A dream about work means that you are a professional, mature, and committed person. However, it can also represent your uncertainty and dissatisfaction.

Dreambook work

The dream shows how responsible you are, that you care about your obligations, you are determined and goal-oriented, which leads you to professional success, It is associated with professionalism, determination, and concern for your obligations and commitments, and can also be an incentive to make decisions that you may have been putting off.


To look for a job

The dream means that you feel lost and find it difficult to make a decision. Clearly define your goals. If you are unemployed, don’t worry, it may be time to invest in something you have always wanted to do.

To get a job

The dream foretells profits, which can come from various sources, such as a win, an inheritance, or an extra job. It can also mean that you are pursuing your dreams and are on the right track. It is worth sticking to your own ideas and using all your talents.

To work

If in your dream you were working or saw someone else working it is a sign that it is a good time to take stock of your achievements, solve unresolved problems, and set a path to follow.

If you are working on your dream, the dream shows how committed you are to your work. This is the most important area in your life.

If you are not satisfied with your current job, this dream warns you to listen to yourself and look for an occupation that will give you satisfaction. It’s time to invest in your dreams. This is a good time to determine whether a new direction would be more appropriate.

If in your dream you were working for a different company than in waking life or performing different professional tasks, the Dreambook explains the dream as a symptom of anxiety in the face of new experiences or opportunities. The dream means that you are facing professional challenges, and you may have to make a choice between two paths.


To refuse a job

If in a dream you refused a job is a sign that you may be experiencing a period of uncertainty, instability, anxiety, and lack of confidence – but this will soon pass.

Dreambook encourages you: to invest in your career and studies, and you will gain many new opportunities.

Perhaps you believe that you are unprepared for a particular job, for example, because it is loaded with plenty of responsibility. Another dream meaning suggests that you are not satisfied with where you work and no longer want to perform your obligations.

Forced labor

Now is the time for study. Maybe you should go to college or take vocational courses. Invest in yourself and it will certainly bring positive results.

Another dream meaning signals that you feel restricted and unhappy. The dream signifies suppressed willpower. Change your job or bet on your development and expand your competence.

The dream also carries a warning for you to stop putting off a task or commitment, especially if it directly affects your professional development.


The dream symbolizes interdependence and mutual support. You feel connected to other people and strive for harmony and good relationships. Support your co-workers, because only together will you achieve success.

New job

A dream about a new job indicates that you are a person who has great decision-making power and does not look back. If you continue like this, you will be successful. Analyze the possibilities and take the initiative.


Old job

According to the Dreambook, you are a melancholy person, insecure and dissatisfied with your professional life. You return your thoughts to the past. This is not the time to look back, look to the future. Concentrate on what lies ahead of you.

Office work

The dream indicates that you are overburdened with obligations or are running away from them. The meaning of the dream also suggests that you may face unpleasantness. The dream may also signal your poor performance in a professional environment.

Physical labor

The dream foretells a lot of effort you will have to put into the tasks you perform. It can also signify wrong choices, think well before you make a decision.

Working in the field

The dream is a symbol of hard work. You put a lot of effort into performing professional tasks.

Another dream meaning may suggest that your efforts will be rewarded.

Working on a construction site

The dream means that you are working hard, but you are also being paid an asset. You are goal-oriented. Dreambook, however, warns that your plans or ambitions may not match reality. Approach situations and tasks realistically.

Working in a store

The dream is a symbol of profit and success. Dreambook says that you have many opportunities ahead of you that will affect your professional development. The more items in the store – the more opportunities in front of you to take advantage of.

Working abroad

According to the Dreambook, you desire to break with your current life, to follow a new professional path, to try something different. Your actions are driven by the desire to earn more money. However, the Dreambook warns: that your decisions may be wrong. Think well before you sign a new agreement.


To be fired from a job (dismissal from work).

The meaning of the dream symbolizes a sense of rejection and inferiority. Dreaming that you are fired from your job shows that you are insecure about your professional skills. Consider in this case how to improve them.

Dream meaning: job

  • To look for a job – you feel lost, it is difficult for you to make a decision
  • To get a job – more income will appear
  • To work – solve unresolved problems, set new goals
  • To refuse a job – invest in your career
  • Forced labor – it’s time to study, invest in yourself
  • Teamwork – support your colleagues, together achieve success
  • New job – you will succeed, take the initiative
  • Old job – focus on what is in front of you
  • Office work – you are too burdened with obligations
  • Physical work – think well before you make a decision
  • Fieldwork – your efforts will be rewarded
  • Construction work – approach situations and tasks realistically
  • Working in a store – you have many opportunities ahead of you that will affect your development
  • Working abroad – you want a break from your current life
  • To be fired from a job (dismissal from work) – you lack self-confidence

Dreambook mystical work

This symbol may foretell that with your hard work, you will be able to achieve the success you want.

  • If you are working in your dream, it is a sign that you are in for a significant cash injection.
  • Giving away your work foreshadows some kind of profit for you.
  • Working at night is a signal from your subconscious that you need to work more if you want more profit.
  • Forced labor foreshadows that you will soon receive a sizable inheritance.
  • If you dream that you are looking for a job, it means that you will manage to avoid professional problems.

Dreambook dream meaning of work

Dreaming about a former or current job or workplace is a common dream theme. For some people, dreaming about a job from the past, especially if you did not like the job, can seem like a nightmare!

However, given how much time so many of us spend at work, it is not surprising that dreams also involve this part of our lives.

What can a dream about working or working mean?

To understand the meaning of a dream it is important to think about its various details. The events that take place, the people in the dream, and even what you do while working can mean different things.

Usually, a dream about work is related to the type of work you do in real life. It could be your business, your career, or even just the tasks you do at home.

Old job

If you’re dreaming about an old job that you no longer have, it could mean that you’re thinking about your options or solving a problem you may be facing in your business or professional life. However, sometimes it can also be a signal to take a look at unresolved past feelings from that time. A dream about a job you had in high school or college, for example, may mean that you are experiencing the same emotions or events you experienced at that time.


If there is a clock in your dream, it could mean that you do not have a sense of healthy work-life balance in your current life. However, a time clock can also be a symbol of the past. The numbers themselves can also have meaning in a dream.
It is important to think about the context of the dream and other details to really know what meaning the time clock may have for you.


Lack of payment

Lack of paycheck is another common dream theme about work. It usually means that you felt undervalued as an employee. You may have felt that you were cheated or treated badly at your old job, and this probably means that in your current life, you feel that someone does not appreciate you.

We often do a lot of things in life that we don’t feel appreciated enough for, and sometimes others don’t appreciate our efforts or opinions. You may feel that you are not getting the respect you deserve in a given situation. It can also mean that you feel you are chasing something in life that is hopeless. You may be going through something difficult and encounter disappointment. Something in your life needs your attention and energy, but it may not bring the expected results.

Dreaming about your current job or workplace

If you dream about the place where you are currently working, it is simply a scene/environment that reminds you. that the dream is about something that is currently happening in your life. Sometimes there may be people from work in these dreams. People in our dreams rarely appear as themselves, but more often as an aspect of ourselves or a symbol of someone else.

Dreaming about another job in which you have no experience

Sometimes we have dreams in which we do work that is very different from what we currently do or have done in the past, for example, maybe you are an accountant, but last night you dreamed about being a hairdresser. In that case, you can think about the different roles and characteristics of the job you dreamed about and compare it to what you are currently doing.

It can also be helpful to learn about different character archetypes in dream interpretation. Many of these characters in our dreams have very specific meanings!

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