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dream houseAssociation: – the being, – the house. Question: – What believes or do I fear concerning myself?


The house whether a close or not symbolised mostly own, höchstpersönliche ‘flat’ of the dreamer, or his ego, his personality. Almost always a house refers in the dream to the soul, in the way how the dreaming ‘builds’ his life, and on his internal sensitivities. Besides, the different rooms and areas within a house stand for the personality shares and for the experiences of the dreaming. There is explanation about our internal and external constitution. Already with Artemidoros it shows in the figurative sense the human body. Besides, the kind of the house is informative. Is it a luxury mansion or a hut, a castle or a farmhouse? Depending on it signals to the man a need for professional rise or security, or security, because the house is a female symbol. As a woman one should think at the house as a vision first of himself. What house is it, a nice building or a ruin? Are you yourselves one or other maybe? Which pieces of furniture are in it and who inhabits it? You use the answers to the interpretation of the dream. The house can be interpreted as a whole or with the single parts appearing in the dream.



  • investigating the house can signal a beginning selfdiscovery by which the dreaming develops new sides in himself – particularly if the house was known, but had different rooms. The discovery of a new space in own house can mean the exposure of a new side of the personality or predict quick changes.
  • study: How it sees with your job discipline from

? Professional and other practical work in the dream also means: Respect work, mental processing from (own or foreign) to mental settings u.a.m.

  • The bathroom in the house reflects the setting of the dreaming to personal cleanness and his most intimate thoughts and employments. Who often dreams of bathrooms, with that an internal cleaning stands in a queue. This means that this person should take care of a clear life-style. In the bathroom the water plays an excellent role and with it the feeling area of the dreamers or female dreamers is also demanded. Feelings also mean: Mental needs, wishes and fears, internal desire and personal life’s dreams and religious decisions! Bathroom can also mean that one would like to whitewash himself morally, – behind it there stand often feelings of guilt.
  • The library symbolises the mind and the kind as of the dreaming information takes up and stores. Rooms with many books also register that you must learn something for you important. Try to ascertain which books stand there in the shelves. This refers to the area in which you have to learn something. Moreover, a more extensive library is a symbol for a whole view, for a personal education which succeeds it or which tries to make to itself own picture of the world, on the whole. Their world view and your world view are here a dream subject.
  • The office like every workroom in the house refers to the occupation or the employment of the dreamer. It is important to note how the mood is in the office and who is present. Also look what happens in this office and whether it is full or rather empty.
  • roof stands for the spiritual area, for intellect and mind which are maybe overemphasized.
  • attic brings the need for security to the prelight and stands for the experiences of the past and for old recollections. On him forgotten or edged out difficulties, experiences or feelings are often stowed away. He can also illustrate informal behaviour patterns and settings which were transmitted the dreaming. Ask yourselves, e.g., round what you lug in outdated draughts with yourselves.
  • The dining room is partial like to see the sitting room as a place of the relaxed communication, indeed, the food is in the foreground here, and with it the pleasure and the process of the internalization are also demanded. On what you live

? What do you swallow? What verleiben you to itself one? And in which mood under which circumstances this happens?

  • The facade of a house is called at the psychic level the side turned the society of the person, it is the external light, the personality.
  • foundations stand for the bases of the life, – this can refer to material security as well as to settings, expectations and aims.
  • symbolise The floorboard or the hall of the house as the dreaming meets other people and how he refers to them. The hall connects different rooms and verbildlicht the connection of different qualities of the dreamer. He often marks a crossing of a (consciousness) state to another.
  • The garage is the place of the carriage and the tools. Here one fixes something and here rests the movement. What you do there in the dream


