In most cases, dreams about hornets are a harbinger of trouble to come. These dream insects can be a symbol of hatred and jealousy, so you should be careful.

Sometimes they symbolize hard work, so the dream may advise you to take action, because success will not come to you unless you make an effort.


The dream means that you need to get involved and try to achieve your goals, it clearly shows that you need to act to make a difference. You also need to have more control over your life and your emotions.

Dream meaning of a hornet

To see a hornet

Seeing a hornet in your dream is a symbol of your angry feelings and thoughts. This dream can also mean that someone is angry with you. These insects can also be a symbol of bad friends. Think about who you trust.

Hornet in your hair

This dream means that you are being controlled by someone, that someone is running your life.
You are probably not aware of this control, so the dream is warning you that something is wrong and needs to change.

Hornet on a flower

This dream is a sign that you are pessimistic about the world, and this can attract negative things into your life. The dreamer advises you to change your way of thinking. Take care of relaxation, a healthy diet and your own mental health.

Flying hornet

If you saw flying hornets in your dream, it means that you are in a very dangerous situation, so you need to be careful. There may be enemies around you who want to harm you. Take better care of yourself and your loved ones in the future.

Hornets are usually a symbol of bad friends, jealousy and hatred. The dream warns you to pay more attention to the people you trust. It is possible that you are not aware of their true intentions.


The meaning of the dream suggests that there will be a conflict with a person you do not like. However, it will not affect you negatively.

Buzzing hornet

If you heard buzzing in your dream, but the insects did not attack you, it is a good sign. The dreamer explains that bad situations will soon disappear from your life and all your efforts will eventually be rewarded. Therefore, it is important to stay motivated and not give up.

Big hornet

The dreamer is warning you that you are being selfish. You may not even realize it. But those who live next door – family and friends – also need extra attention. Pay more attention to others.

Chasing a hornet

The dream warns you that something needs to change in your relationships with people because they are not good for you and can have a negative impact on your life.
The dream indicates that some of your friendships are harmful to your reputation and, as a result, can harm your career. This could be due to gossip or even your way of being, your habits.

Swarm of hornets

You receive a message from a dream that your financial success is very near, especially if you are already doing everything in your power to make it happen.
So stop worrying and concentrate on what you are doing.

Another meaning of the dream is that you need to understand that some things that happen in your life are the result of your actions and therefore you take responsibility for them. So concentrate on being a better person every day, complain less and act according to your ideals. Don’t blame others for your failures.

Hornet attack

If you dreamt that hornets were attacking you from all sides, it means that there are many rumors about you. You have a difficult time ahead of you, so you will face many problems and difficulties. Act wisely so as not to make these insects angry and so that you can successfully defend yourself against them.

If you dreamt that you were being chased by a hornet, you can be happy because it is a good sign. This dream indicates that you will reach your goal in a short time, but it will take effort. It’s normal to lose motivation when you see that your efforts are not yielding results. But know that the reward will come soon. Also, don’t stress about other people’s comments and focus on your own life, this is the best way to become a happier and better person.


Hornet sting

The dreamer explains that your enemies are preparing an attack. The hatred and jealousy against you is increasing, so you must be careful.

You have many false friends around you. They are jealous and will deceive you, so you may feel disappointed. The meaning of the dream warns you not to trust everyone.

Another meaning of the dream could be that you are mistreating someone close to you who does not deserve it. Maybe you do it on purpose, or maybe you don’t even realize it. Either way, your relationship with this person is in jeopardy and a change of behavior is needed to restore everything to its former state, so reconsider your actions and try to be a less explosive person.

This dream is also an encouragement to further stimulate your intelligence. Study, get further education and it will bring tangible results in the future.

Hornet’s nest

If you dream of a hornets’ nest, it means that you will regret something in the future. It is possible that you will miss something or someone very important to you. If you pay more attention, you may be able to avoid disappointment and regret.

The meaning of the dream also indicates that it is time to take better care of yourself and not to put yourself at risk in everyday life. Be more considerate and watchful.

Destroying a hornet’s nest in your dream means that anger and other negative emotions have taken control of your daily life.

