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dream holyA (religious) symbol for inaccessible perfection. If this picture carries own features, the dreaming keeps for by far more perfect and more very well than he is – he means ‘about all to stand’.



  • Looking of the emperors the picture of an apostle, prophet or saint, he will receive the news from a shining victory, the victory will not be so big, however because he has not looked that himself, but only their picture, – so the victory will be also lower. An easy man will find satisfaction and success in his trade.
  • Dreaming somebody, the pictures would speak with him, and he remembers the words, the promises will come true as a rule, – joys and a miraculous victory over the enemies will approach after this dream the emperor, as well as it borders on the miraculous that pictures with people talk, – one from the common people will become well-to-do in miraculous manner.
  • Looking somebody in the dream gilt or non-gilt pictures, the interpretation is favorable only with the latter, – the gilt ones prophesy because often because of the gold misery. If the emperor allows to paint saint’s pictures, he will make preparations and armaments for the fight against the enemies, – the reproduction of the pictures has succeeded, his plans will also succeed if not, miss. Accordingly it will go out to every my husband in his occupation, depending on whether the reproduction has succeeded or not.
  • see: become a little more devout.

(European ones).:

  • forecast to us good if we stroll on the path of the virtue,
  • adore: means that one will do a big wrong.


  • see: you can reach with your diligence a lot.

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