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dream husbandAssociation: – Yang aspect, – partner. Question: – To whom am I obliged?


(European ones).:

    your husband Sie for unknown reason leaves

  • : there is a disagreement which ends, however, with a reconciliation,
  • ill-treats or scolds he you for infidelity: They enjoy his esteem and his trust, however, there is other

Problems between you, – presenting you to other men less favour, –

  • see him dead: with disappointment and grief are roofed,
  • worried: are taken up by the illness of members of the family,
  • in a good mood and stately: domestic peace and favorable future prospects,
  • ill: are badly treated by him and he becomes disloyal to you,
  • another woman loving: he becomes weary to his home surroundings and searches somewhere else his luck,
  • love the man of another woman: unhappily marries or be single unhappily, however, the views of luck are dubious,
  • an unmarried woman in the dream a man owns: They do not dispose of the charms which find men engaging,
  • own man say goodbye and with leave see becoming bigger and bigger: Their harmonious being together is prevented by a disturbed sphere at first, – you avoid disagreeable decisions, your harmony is restored,
  • see own man in a compromising situation at an unawkward society: because of the indiscretions of friends worries approach,
  • of his death dream during the being together with another woman and the scandal following from it: there threaten separation and property loss, – often it does not come completely as badly as expected.

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