readiness. He announces to the Träumeden that he soon achieve a pinned up aim, – nevertheless, at the same time he should also watch out for swindlers. Who himself appears as a juggler, the balance would like to hold with pleasure always, without gets broken, besides, a little bit. How many balls could one hold, while one tried to juggle himself ‘through the life’? It is about the playful mobility of the mind which operates with all ease and Sprunghaftigkeit, nevertheless, ‘purposefully’ to unite several (different) ideas and expiries to a positive whole result. If one admires him and his art, one wants to get in the awake life advantages, while one watches other at the work rather, than to do even something. Juggler refers after Old-Indian dream apprenticeship to unexpected (mostly financial) success.



  • unexpected profit comes to you to the house, – also: you manage to get round with talent,
  • juggle: the dream has commented on own abilities to juggle the life in the right order.

(European ones).:

  • a transportation in the professional position is in reach, does not hesitate, – also: Luck in monetary things have.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Juggler

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