  • of The cellars in his darkness, or the basement of a house shows as a rule the subconscious and all those experiences which the dreaming because he could handle not appropriately with them has edged out. Moreover, these rooms are associated with the life energy of the dreaming and with the sexuality. He verbildlicht the mental depth and also often symbolises the mental basic convictions or basic circumstances. Also: Cellar child – concealed qualities and unbeloved talents which want to the light.
  • The kitchen as a place Nahrungszu-and processing is to be seen as the motherly-female and the place of the processing by information. The kitchen is the place of the change. The raw becomes the cooked and eatable, there originates culture. If one is changed himself and becomes more differentiated, the kitchen than dream symbol often appears, especially with clients in a psychotherapy. With people with eating problems the kitchen refers to these problems. Look as you would characterise the kitchen and which food is to be found there. Kitchen can also embody the material basic needs or show the wish for more change. For the data processing of the soul of experiences also serve living rooms and workrooms.
  • bedroom often symbolises the position to the sexuality, partially, however, also lacking interest in certain things after which one would have to look more.
  • The bedroom is looked as a picture of the sexual life. It represents the place of the security at which the dreaming may relax and be so sensuous as he wants. It verbildlicht not only the sexuality, but also the death and the birth of the dreamer. It is the most intimate interior. The bedroom sometimes refers to an unaware lifestyle, especially when one sees the bedroom in the dream as the only space or if the dreamer notes there a sleeping.
  • The toilet is a place at which emptying or removal takes place. Of the toilet it is often dreamt if the dreamer escapes from old recollections, charges of the past and feelings of guilt. Dreams of the toilet also often hang together with the digestion (in every regard).
  • tower room: In the tower one is carried away to the world, so we also speak of the ivory tower of the intellectuals. Spiritual problems, growth duties.
  • porch can mean very much different. On the one hand it stands for relaxation, on the other side it indicates a feeling impossibly to be. One remains ‘outside before’ and the contact with the inside breaks off. On the other side one can look from the porch at the world and therefore is indicated in this dream symbol also the overview or the personal distance to some processes.
  • The sitting room stands for relaxation, indeed, in contrast to the bedroom for a social, relaxation public so to speak. It is here about communication in the circle of friends or about the meeting of the family. If one goes of a room to an another, one change indicates. On this occasion, is to be followed from which room one goes out and where one proceeds.

house equipment:

  • bath: The bath refers to an upcoming cleaning and relaxation. With this cleaning you must proceed in your feeling.
  • figures / wallpaper: The motive, the forms and colours are important etc. and should be interpreted symbolically.
  • book: Something important must be learnt. How there is the title of the book who is the author

? The life holds ready an important communication or knowledge for you.

    the upper floors (‘upper small room) translate the head of the dreamer in his functions according to mind

  • The roof the roof framework, also. This is to be explained with the fact that one has of these rooms from the farthest look and most rest. With this symbol it is also expelled sometimes to higher consciousness steps.
  • The facade means the ‘Persona’, the social role or social mask which we represent compared with the outside world. What is behind the facade


  • window refer primarily to our body openings and especially to our eyes and with it to the mental connection of own and stranger. The window refers further to the light of our consciousness and to our perception. If one can look out from the window or is it by curtains or curtains Li> covers (consciousness veil) ?
    • with the floor our basis and principles are always demanded. It is here about the ground, that is around the organisation of the everyday life and the actual realisation of ideas and intentions.
    • chimney: The open chimney: With the fire of the chimney cosiness and warmth are demanded. A cold chimney points to coldness and estrangement.
    • The pieces of furniture in the dream house can reflect the contact with topical questions.
    • openings are mostly awarded the sexual area.
    • the chimney shows

    • as a medium for the crossing to a state in another or than canal of the heat in the dream how the dreaming handles with his feelings and with his internal warmth. The chimney refers on the one hand also to the soiling of the air, and with it to a Trübung of the intellectual overview and the spiritual horizon. However, on the other side he also derives toxic gases from the house and contributes substantially to a prosperous and continuous preservation of the fire. Which of this contradicting meaning is demanded in the concrete case, is clear to the dreamers or female dreamers mostly spontaneously. In rare cases the connection with the chimney sweep who is valid as a known luck symbol is also to be followed here.
    • The floors are accordingly single body regions or mental areas to which the unconscious would like to point. One can see the different floors also as the different consciousness layers: One can cover the floors also to the physical body of the dreamer.
    • The stairs in the house refer to the connection between the different floors and halls. The rise and descent is mostly to be covered to the consciousness of the dreamers or female dreamers. Nevertheless, after Freud they point because of the rhythm by the climbing the stairs to the rising and descending curve of excitement of the orgasm.
    • doors expel like the windows to our body openings, offer, however, also often views of new possibilities and perspectives. Closed or close doors often show a warning, in some cases they may also refer to curiosity.
    • One should remember whether the curtains openly or had moved there. This can indicate the readiness to position itself to problems.

    house states:

    The dream describes the state of the single regions and what would have to be renovated in them.

      dreams of houses can show

    • generally that one awaits the future with a feeling of the security.
    • of houses are often mirrors and the emotional as well as spiritual state. Many analysts think that the parts of a house show the different steps of the life. The most modern segments show the deliberate awake being, while the older parts symbolise the deeper layers of the subconsciousness. How one felt in the house

    ? Did one feel sure and is relaxing or was afraid one?

