A dream about hair symbolises attachment, spontaneity, creativity and the need for change. It suggests that you need renewal and care for your self-image.

Dream meaning about hair

The meaning of a dream about hair is closely related to self-image, but also to attachment, which represents the difficulty of giving up certain behaviours that we have become accustomed to, as well as rebellion.


What does the dream about hair mean?

Long hair

The dream explains that you are a concentrated, attentive person and foretells financial success. If you dream that you have long hair, you are likely to make a profit soon, thanks to thoughtful and appropriate decisions.

The dream may also indicate that you should value a characteristic of yours. Another possible interpretation is that you overestimate something.

Dreaming of long hair can also mean that you are having difficulty closing the circle, that you are clinging to the past, and that this is preventing you from embracing new experiences.

Short hair

Dreaming of short hair can mean that you work a lot and receive little. But don’t lose faith in the meaning of your work. Times are difficult, but good things will come soon.

A dream of very short hair can mean business losses.

Curly hair (curls)

A dream about curly hair can mean a radical change in your life. The change is related to what you are experiencing at the moment, your social circle.


It can also be associated with happiness in your relationship. Your emotional life will be radically changed, bringing an improvement in your relationship.

Dishevelled hair

Dreaming that your hair is dishevelled can mean insecurity, nervousness and frustration, a lack of control over your emotions. The dreamer realises that the opinions of others have a strong influence on your thinking and that you are self-critical. If, on the other hand, you dream that you are combing your dishevelled hair, it means that someone is coming to you for advice or comfort.

Another interpretation is that you want to express yourself with more creativity and originality, breaking with certain patterns and conventions.

Combed hair

The dream suggests that you need to be more rule-orientated, to stick to rules, to control certain impulses and emotions.

Another interpretation is that you are a man who keeps to social rules.


Braids in a dream indicate the arrival of new friendships or good business opportunities.

Seeing braided hair or having your hair braided can also mean the renewal of friendships.

Being bald

If you dream that you are bald, the dream may indicate a time of great personal sacrifice or the entry into a new existential phase. You need to break with your habits, routine or past.


Dirty hair

The dream can be a symbol of neglecting yourself. You may have complexes that strongly influence your daily decisions. You should take care of your health, work on improving your well-being.

Washing your hair

Dreaming that you are washing your hair can be interpreted as a good time for love. If you are not in a relationship at the moment, you may soon find a new love. The dream speaks of new beginnings, so be careful not to miss anything.

To comb yourself

If you see someone or yourself combing your hair in a dream, it could symbolise a moment of greater tenderness, love, seduction and attachment to someone, or greater indulgence for yourself. It can also mean a speedy resolution of outstanding problems. However, if you were the one combing someone else’s hair, a friend will ask you for help.

Someone else’s hair, e.g. on your clothes

Dreaming of someone else’s hair, for example on your clothes, can indicate that your friendship is going through a turbulent period. However, the dreamer reassures you that you needn’t worry, that this is a temporary situation and won’t affect your relationship.

Getting a haircut (Haircut)

This dream represents a moment of transition, a change of phase or a search for new experiences. Something in your life has ended and a new phase is beginning.

The meaning of the dream is to let go of certain aspects and behaviours with which you have identified and to develop other qualities.

The dream can also be associated with rebellion, creativity, spontaneity and freedom.

Cutting your own hair in a dream may indicate a desire for change. If you are cutting someone else’s hair, the dream can be a sign of resolving difficult problems. It is also a harbinger of beneficial change.


If someone cuts your hair against your will, it means that you feel betrayed. There is a need in your life to change, to let go, to leave the past behind, but if you are struggling to keep your hair from being cut in your dream, try to reflect on the extent to which your attachment to old habits is preventing you from adapting to change and thus starting a new cycle that is emerging.

Doing (changing) your hair

A dream can mean that your self-esteem is low and your mental state is shaken, as if someone is belittling your sense of power or judging your actions unfairly. It can also mean a turning point in your life, a new beginning. You will be able to let go of all negativity and emotions.

Dying your hair (changing the colour of your hair)

If you dream that you are dying your hair, it means that there has been some change in your waking life – not necessarily a good one. It is better to be cautious in your actions and decisions.

