dream injury


dream injuryAssociation: – Work on old pains or wounds. Question: – Which wounds would like I to allow to heal? Which damage am I ready again well close?

In general:

Injury originates from disappointments, insults, injustice or separation of a beloved person if these experiences are edged out crude.



The injury in the dream by which one often does not feel the slightest pain registers ‘be injured’ in the awake life, mental pain which is added to us by others or which we ourselves cause. They anticipate that a forcible change approaches. If you are injured, the layout approaches you. Injure, however, someone else, then you are about to intervene drastically in the life of another. They seem not convinced that it becomes a change the better. Think over the matter once again.



  • injure themselves in an object: one looks at his friends exactly, before one entrusts with a secret,
  • them

  • are injured by somebody: Care, – one should be thrilled to no rash action,
  • injure someone else: one behaves towards a certain friend not honestly and will hurt him.


  • a fluorescent and multi-layered omen: To be injured in the dream or be to a considerable improvement of the social position and/or an erotic meeting promises. But to see an injured person in the dream, to see an injury or to add them even even to somebody is valid as a warning before a wrong friend. This uses your gullibility and excessive self-assurance to get rich. Care before selfoverestimation and megalomania, before the misbelief to have everything under control and to be able to keep is offered. It is a matter once more of finding his peace in the balance between foreign regulation and self-determination. (Man


(European ones).:

  • often how operation to lay out, – is important who suffers the injury or causes, – a change should be forced upon the victim,
  • suffer a physical one: an unhappy event will soon sadden to one and annoy,
  • see one: a warning, one should be extremely careful in dealing with people and devices,
  • injure somebody insulting: one will do low works, take revenge and injure others,
  • are injured themselves insulting: one has enemies who will subject to one.


  • injure themselves: oncoming illness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Injury

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