    • The location of the house is often associated directly with the present mental constitution of the dreaming. If the dream house is in a quiet, remote scenery, the rest and balance can indicate in the life. Against it a house which lies with a hectic, loud street can reflect the perception of the rhythm of the everyday life.
    • an old, ramshackle house wants to remind us of the fact that we should carry out necessary construction works or corrections to ourselves. It indicates at disregard of the personality of the dreamer. Look after themselves. What must be strengthened renews and/or

    ? Now and then a longing and/or defence expresses itself in this vision towards the ‘easy life’.

    • house break off indicates at a forthcoming change of the life which can also consist in the fact that one gets out of the way a problem.
    • If the house is destroyed, can signal this the need to break off something in which one has already invested a lot of time.
    • house build or own a favorable other professional situation with success and financial profits registers.
    • a new house in the dream is often interpreted as a symbol of the social life. If the house was furnished, this one time with many social activities can predict. An unfurnished house can indicate the wish to extend the circle of friends or to undertake more.
    • a house of the childhood can express the longing to return to the lighter years of the youth.
    • The house in which we work gives instructions to our professional life and what would have to be changed therefore.
    • The luxury mansion often circumscribes that we would like to seem outwardly more than we are in reality.
    • a big house with many rooms points to the growth of the consciousness and to a differentiation of the personality. Such a house often appears in the dream if the dreamers or female dreamers develop automatically only one side of her personality or live.
    • a dream bungalow can be a warning that one lives his life presently only at a level – either purely practically or emotionally.
    • a multistoried residential block can indicate that it happens in own life too much and which one must concentrate more on some important areas.
    • feelings of a laborious fight can indicate

    • of dreams of high houses.
    • burning house: A domestic fuel indicates a conversion, but also aggressions which (can not be realised. It can also concern a reference to very destructive qualities. A new beginning is necessary. Huge energy wants to be lived and be answered.


    At the spiritual level the house in the dream is a symbol for security and symbolises, hence, protection and the big mother. Like the town and the temple the house symbolises the centre of the world and the effigy of the universe.


    Everything what surrounds us personally has the same meaning, e.g., a garment, a house, a wall, a ship and similar more. It dreamt, e.g., somebody, he has dressed in a garment of wood. He was on a sea voyage and made progress by the ship only slowly, – then the garment of wood was synonymous by the ship. To another dreamt, his garment has torn in two in the middle. His house collapsed, – then that what surrounded to him, offered no firmness. A third one dreamt, he would have to deplore the loss of his brick roof. He lost his clothes, – then he did not have any more what could protect him. Again another dreamt, the house wall would have cracked. This was it a shipowner, and the Kiel beams of his ship broke with the landing. All these things refer to the body




    • Dreaming of the emperors, he allows to build houses in his country, he will settle it with people in whom he will take his pleasure according to the beauty of the houses, – a my husband will experience how his clan and his possession grow and prosper.
    • Building one a house of brick stones with cement, the dream will come true also in him, only that it proceeds, besides, not without power and compulsion because the bricks must be burnt in the fire – the building is partly from air bricks, partly of wood, become the wealth more considerable, the people more respectable his because of the wood, this is present.
    • in general: a house symbolises a plan that can be realised only with patience, –
    • see the empty: points to missed opportunities, –
    • build: happy shops in view have, – one owns enough energy around something special to perform, – one has his destiny even in the hand, – also: you found a household, – Be well-to-do, –
    • with others assemble: one can count on good friends who stand to one in some situation helpfully aside, –
    • shop: in good relations reach, –
    • see burning themselves down brightly without smoke: Luck in the love have, – big advantage in view, –
    • burn themselves down with smoke: Love and frustration at the same time suffer, –
    • see burning, only smoke: one veils something before you, –
    • old houses see: Fear of the age, –
    • see collapsing: Entry of the sad relations which cannot be changed, however – hopes will collapse in themselves and plans will resolve in air, – disloyal love, –
    • see the very old, ramshackle: one will will try to humiliate you, –
    • tear off themselves one with Elan: one has enough forces to overcome obstacles, –
    • break off with doubt: a long friendship comes to an end, –
    • see tearing: your enterprises will become from multiple obstacles crosses, –
    • enter: it expects you a news, –
    • clean: one says you untruthfulness, is on the alert, –
    • see living himself in a ramshackle one: one should spare his nerves more and keep away from all what damages the health, –
    • be leave own and look back: one will smash in future in professional or private regard new ways.