Changing your hair colour is also a sign that you will experience new and pleasant adventures.

See also: Dream Meaning of Hair Colouring.

Pulling your hair

Pulling someone’s hair in a dream is a signal to be vigilant, the dreamer advises: stay away from untrustworthy people. The dream foretells problems. You are about to find out who your true friend is.

Pulling out your hair

The dream means that you need to express yourself better. People simply don’t understand you. Not only words but also gestures say a lot about each of us.

Another meaning of the dream is a lot of luck in love.


Hair falling out

A dream about hair falling out can mean health problems. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Another dream meaning explains the dream vision as a sign of loss of confidence, especially self-esteem. But don’t let yourself be criticised unjustly. Trust yourself and do not listen to the negative opinions of others.

If you see your hair falling out in clumps in your dream, it means that you are overly worried about something, while baldness can indicate a release from old problems.

If someone close to you is losing their hair, it could mean that someone is bringing you good news.

See separate article on hair loss.

Hiding hair, e.g. under a hat

If the dreamer hides his hair, he is probably uncomfortable with himself, his appearance, or does not want to reveal that he is in love. The dream is a symbol of fear of seduction or of being rejected by someone.

Showing one’s hair (boasting about one’s hair)

A dream in which the dreamer proudly shows off his or her hair can symbolise vanity or the desire to enhance one’s image, to show the power of seduction. The dreamer is advised to tone down his admiration of himself and pay more attention to other people.



Seeing dandruffed hair in a dream can be interpreted as a sign of low self-esteem. You need to like yourself more.

Lice in your hair

The dream is a sign of disappointment, but it bodes well for your health. The dreamer advises you to follow your own path and seek inner peace.

Wig (artificial hair)

Wearing a wig is a warning against unexpected expenses. The meaning of the dream also suggests that you have complexes and unfulfilled ambitions. It can also mean a desire to gain power or control over someone.

Hair on the face

A dream in which a woman sees facial hair can be an expression of her complexes. In a man’s dream such a vision symbolises maturity, growing up.

Nose hair

The meaning of the dream signals your dissatisfaction with yourself. Look at yourself more favourably, stop criticising yourself. The dream can also mean that you will make a good business deal.

Armpit hair

The dream symbolises something you are hiding from others, although it is likely that your secret will be discovered by others anyway. You may need to speak openly to someone.

Hair on the back

The dreamer is warning you that someone may be groping you. Be careful what you say and do not talk too much.

Hair on your legs

The dream symbolises your efforts to meet your basic needs. Another meaning of the dream is to give in to your instincts and sexual needs.


If a woman dreams of hair on her legs, she is likely to be a good lover and feel comfortable in that role.

The dream can also signify a desire to fulfil erotic fantasies. If a man has such a dream, it symbolises his desire to be dominant.

Pubic hair

This dream can foretell sexual relations, especially if you shave your pubic hair in the dream. Another meaning of this dream is shame, a desire to hide something. The dream can also represent your worries about your sex life.

Hair on the body

Seeing or finding hair on your body where it shouldn’t be is a prediction of financial help. This could be from an individual or an institution.

Hair in food

Hair in food in a dream is a sign that you will not get what you want and that you will be forced to do things you do not want to do. Be strong and don’t let this situation continue.

The dream meaning also warns against gossip.

Hair in the mouth

The dream means that you lack confidence in expressing your thoughts. Be more confident in your ideas and communicate them to others. Believe in your goals and pursue them.

Hair Colours

Blond hair

A dream about blonde hair can mean that radical changes are taking place in your life. It can also foretell news that will cause heartache and disappointment. This could be caused by your partner or friend. Think about who you trust.


Other dream meanings include the arrival of happiness, joy, positive events and even a carefree life.

Red hair

The dream indicates that you are dreaming of romance. If you are in a relationship, you want to rekindle it. However, the dreamer advises you to control your emotions.

Another meaning of the dream is your creativity, which can bring profits.

Brown hair

The dream predicts a peaceful and happy life. Bet on family life. The dreamer points out that there may be stagnation at work, which will slow down your career, but don’t worry about it. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Black hair

A dream of black hair can mean prosperity in business and personal investments, happiness in love.

