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Meaning of dream Inscription :

dream inscriptionAn inscription in the dream is information of whose understanding the dreaming should take care. If he reads the inscription in his dream, this is a tip that he has already understood some essentials. If he cannot read them, he has not performed the necessary preliminary works yet and must increase his application. If for example, an inscription on a rock appears, this refers to old knowledge or wisdom. If the dreaming sees an inscription in the sand, this is a tip to the fact that his knowledge is either unsteady or must be learnt fast.


The picture of an inscription seems frequent in dreams if a certain stage of development is reached. At the spiritual level this refers for usual in a kind of knowledge which can be transmitted to other people.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Inscription



  • see general: a message which will influence the life with lasting effect, – also: you will suffer a damage,
  • on gravestones: promises sad experiences,
  • read loudly: one has already properly interpreted important information in the life and now should act accordingly,
  • cannot read: one should increase his application in an important thing.

(European ones).:

  • see, read or write: one will perform any good action, – also: see: receive meant shortly disagreeable news, – also: write: one will lose a respected friend,
  • can see mysterious ones and not decipher: one looks for an invisible guidance in the life and should listen in carefully to other signs in the life,
  • on graves: if a heavy illness or a death announces.


  • see or read: Capital loss by your gullibility,
  • on a gravestone: Loss, grief.

Inscription - dream interpretation and meaning
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