    • Not the house, but the state in which it is is important. His appearance and his inside stand for the present physical and mental situation of the dreaming. Otherwise it requires for an interpretation also of the remaining visions. Nevertheless, the sign offers occasion to check his mental and physical state.

    (European ones).:

    • symbol for the body of the person and his internal or external state, – roof

    = head, – doors = genitals, – window = Nebenorgane of sexual kind, – facade = the external appearance, – the upper floor = the forehead and the brain, – the middle floor the chest area, – with women the balcony = breast and breasts, – the raised ground floors = intestine, – to level earth and in the cellar rooms = legs and feet, – foundation = spiritual and material basis of the life, –

    • for men, one see (luxury mansion, farmhouse): Need for ambition, professional rise, – security, –
    • for women, state of the house: if the dreamer points in the current situation, –
    • on occasion old houses see: one is afraid of growing old, –
    • build: Success in the acquisition life and dear life, loyal employees, – favorable relations, –
    • with other together one build: good friends will reach to one in some situation helpfully under the arms, –
    • with many floors: if Li> means a very big profit,
    • see an empty one: one has missed some opportunities in the life, –
    • own: if Li> brings carefree days,
    • own an elegant one: soon cover a nicer home, –
    • cover: losses approach, –
    • see cleaning: complicated relations will clear, –
    • shop: Prosperity, –
    • mend: you will receive visit, –
    • a burning one: indicates big profit, – unexpected luck, –
    • see the very ramshackle: watch out, your carelessness overthrows you in the misfortune, –
    • live in a ramshackle one: now one should pay attention very much to his health, –
    • from one depart: Profit and luck, –
    • be own desolately: if Li> opens new ways for the future,
    • leave a foreign one: Profit, advantage, –
    • burning houses: Signs of an improved talent, –
    • tear: Quarrel with neighbours, – one is strong enough to overcome upcoming obstacles, –
    • see breaking off: an obstacle will be removed aside, –
    • see collapsing: one will be informed of an unexpected death, – for the single: Loss of the lover, – also: Aims and hopes cannot be realised successfully, – losses threatened.


      it promises

    • Building of a ground on the basis of houses, increase in having and property and a good house position, – to one which owns no country, or a hermit it prophesies a high degree of mental forces. Accordingly new buildings mean increase in having and property, builds only for himself alone, he will be own having and property increase, he does it also to use more different, he will promote many others with his rich means.
    • Dreaming one, his house has become bigger, more firm and brighter, it indicates joy and earthly wealth, – to a hermit it prophesies the fullness of contemplative life. Accordingly damages to the house for each of them mean evil.
    • Dreaming somebody, it unknown doors and gates suddenly opened in his house, he will part from the world and drive his soul from the body, in natural or unnatural manner.
    • it means

    • of open to itself the doors and gates after the inside of the house, the setting of his gender, – if outwardly, own death or that of the house comrades not related by blood.
    • break off: you will have to change, –
    • build: you will have loyal domestics, –
    • see collapsing: Illness, –
    • see burning: an unexpected death in the circle of your friends, – misfortune in shops.
    • Having one waters in his house poured, he will have according to his amount of grief, get, however, not in rage.
    • Dreaming one, he sprinkles water in his house, he will have so many worries and need as he sprinkled water. If he has only sprayed, however, the house to extinguish the dust, he will remedy the evil a little.
    • Dreaming a powerful figure, he cleans with broom his house which is a full dirt, and throws the rubbish on a known place, he will fix his property and deposit somewhere else, an easy man will get rid of need and of worries which depress him.
    • Cleaning somebody his house of webs, he will be cleaned by his mistakes and defects, – however, he dreams, it would have got stuck to webs in his clothes or in his face, he will come to bad distress according to the network which the spiders weaved.
    • Whitewashing one his house and the whitewash is white and humid, he will take pleasure and drudgery at the same time, ersteres because of the white colour, latter because of the humidity, – the painting is black, he will come to bad distress and grief.

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