If a man dreams of black hair, it means he is very good in bed. A woman dreaming of black hair means that she will have good lovers.

The dream meaning is also warned of enemies.

White (grey) hair

Grey hair is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and a sign of self-improvement. The dream means that you are balanced, have your own opinions and will live a long life with many positive experiences. You are likely to have a satisfying love life.


Dyed hair (unusual hair colours)

Unusual coloured hair in your dream is a sign that your sense of humour will help you out of an unpleasant situation. The dream can also be a sign of many talents that you should develop or reveal to the world.

Dream Meaning: Hair

Long hair – financial success is coming
Short hair – you work hard and receive little
Curly hair – a radical change is imminent
Dishevelled hair – the opinions of others have a strong influence on your thinking
Combed hair – control your impulses and emotions
Braids – good business opportunities will arise
Baldness – breaking with habits or the past
Dirty hair – take care of yourself
Washing your hair – a good time for love is coming
Combing your hair – you will quickly solve overdue problems
Someone’s hair, e.g. on your clothes – your friendship will go through a turbulent period
Getting a haircut – a new phase in your life will begin
Doing (changing) your hairstyle – your self-esteem is low
Dying your hair – you will experience fantastic adventures,
Pulling out your hair – you need to express yourself better, you find out who your true friend is
Losing your hair – trust yourself
Hiding your hair, e.g. under a hat – you don’t feel good about yourself
Showing your hair (bragging about your hair) – paying more attention to other people
Dandruff – you need to like yourself more
Lice in your hair – seeking inner peace
Wig (artificial hair) – you have complexes and unfulfilled ambitions
Facial hair – you have complexes
Nose hair – stop criticising yourself
Armpit hair – something you are hiding from others
Back hair – someone may be talking down to you
Hair on your legs – you are giving in to your instincts
Pubic hair – you are worried about your sex life
Body hair – someone will support you financially
Hair in your food – you are not getting what you want
Hair in your mouth – you lack confidence
Blonde hair – radical changes are taking place in your life
Red hair – you dream of romance
Brown hair – betting on family life
Black hair – you will be lucky in love
White (grey) hair – you will have a long life
Coloured hair (unusual hair colours) – reveal your talents to the world

Mystic dreamer – hair

If you dream that you are dying your hair, it is a signal from your subconscious that when you wake up you are working hard on something that has no chance of success and you are wasting your time.

Dream Meaning of Hair

If you are washing your hair, it means that you are experiencing some kind of anxiety in real life.

If you dream that you’re cutting someone’s hair, it foretells that you will make some gains, but at the expense of other people.

For you, cutting someone’s hair is a sign of putting the past behind you.

If you dream of braiding your hair, it means that you want to rebuild some broken relations or a relationship.

To dream of your hair being cut is a sign of worry.


Combing your hair is a sign that you are about to go on some kind of journey.

Hair falling out in your dream announces someone’s funeral.

Beautifully combed hair foretells a wonderful true friendship for you.

Uncombed and dishevelled hair in your dream foretells an argument that will soon take place in your family.

If you see glowing hair in your dream, it is a sign that you are in danger of losing all your possessions.

If you dream that you have black hair, it is a harbinger of good health for you.

Red hair foretells that you will enjoy widespread affection.

Grey hair foretells worry for you.


If you dream of having black, short and curly hair, it is a sign of hard times ahead.

If you see hair growing on your hands in a dream, it is a harbinger of unhappiness for you.

If you have hair in your mouth, it foretells that you are about to experience something terrible.

If you see a man with no hair in your dream, it is a sign of wealth and respect from those around you.

A woman with no hair in your dream is a sign that you will be treated with contempt by those around you.

A woman with male hair is a sign that you will have difficulty accepting your gender role.

A hair in the soup is a signal from your subconscious not to be petty and not to get involved in arguments because nothing good will come of it.

Curly hair means good luck in love.


If a man with woman’s hair appears in your dream, it is a sign that someone will deceive you in matters of affection or that you will commit such a deception.

If you dream of finding a hair in your soup, it foretells arguments and misunderstandings.

Long white hair means good luck.

Hair on the chest means that good fortune is soon to come.

