A dream about hugging signifies concern for the people you embrace in your dream. It can represent a relationship or mean that you do not feel the same intensity of affection that you give to others.

What does it mean when you dream of hugging?


Dreambook Hugging

To be hugged by someone

When you are hugged by someone in a dream, you receive a warning: be careful not to be deceived by the person with whom you have a friendly relationship. Dreambook recommends caution and vigilance to avoid feeling hurt.

To see others hugging each other

The dream is a confirmation that family ties will remain lasting, you can be reassured about your loved ones. The dream is also a sign that good fortune will not abandon you at work.

Hugging your father or mother

The dream represents how your relationship with your parents is. Dreambook recommends that you spend more time with them and show more affection to your loved ones.

Hugging a child

Hugging a son, daughter
This dream indicates financial difficulties, which may bring a little chaos into your life. You’d better be prepared for shortages. Save money, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Hugging your brother, sister

Depending on your relationship with your brother, or sister in waking life, the dream means that you need to invest more in your relationship. Resolve misunderstandings and strengthen ties. The dream about hugging your brother, or sister also shows a relationship of partnership, fidelity, and even mutual and deep affection between you. It depicts your bond with your brother or sister.

Hugging your grandmother, grandfather

The dream of hugging grandmother, and grandfather is a sign of wisdom. If you want to gain deep knowledge in life, try to be close to older people, they are true sages and experts in life. The dream meaning suggests that you should be guided by the wisdom of life when making choices or listening to the advice of older people.


Hugging a loved one

partner, partner, husband, wife
If during the dream you are the one who hugged, it means that there is a lack of balance in your relationship, you love this person more than this person loves you. If the situation was the opposite, the dream means that you are the one giving less of yourself than your partner.

Hugging a friend

This dream indicates that there may be disputes in the family or arguments between friends. A dream about hugging a friend shows the faithfulness and loyalty of your friend. If you are away from your friends, think about what led to this and try to renew the relationship. It takes good companions to be happy.

Hugging a stranger

If you are hugging a stranger, Dreambook warns of bad news. If it is a stranger who is hugging you, it may mean that you will flirt.

Hugging an enemy

This dream means that you need some time to calm down, to recuperate. Dreambook says that you need to stop and heal your own wounds. Remember that the past must not interfere with the present, let alone the future. Leave the past behind and look ahead.

The dream shows that it is time to make peace, to reconcile with someone with whom you have been at “war” for some time. It’s a sign that you are beginning to accept who you are and learn to forgive.

Hugging someone dead

A dream about hugging people who have died means a long life.

Another dream meaning warns of danger and, to be careful when making decisions.

Tender hugging

A dream about an affectionate hug is a sign that it is necessary to meet the person from the dream. The meaning of the dream suggests that this person needs you. If she is the one hugging you, maybe you are the one who needs her help.


If you are hugging a person you haven’t seen in a long time, find out how they are doing, maybe you need them.

Passionate hugging

The meaning of the dream can be translated as a symbol of your attitude toward your professional or personal life – depending on who you are hugging in the dream. Consider whether your ambitions go too far.

Hugging and crying

Tears in dreams symbolize good news. Thus, the dream means that something very good will come into your life.

Strong hugging (strong embrace).

The dream signifies a sense of possession and jealousy. Ask yourself, who hugged you? What is your relationship with this person like? It is worth thinking about how your relationship should be in the future.

Hugging goodbye (farewell embrace).

This dream means that there are new experiences in your life. You need to be ready and open to them. Dreambook points out that it is important to devote yourself to what is to come. Be on the lookout for details, and changes, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Hugging from behind

If someone hugs you while standing behind you a dream means that this person wants to dominate you. Thus, you need to be careful. Avoid any kind of relationship that may be abusive.

The dream also means that the person who is embracing you is trying not to show his true intentions in your presence.


Hugging I don’t want (forced).

The dream means that you are worried about problems that may arise.

Don’t create something in your head that isn’t there. You need to calm down and learn to distance yourself from certain events.

Hugging a dog, cat

A dream about hugging a dog, or cat means betrayal of a friend or partner. In addition, it shows that there is someone who wants to spoil something for you, to spite you, to harm you. You need to be careful.

Hugging a bear

This dream indicates that you tried to attract the attention of other people. This is not always wrong, but you need to understand what it really means for you. Dreambook advises: be close to the one you love and who gives you a sense of security.

This is a sign of a desire for protection. The dream shows that you need affection and attention. It may be that the person who reciprocated the hug is the one you were so looking for.

What does the dream about hugging mean?

Dream about hugging – summary

  • To be hugged by someone – do not be deceived by a friend
  • To see others hugging – you can be reassured about your loved ones
  • Hugging your father or mother – spend more time with your parents
  • Hugging a child – avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Hugging your brother, and sister – strengthen your bond with your brother
  • Hugging grandmother, and grandfather – listen to the advice of older people
  • Hugging a loved one (partner, partner, husband, wife) – there is a lack of balance in your relationship
  • Hugging a friend – there may be disputes in the family
  • Hugging a stranger – you may receive bad news
  • Hugging an enemy – put the past behind you
  • Hugging someone dead – be careful
  • Affectionate hugging – someone needs you
  • Passionate hugging – think about what you care about
  • Hugging and crying – expect asset changes
  • Strong hugging (strong embrace) – someone envies you
  • Hugging goodbye (farewell embrace) – new experiences are coming up
  • Hugging from behind – someone wants to dominate you
  • A hug I don’t want (forced) – don’t worry about the backup
  • Hugging a dog, or cat – someone wants to harm you
  • Hugging a bear – you need a sense of security

Dreambook mystical – hugging

In general, this symbol can signal that in waking life you are missing someone who could support you emotionally.

  • When you dream that you are hugging someone, it heralds happiness for you.
  • If you hug a loved one in your dream, it is a sign that true, great love awaits you.
  • When you dream that you are hugging a deceased person, it is a sign that in waking life you are still missing them very much.
  • When you dream that you are being hugged, it is a signal that in waking life you are very afraid of loneliness.

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