dream icicles


dream iciclesIcicle can stand for firm feelings which can get, nevertheless, in staggering. Sometimes one interprets him also as a symbol for the declining or suppressed gender desire (above all with men). Icicles sometimes seem in women’s dreams and the reason is to be searched for it possibly in one cooling off of the erotic relations.



  • see: Erkaltung of the love,
  • beat off: irritating love.

(European ones).:

  • see: tells of us a frosty receipt in if we soon have to make a visit,
  • see in roofs: love will become engrossed,
  • in gutters see: if need and lacking comfort announce, – bad health is the result,
  • in the fence see: if sufferings prophesy for body and mind,
  • icicle in evergreen: mean a beaming future by dubious honourings Li> is overshadowed,
  • of trees falling ones: Misfortune and annoyance will soon disappear again.


  • see: the great love has not awoken in you yet.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Icicles

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