Hair on your stomach is a sign that you will enjoy good health in the near future.

Smoked hair is a signal from your subconscious that you need to be more careful in all areas of your life in the near future.

Hair belonging to a deceased person means that you will be held in high esteem when you wake up.

If you dream that you have lost your hair, it is a sign that for a long time to come you will be marked by a mood typical of a young person.


Blonde or yellowish hair foretells joy and happiness for you.

A headband or comb foretells job satisfaction and happiness for you.

Hair pomade appearing in your dream is a sign that you will enjoy great authority.

Long and beautiful hair foretells a prosperous life and general well-being for you.

Neglected long hair is a harbinger of sadness and unhappiness, or perhaps bereavement, which you can expect in the near future.

Horsehair appearing in your dream foretells poverty for you.

dream hairAssociation: – Protection, – attraction, – sensuousness. Question: – What do I hide? What do I carry to the show?



The dreams in which hair plays a big role are comments to our physical and psychic condition and symbolise masculinity and vitality. The hair has always had with all people a great importance. Because the hair also still grows after the death, one saw it as a symbol for vitality and also sexual power. Hair stands for the original forces. They have after Freud as a secondary gender sign phallische meaning. Who dreams of hair, not only his propelling side, but also his spiritual setting to the things should fix, because the hair often describes our soul state, – hence, one pays attention to whether it concerns in the dream full or thin, cultivated or weird hair. Also the colour of hair can state something in this connection. Men especially recently often dream of hair. If the acute fear of baldness does not form the basis of such a dream, the dream of hair has deeper and deeper meaning. In addition, still many special interpretations are possible according to accompanying circumstances, above all:

  • of healthy, cultivated hair – particularly if it has a strong shine – indicates youth, vitality and a positive self-image.
  • Being own hair in the dream cultivated, so the internal Itself develops similarly well. If one has neglected, however, the dream hair, one fails maybe, besides to satisfy the internal needs.
  • hair which is in a bad state can also stand for low self-esteem
  • long hair embodies with Mrs. Weiblichkeit, above all it stands for the attraction on a partner. With men it stands for power, freedom, strength and independence It can also stand for sensuousness, but also for Überbetonung of the intellect.
  • The stronger a person seeming in the dream is grown hairs, is emphasised the stronger the Tierhaftigkeit and the desire of this person.
  • short hair can point to edged out sexual needs.
  • hair on breast and belly can be interpreted sexually or as a general luck.
  • woman with male hairs often points to a maskulin stamped feeling world because maybe the gender role is not accepted.
  • man with women’s hair warns about infidelity in a love relationship.
  • colour of the hair has different meaning: For example, nice red for temperament and popularity, but repellent red hair looks because of his association to the witch dangerous. Black stands for health and passion, grey for worries and grief, white for wisdom, goodness and luck. Blond hair is seen as a token for unstableness,
  • hair colour warns about deceptions and wrong expectations.
  • The combing of own hair can refer to a personal problem solution.
  • then

  • Having one in the dream own thick, shining hair brushed, confirms the subconsciousness with the fact that one succeeds in the life and looks good.
  • The combing of the hair of someone else can register that one will soon solve difficult problems.
  • Carefully combed and doctored hair too strong sexual self-restraint points to vanity or.
  • Losing the dreaming his hair or the dream of a hair operation acts, this often has a negative meaning and is valid as a warning before a loss in the awake life or as the fear of it.
  • Even hair cuts castration fear sometimes expresses with men, – in general it points to grief, worries and loss.
  • one has

  • Having one of it dreamt that to one the hair was cut fear of subjugation.
  • Cutting one other the hair, can be this one warning of those which seem hostile.
  • cut-off hair interpreted the Indian dream writing ‘Jagaddeva’ as a need and misery in which the dreamer will fall.
  • abusive hair can announce power problems or the death of a being close person.
  • one has

  • Dreaming one of the complete loss of his hair, fear of the loss of his power.
  • The dream of an unknown woman with nice hair is often associated with friendship and luck.
  • dreams of perfumed hair can be connected with arrogance or vanity. If one has put perfume on himself the hair or has done it another for one


  • The washing of the hair indicates the ability to avoid menacing danger.
  • then one seems to have

  • Having one in the dream a wig tried on, in the awake life a little bit pretentious kind, also if one allowed to transplant hair in the dream. On the other hand, both could mean that one would like to win back his youthfulness.
  • Who would like to keep absolutely right, also pursues in his dream ‘hairsplitting’.
  • Who fears not to have grown to a problem, sees and speaks also in the dream of a ‘hairy thing’.
  • ‘hair on the teeth’ has

  • cantankerous people.
  • hair in the soup should warn about quarrel and tiff or meanness.

