A dream about a husband

The meaning of a dream about a husband is usually directly related to the type of relationship in the relationship. Often the subconscious wants to send a message that you deny in waking life.

Dreams about a husband or partner can symbolize the different emotions and feelings that are between you.


Such dreams can also be drawing attention to things that bother you. or drawing attention to details that you can’t see in real life.

If you are annoyed in a dream, repressed feelings of anger and hostility may appear in waking life.
Dreams about your husband may reflect how you see your relationship and your unconscious feelings about it.

Dreambook Husband

To have a husband when you are single

If you are single and dream about a husband, you are probably unhappy with your current relationship.

Another meaning of the dream can be read as a desire to formalize the relationship. A dream about a husband can also be a message that you need love, and be open to new acquaintances.

If in a dream you see only the outline of a figure, stay calm, everything will come in due time.

Happy husband

If you see in a dream your spouse happy, and satisfied, it means that your life together is going well, and the future promises to be happy. The dream can also symbolize the desire to have children.


Talking to your husband

A dream about talking to your husband indicates that you may have a conflict with him, there may be a quarrel.

Despite everything, there is a chance to settle the dispute and show goodwill and understanding. If you care about the agreement, strive for it.

Wedding with your husband

The dream of remarrying your husband signifies a peaceful married life or the hope for a new and exciting life.

It represents a new stage in your relationship or a breakthrough in your relationship.

Sex with your husband

Making love in a dream with your own husband often takes place on the eve of career advancement and success in business.

Sex in a dream warns you of making a mistake with the person you least expect to surprise you or misbehave. Such a dream also indicates your imagination. You may be afraid in waking life to give in to your own desires.

If you are separated, you may have such a dream when you desire to meet your husband or miss him.

Argument with your husband

A dream about an argument with your husband suggests that you’ve been leading a stressful life lately, maybe you’re having a dispute that’s difficult to resolve and living a life of constant tension. You should let go a bit and work on your relationship. If you care about your relationship, change your behavior as fast as possible.


If you dreamt that your husband treated you badly, and blamed you for disloyalty, the dream means that he respects you and trusts you, but you need to watch out for another man who can become a problem for your relationship.

The dream is a warning that there are issues that need to be resolved urgently. Dialogue is always the best way to find a compromise. Discussions are often needed to find balance again and make the relationship healthier.

A dream that you are arguing with your husband may seem bad at first glance but be assured that reconciliation is in sight and your relationship will be better than before.

Husband in bed

The dream can have different meanings depending on the attitude, humor, or behavior of the man. Dreambook explains that it is a symbol of boredom or fatigue.

It can also mean that your husband is waiting for you to make a move, for example, it could be a step towards reconciliation or towards greater involvement in intimate relations.

Skinny husband

If in your dream you see an emaciated husband Dreambook suggests that it is high time to take care of your health and that of your loved ones.

It is also advisable to rest mentally and physically. Another meaning of the dream may symbolize some misunderstandings between you.

Tired husband

If you dreamed that your husband is very tired it means that a visit to the doctor is necessary, especially if it has been postponed for a long time. Check your health and take care of your loved ones.


Sick husband

A dream that your spouse is sick means that he may be having an affair and behaving aggressively at home. Take a look at your relationship and take decisive measures.

Drunk husband

Dreambook explains a dream about a drunk husband as a warning of trouble. Take more interest in your partner, because he needs your support.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are too busy with work, your family suffers, but also yourself, because you are remorseful and overtired.

Husband with another woman

The dream may mean that some people are trying to make you quarrel or cause the breakup of your relationship.

The dream may also mean that you have neglected your family. Do not forget your loved ones.

Husband cheats with his lover

The dream has a positive meaning because it means that your family relationships will be strengthened. There will be some troubles, but they will only strengthen your ties.

Dreambook also indicates that a dream about your husband cheating on you can be a sign of a premonition that someone or something is coming between you. It could be a friend, a job, a child, or anything that makes you feel “betrayed.” The dream can also be an expression of feeling rejected or disrespected by your partner.

Female colleague’s husband

If in a dream you see or meet a female colleague’s husband, the meaning of the dream can be read as a symbol of willingness to help other people. You can count on others.


Other meanings of the dream may suggest that you are not happy in your marriage.

Husband leaves his wife

The dream is a symbol of suffering and some problems that have divided you a lot. It is time to reach out for reconciliation and look for ways to overcome the difficulties together. There is a chance for reconciliation, but you both must really want it.

