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Hemp drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Hemp :

dream hempThe hemp means intolerable torture tortures and strong binding, – cut, however he indicates freeing from all plagues. One thinks that this is not valid for people who earn with it her living, how wholesaler and shop assistant.



  • see blossoming: uncertain views have,
  • see growing: your profit chances grow,
  • see engaged: Obligations will disturb you,
  • spin: Activity in domestic matters.

(European ones).:

  • stands for success in all enterprises,
  • then

    Dream interpretation and meaning : Hemp

  • Dreaming a young woman that she suffers an accident by the cultivation of hemp expects them a violent quarrel and the separation from her friend.


  • see: you will commit an unlawful action,
  • break: Inheritance,
  • spin: quick marriage.

Hemp - dream interpretation and meaning
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