Other interpretations can arise, for example, still from the symbols hairstyle or bald head.



Long, nice hair carry and with it shine is luck-bringing particularly for a woman. Since women are in habit to carry for the beauty because of sometimes also wrong hair. From good premeaning it is more distant for a philosopher, a priest, a seer, a ruler, a high official and for theatrical people. Since one carry after custom and custom flowing hair, with the other it brings her occupation with itself. Luck brings it also to other people, only in lower measure. Since actually it means wealth, but no pleasant, but an unwieldy one because the care of long hair costs a lot of trouble. Long, but neglected hair, the impression of a clean hairstyle, but an unkempt mop of hair does not make, announces all grief and grief. Since ‘the hair maintain’ however, is called komein, that that one grows in bereavements chaotically, is called thrix (mop of hair). If one dreams of having pork bristles, the serious dangers lead up, namely she, to the animal, I means to the pig, threaten. Have meant horse hair it lays free-born slavery and a miserable life, – slaves in chains, – then to most the horse mane is tied together (in the Greek one here lies a unison from: desma = chains and desmeuetai = is tied together, before). Want instead of hair on the head to have protracted illnesses and consumption announce because it often carries something woollen on the head for that, finally, in such a way it seems as if the same has grown to him. If the hair changes into another material, one has to proceed with the interpretation after the principle of the resemblance. In the wrists grown hair indicate binding, in the internal palms they mean each, particularly farmers and craftsmen, unemployment and idleness, – do not overwork themselves then the hands with the work further and do not harden her surface, a hair forms quite of course. The plaits are only women and those men of use who are in habit to do it as for the rest, prison indicates involvements in her financial obligations, high Darlehnsschulden all other people, sometimes also.


A man searched me, Achmet, Sirins for son and interpreter of dreams of the caliph Mamun, on and put the following question: ‘To Me dreamt, the hair of my thighs would have become thicker and longer and I would cut off them with the scissors.’ I answered to him: ‘You have become richer in money and property, – to such an extent however, as you have cut off your hair, you will run down both.’ And really the thing went out thus. One of the Höflingen of the caliph Mamun dreamt, he puts some ointment on himself from the top to the bottom and, besides all body hair fell out to him, only his pubic hair would grow even more excessively. He sent one of his people who should spend the dream as his own and report to the interpreter of dreams. This said to him: ‘This face a powerful figure has looked, but not you. That will come to a dangerous situation, and from his treasures nothing will be left to him as his women. ‘ And after few days it came in such a way as the interpreter of dreams had said.


The hair is the natural jewellery of the man and the veils of the woman.



  • Dreaming one of the princes of the Pharaoh, he has nice long hair, he will win high respect and esteem, – an easy man will serve a mighty prince.
  • he will overcome

  • Looking this the Pharaoh, with strong arm his enemies.
  • Seeming it him, he has more full hair locks, he will force even more people under his feet.
  • becoming grey