Killing a hornet

The dream means that you are not afraid of anything. You are ready to face any problems that may arise. Even if the situation is difficult, you will turn it to your advantage and defeat your enemies.


Dead hornet

The dreamer reveals that you are thinking about revenge. Injustice can happen in anyone’s life, but remember that revenge is not the best option. Forgiveness is a more satisfying feeling. Remember, whatever we send out into the universe comes back into our lives.

Turning into a hornet

If you dreamt that you turned into a hornet, it is a sign that you are full of negative energy and negative thoughts. You don’t believe in yourself and think you are useless. You need to have more faith in yourself. This dream warns you to change your way of thinking and be more confident. This is the only way to achieve your goals and be happy.

If others in your dream turned into hornets, it means that your relationship with these people is not what it used to be. It is possible that the people you saw in your dream have power over you, so the relationship you have with them may become toxic. The dream may also mean that this person will change for the worse – perhaps their character will deteriorate, or perhaps their life situation will deteriorate.

Eating a hornet

The dream indicates that you did not know how to deal with some words that were said, and now you are sorry. However, regret, like sadness and anger, is a feeling that attracts everything negative into your life, so it is important to get rid of this feeling. The dreamer advises: “Ask for forgiveness and forgive, both for spoken and unspoken words.

Colors of hornets

Black hornet

The dreamer claims that something is holding you back. External forces, such as jealousy, may influence you to achieve a goal that is difficult to achieve.
Therefore, it is important for you to pay attention to the people around you and not give away your plans. However, don’t let this affect your relationships.

Yellow hornet

The meaning of the dream is that you need to have more control over your emotions, especially those related to anger and impulsive ways of dealing with situations. Try to relax, calm yourself, for example through meditation, think before you speak. This is the best way to avoid resentment and make sure you don’t hurt people with your words.

Blue hornet

This type of dream is an announcement that new times are coming. There is no need to be afraid. It is important to be prepared for the changes that are coming. Whether they will be good or bad will depend on how you have behaved in the past few years. You will reap the fruits of your labor.

Meaning of the dream: Hornet

  • To see a hornet – someone is angry with you
  • Hornet in your hair – someone is directing your life, you must change it
  • Hornet on a flower – change your way of thinking
  • Flying hornet – pay more attention to people you trust
  • Buzzing hornet – bad situations will quickly disappear from your life
  • Big hornet – pay more attention to other people
  • Chasing hornet – something needs to change in your relationships with people
  • Swarm of hornets – your financial success is very near
  • Hornet attack – many rumors are circulating about you
  • Hornet sting – you have many false friends
  • Nest of hornets – you will regret something very much, be more careful
  • Kill a hornet – you are not afraid of anything, you will overcome all difficulties
  • Dead hornet – you are thinking about revenge, this is a bad option
  • Turn into a hornet – you are full of negative energy and negative thoughts
  • Eat a hornet – ask for forgiveness and forgive.
  • Black hornet – pay attention to the intentions of people around you
  • Yellow hornet – you need more control over your emotions
  • Blue hornet – you will reap the fruits of your labor

Mystic dream meaning – hornet

This symbol indicates that a jealous rival with whom you are fighting in your waking life will try to attack you, and you will have to be extra careful to prevent this from happening.


Dream meaning of hornets

To be stung by a hornet that appears in your dream foretells that someone will soon take revenge on you.

A hornets’ nest is a signal from your subconscious that someone wants to compromise you, and you must be very careful not to fall into the trap they set for you.

dream hornet

  • (or brake) see: you could be put out to disagreeable nuisances,
  • are stung of it: your enemies will succeed in slandering you, – you suffer bad hostility.

(European ones).:

    • news which causes worries, – also: Injury by a spiteful rival, – a sign of danger. With care one can escape her.
    • see: if the end of a lifelong friendship and monetary losses announces,

envious people will try

  • Sitting a young woman in the dream in a hornet’s nest, bitter to degrade them.


  • see: you come to big restlessness,
  • are stung by them: you go towards to a misfortune.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Hornet

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