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Jumping drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Jumping :

dream jumpingJumping jack sometimes points to a superficial, frivolous life position, then requests to more seriousness. Moreover, he can warn against falling under influence too strongly from the outside or against making himself ridiculous by his behaviour. Besides, feeling of inferiority often plays also a role.



  • see: one is not taken seriously by his environment in reality, – one makes fun of you and uses you,
  • (with a jumping jack in the dream play): you have not enough Ernst,
  • as one be dressed up: one will be able to assert himself towards a competitor easily,
  • experience himself as one: one should show more spine.

(European ones).:

  • one will be serious a little, – happy-go-lucky pastime will take up the thoughts instead of sturdy plans.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Jumping

Jumping - dream interpretation and meaning
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