  • Being his locks, his treasuries will empty more and more if, however, more darkly and more hard, fill to obenhin.
  • Dreaming to the Pharaoh, his hair has thinned out with the combing, his people will grow tired and he himself in distress get. If he cuts himself the hair, his army will perceptibly come down according to the hair abscission. If a my husband the said looks, he will come to the begging stick, – it dreams a woman, will succumb to her husband of a heavy illness or die during the war.
  • Being to one on nose, cheeks or forehead of hair sprouting, the dreamer will be punished by his superior. If he pulls out the hair laboriously, he will do everything to get rid of the hardship.
  • Coating he the hair with ointment and they fall out, he will be released from his hardship, however, with sensitive loss.
  • Looking a ruler that his upper lip hair sprouts incredibly will increase the number of his service and courtiers accordingly, – a low man will come to rich possession.
  • Dreaming somebody, his shoulder hair have grown up to the loins, he will attain from uncle or aunt, from brother or sister wealth and give him to his wife.
  • Seeming it one, he sweats in the armpits, he will be a burden to himself.
  • Dreaming somebody, his pubic hair have become thicker and more being full, the number of his enemies and opponents, the amount of the pubic hair will increase comparably, – however, these are total, the dreamer about the case of his enemies will rejoice.
  • The body hair are for each a protective weir, also for the unreasonable animals.
  • Dreaming somebody, his body hair have become much too scanty or have fallen out, he will find out in occupation and activity a setback, – however, the hair has become thicker and stronger, he will earn according to a lot of money and unfold an indefatigable bustle.
  • Dreaming a woman, one cuts off to her the hair, will die her husband or turn away completely from her, – it seems to them, it is clipped only partly, there will be between both quarrels around the divorce.
  • Packing a friend them behind with the hair and cuts off them, will advise this her man secretly how he can be separated from her.
  • Packing he them, however, in front with the hair and cuts off them, he will pursue the separation quite obviously because the hair was cut from the front.
  • he will couple

  • Worrying personally his wife, them, irritate deliberately to the adultery and be parted from her. If he worries a foreign women’s room, he will be lascivious after her and pursue her divorce.
  • Being a woman seriously ill and dreams them, it is clipped, she will die, – her husband is ill and she looks the face, her husband will die, – then the hair abscission means separation.
  • fine ones: you have good and high connections, –
  • coarse ones: you are strong and your opponents can do to you nothing, –
  • briefly: you must quickly act, before it is too late, –
  • have long: one will give high esteem to you, – one waits for you and your arrival, – also: points to a much too strong dear connection, –
  • see long: you are respected and loved, –
  • well combed ones see: Friendship, –
  • others comb out: you add other without will insults, –
  • comb: in business respect achieve good success, –
  • brush: watch out for eulogies, –
  • comb passionately: one will easily overcome Widerwärtigkeiten, –
  • well combed ones see: one can trust good friends absolutely, –
  • disorderly ones see: one will have to count on quarrel which can have disagreeable results, –
  • confused have: Quarrel get, – family tiff, – forecasts an honourary insult, –
  • take a short-cut: you will be released from your grief, –
  • allow to cut: Death in the family, – painful loss or similar damage, –
  • see falling out: Property loss, –
  • lose: bad times before themselves have, –
  • burn (crimp): a party in view, –
  • white ones: Peace of mind, – wisdom and goodness, – patience and cleverness, – also: one can expect from a person with these qualities help, –
  • blond ones: Gentleness and goodness, – vitality and youthfulness, –
  • dreads: you will have a lot of worries and grief, –
  • clarifies black ones see: you are hotly loved, –
  • clarifies black ones have: be healthy, –
  • red ones have: treacherous people will pursue you, – forthcoming nuisances, –
  • red ones see: Falseness and jealousy, –
  • brown ones have: your right creative character will be to you of a lot of use, –
  • twist: you go towards to big changes in the next future, –
  • wrong on the head have: for men it means honouring, – for Mrs. Kummer and worry, –
  • colour: your vanity will make you ridiculous, –
  • can be coloured: one will lose a friend, –
  • dirtily: you have no energy and thereby losses, –
  • wash: Restlessness, – also: after a worried time comes the luck, –
  • see growing: Luck in the business, –
  • sell: Misfortune, –
  • carry openly: a wedding, –
  • knotted: long married state, –
  • in locks: Parties celebrate, –
  • have hair snatch: Grief and worries, –
  • in the breast: Health, –
  • twist: you will cause a connection, –
  • on the hand see: think of your future, –
  • burn: you will escape a disagreeable thing, – also: you want to act of some wrong, –
  • distraught: Grief and grief.


