dream hounds


dream houndsThe dreaming would want that possibly many people look after him and his work. Often he points out his environment to his achievements, so that one notes them. Hound stands for excessive ambition and materialist avarice. One goes hunting behind money and success here. However, now and again the contents of the unconscious which one should track down appear in it. After old dream books one is warned about deception and cunning more different.



  • see: something pleasant receive or experience, – also: you have no reason for the jealousy,
  • train: his aim achieve,
  • are pursued by them and are bitten: be revealed to his enemies.

(European ones).:

  • hounds on the hunt: point to the coming joys and changes to the good,
  • Dreaming a Mrs. von Jagdhunden, she will fall in love with a man under her state. If many hounds follow her, it will have numerous admirers, but hope in vain for the true love.


  • see: a happy future.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Hounds

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