If you dreamed that you separated from your husband for a while, you should pay more attention to your relationship and devote definitely more time to your husband.

The dream also suggests that your husband is successful among women, but does it mean that you should be jealous of him? Maybe you are neglecting him, not devoting plenty of time? Or maybe you are overlooking some problems that are bothering him?

To cheat on your husband

If you have a dream that you are cheating on your husband you may be feeling insecure in your relationship in waking life, fearing betrayal or that your husband will meet someone more attractive than you.

The dream may indicate fear, insecurity or even cheating on your partner. It is best to talk to him honestly, you will feel relieved and supported.
If your partner cheated on you before, a dream about infidelity may indicate that you still do not trust him.

Husband wants a divorce

A dream about divorce sometimes reflects your thoughts and fears. Don’t be guided by guesswork, talk to your husband about problems. Pay more attention to your relationship, and take care of your relations and moments together.

The dream can also mean financial problems. Plan your expenses.


Husband wants to kill me

The dream foretells some unpleasant or even shocking situation that you are a witness to. Approach the matter sensibly. If you can, offer your help, but don’t beat yourself up about it.


The dream means that you suspect your current partner of infidelity. If you are not sure of your suspicions, do not start a dispute.

Another dream meaning according to Dreambook suggests that you will be visited by someone you haven’t seen for a long time. The visit of this person will change a lot in your life.

For a widow, the dream may be a warning against making old mistakes.

Death of a husband

A dream about a dead husband is synonymous with selfish, self-centered attitudes. Take a look at yourself. A dream about a dying husband can be a starting point for a radical change in the way you live in your relationship.

A dream about the death of your spouse means that you care a lot about him, but something that happened recently has distanced you from each other. Another meaning of the dream can be read as a sense of fatigue – you need to take a break from your partner.

This dream is also a sign of fortune and means that you will have a happy and rich life.

A dream about the death of a sick husband means that he will soon recover.


Dead husband (killed husband, deceased)

If someone kills your husband in a dream, it is time for you to deeply analyze what is happening in your relationship, because the situation has become serious.

If your husband in a dream is killed by another woman, it is associated with the loss of common material property or the risk of the breakup of the relationship.

Dreambook also warns; Beware of gossip!

Dream meaning: husband

  • To have a husband when you are single – you need love
  • Happy husband – the future promises to be happy
  • Talking with your husband – show understanding and you will alleviate disputes
  • Wedding with your husband – a breakthrough in your relationship is coming
  • Sex with your husband – don’t make the same mistakes
  • Argument with your husband – some issues need to be resolved urgently
  • Husband in bed – make the first move to change the situation
  • Skinny husband – rest mentally and physically
  • Tired husband – check your health condition
  • Sick husband – decide on your future
  • Drunk husband – partner needs your support
  • Husband with another woman – some people are trying to quarrel with you
  • Husband cheats with his lover – family relations will be strengthened
  • Husband of a female colleague – you are not happy in your marriage
  • Husband leaves his wife – some problems have divided you very much
  • To cheat on your husband – you feel insecure in your relationship
  • Husband wants a divorce – take care of your relationship with your husband
  • Husband wants to kill me – you will witness an unpleasant event, approach the matter sensibly
  • Ex-husband – you will be visited by someone you have not seen for a long time
  • Death of a husband – you need to rest from your partner
  • Dead husband (killed husband, deceased husband) – beware of gossip

Husband – Dreambook of mysticism

  • When you see a husband in your dream, it may foreshadow some danger that will threaten the relationship you are currently in your waking life.
  • Talking to your husband is a sign that your relations with your family will be very successful.
  • An argument with your husband is a signal from your subconscious to stop hiding the truth about an issue.
  • When you dream of someone else’s or your own husband with another woman, it means that the person with whom you are currently in a relationship is faithful to you and gives you sincere affection.
  • A wife-beating husband foretells misunderstandings with your loved one for you.
  • A sick husband foreshadows long-term happiness and peace for you and your entire family.
  • Abandoned husband means that someone will soon start meddling in your affairs.
  • A dead husband foretells that you will soon be disappointed in some way with a loved one.
  • When a woman dreams that she is making love to her husband, it is a sign that her sex life with her spouse is not going well and this may be the cause of other marital problems.
  • When a woman dreams that her husband is in love with another woman, it signals that in waking life some people do not wish this relationship well, and may even try to prevent it and separate the spouses.

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