  • Dreaming a ruler, he has become grey, his people will grow tired, – a subject will see his wealth dwindling. If he has completely turned grey, he will not come out of misery and worries.
  • Looking of the emperors that the hair of his head is splendid and long will live his people in joy and shine and without fear of a war.
  • Dreaming of the emperors who orders barber and cuts his hair, will make a mistake this, if he knows him, unabashed in his wealth, – he is a stranger, his treasures will loot of the emperor’s enemies.
  • otherwise how Arabian interpretation!
  • an ambivalent symbol: Nice hair stands for health, thin or abusive hair for loss of respect and social difficulties. Especially skilfully doctored hair makes known to the dreaming that his sexual life bores him. (Man


(European ones).:

  • symbol of the attachment with the animal life, – strong erotic symbol, in the transferred sense, –
  • lose: announces murky times, – one will still feel young at the age, –
  • fall out: meant a burial, –
  • loss of the hair for a woman: Fear of activity loss, you feel overtaxed, –
  • loss of the whole hair for a man: Fear of loss of his power, –
  • fall softy and excessively: luck approaches, –
  • comb: if luck and wealth and good acquisition promises, – a night trip tells in, –
  • colour: one exerts himself for a thing, it is already lost, –
  • wash: if brings a concern, –
  • see paling: meant the complete loss of the property, –
  • the own see turning grey: if Li> indicates at death and contagious illness in the family of a relative or friend,
  • dreads: if bring worries, –
  • white ones: if honours and satisfaction, – luck, – mean pleasant and happy life, –
  • the own turns white and remains the face pretty and youthful: sudden misfortune approaches, – for a young woman this means: she loses her lover by an unforeseen illness or an accident, – she will get because of an indiscretion committed by her in difficulties, – moreover, she should let care with the choice of the friends prevail, –
  • clarifies black ones have: meant good health, –
  • black, the short and curled have: one goes towards to bad times, –
  • her hair black and wavy seems to a woman: it is enticed, –
  • the brown: there is no happy hand to a career, –
  • red ones: indicate at frustration and enemies, – also: indicates at changes, – also: for man, remarkably nice red or dark hair with a woman sees: Wish for a sexually strong partner, –
  • see the lover with red hair: this will accuse to one of the infidelity, –
  • the blond or yellowish: Joy and life luck, –
  • see a woman with golden hair: one turns out flawless lover and true women’s friend, –
  • foreign hair carries: meant illness, –
  • have long: if grief and esteem registers, – also: for man, long hair have: one strives for more independence and freedom, morally how sexually, –
  • get cut: if grief, – heavy disappointments, – means fear of defamation, –
  • briefly cut: be towards a friend generously up to the waste, – from it thrift, – also results for man: Fear of subjugation and suppression, –
  • cut off themselves themselves: Freeing from grief, –
  • take a short-cut with others: one will earn at the expenses of another a profit, –
  • twist: one will restore a torn connection, –
  • the well doctored: if a nice friendship, – also promises: one is professional on the climbing up branch, –
  • the undoctored: if Li> tells a family quarrel in, – indifference compared with the sexuality,
  • weird and uncombed hair: registers that the life to one becomes the big load, – the shops do not run, and the yoke of marriage is to be endured only under tortures, –
  • on the hands see growing: a bad sign, –
  • as a man by hair be covered: one dedicates himself in a measure to the vice that one is excluded from the distinguished society, –
  • as a Mrs. von Haaren be covered: she dives into own world and claims the right to live regardless of morality exclusively for her pleasure, –
  • on the breast: Luck, –
  • in the belly: Health, –
  • have in the mouth: if an awful experience tells in, –
  • see a man without: if brings respect and wealth, –
  • see a woman without: if brings disdain, –
  • hair locks see: Success in the love, –
  • man with women’s hair: Deception in the love, –
  • as a man have black curly hair: one will lead people by his winning appearance behind the light, – one will disappoint the women who trust one, –
  • find in the soup: if means quarrel, –
  • burn: in all things care is to be practiced, –
  • of a dead person: if means deference, –
  • hair-band or comb: Joy to the work brings luck, –
  • hair pomade: one will reach big respect, –
  • flowers in the hair: if announce the problems which are less menacing from close, nevertheless than from a distance, –
  • Seeing a woman her hair change in white flowers, worries come up to them. She should arm herself with patience and endure her strokes of fate with strength.
  • Dreaming a woman, them combs her nice hair, she will be inattentive in personal matter and not develop, because she is not active spiritually.
  • dünnt a man his hair from, will become ill poor he because of his generosity and from grief, –
  • Stroking a man the hair of a woman, he will take pleasure to the love and affection of an honourable woman who is otherwise rejected to him, although he trusts.
  • If a woman a white one and a black torn out hair compares, she has the torture of the choice between two luck-promising chances, – and does not let them the biggest care prevail, she decides for them her loss and pains preparing and not for the happy future.
  • Succeeding it of a woman not to comb her hair will lose them by an unnecessary outburst of rage and condescending manner the esteem of an honourable man.
  • Dreaming a young woman of grey-haired women, these will appear as rivals around the favour of a male relative or twist the head her fiancée.
  • Believing a woman, the hair fell out to her and bald places are visible, she must earn her own living.
  • these worries and disappointments promise

  • Seeing a woman an abusive lock becoming grey of her hair. Illnesses will overshadow her hopeful expectations.


  • see in the breast: Health, –
  • see: are respected and are honoured, –
  • take a short-cut: Disputes in the family, –
  • comb out against the will on the head more different: one wants to hurt you, –
  • on the hand see: think of your future, –
  • fall out: Death in the family, –
  • foreign dreads: you make a sad experience, –
  • red ones: you will get about something in rage, –
  • black ones: watch out for falseness which surrounds you.
  • the combed: you cannot complain of your friendship, –
  • Seeming it one, he agrees, although young in years, grey hair, he will come to honour.
  • Being quite grey-headed and he still becomes grey, even higher honour will wave to him.
  • Being his head become snow-white, so he knows that his man, which leads around him in bad difficulties will get.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, the hair of his head have become longer and thicker, he will acquire more wealth, more subjects and war device and give a picture of dignity to his people, – a man from the people will attain rich possession, have a poor drudgery and grief. If this one woman dreams, her husband will become well-to-do and mighty.
  • Seeming it the emperor, it cuts to him somebody the hair of his head, he will lose wealth, subject and war device, – a my husband will suffer also damages, a pauper his worries of themselves throw, a woman her man lose.
  • The upper lip hair are an adornment of the mouth. However, the mouth means the house of the person in whom his house comrades live, – these are called because by the teeth.
  • he will improve in appearance of

  • Maintaining one the upper lip hair by means of reaping, ointments or brushes, the facade of his house to seem wealthier and more respectable in the eyes of the people.
  • traps the upper lip hair from, threaten him poverty and disgrace.
  • Dreaming one, his shoulder hair have become thicker and longer, his daughters will make a good part, – he has none, the young girls from his next relationship.
  • Being the shoulder hair become scanty or unusually, it will go out to the daughters or female relatives badly.
  • Seeming it one, his pubic hair have become longer and thicker, he will be punished by the imperial governor sensitively and mercilessly and so many plagues must endure as the pubic hair became longer.
  • traps latter from, he will not be worried any more before the governor.
  • Looking of the emperors in the dream that his pubic hair has become thicker threaten him war and distress of hostile people, – the pubic hair falls out, he may expect victory over his enemies and joy.
  • Dreaming a woman that her pubic hair has grown will be tormented her husband and be punished, – they fall out, she will live in happy marriage. An unmarried will not remain any more a spinster.
  • The remaining body hair mean each to money and property. If somebody dreams, his hair has grown so excessively that he is covered from bottom to the top of it, he will become rich and make progress in the life.
  • Seeming it the emperor, his body hair have fallen out and he is absolutely bald, his gold will dry up in the treasury. A pressed, incarcerated, sick person or debtor will shake off the evil and come on the sunny side of the life, a my husband become desperately poor.
  • Dreaming a rich man, he puts some ointment on itself from head up to the feet and the hair was total to him, he will own nothing more, – a pauper will come to prosperity, enchant a woman her man with toilet arts.
  • Seeming it empires, he puts some ointment on itself, however, the hair did not fall out to him, he will have to pass excitement and dangers, become soon unconcerned, however, again.
  • a sick person will waste away after this dream, a pressed, incarcerated or debtor already look the hour of the redemption as it were, but are not released.

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