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dream holeIf one has it in the clothes, the deception and vain strains indicates. A hole in the dream symbolises as a rule a difficult or tricky situation. Besides, it can also concern a place at which the dreaming can hide and feel protected. Hole often shows a trap in which one falls easily in. Sexual needs are also sometimes expressed in it. If he falls in his dream in a hole, this is a tip to the fact that he comes very suddenly with his unaware feelings, needs and fears to contact. If the dreaming walks around around a hole, is obvious that he should ‘handle’ a tricky situation.


A hole can symbolise the female or the emptiness which one feels if one starts understanding Independently. The hole can be seen in the dream as a token for insecurity, helplessness and lacking assurance if it stands in terms of abyss. A hole in the roof of a holy building and every hole by which steam or smoke escapes is an opening upwards to the heavenly world, – it is the gate to other dimensions. Since the person lives in flats with central heating, he feels more and more enclosed. The look for the spiritual consciousness gets lost. If the hole has, however, the form of a column or a cave, this is a symbol for the female sexuality. If the dreaming feels uneasiness or fear at the sight of the hole, this is a tip to sexual inhibitions and insecurity towards the women who dominate motherly. If the dreaming feels, however, secure, this is a sign of his auxiliary need, his wish for protection and possibly also a sign for a too strong mother’s connection. But the hole which opens before a dreaming also has something menacing: If one falls in, one will maybe fall in the awake life for bad friends or for competitor, not finish, perhaps, also a sexual problem. Only one small hole has positive meaning – there one is not able hineinfallen.



(arab.): hineinfallen: one will do other a harm which falls back at last on one, – or is afraid before what the future brings, – also: you will suffer a loss, –

  • hineinkriechen: one proceeds by carelessness in a great danger,
  • bore in the wall: one would like to find out something about his future to be able to be directed afterwards in his decisions,
  • mend one: one will settle a disagreeable quarrel,
  • have in the garment: you lose your property,
  • holes in the clothes have: disorderly relations will disturb you, – also: one Should consider whether certain reproaches were not entitled,
  • in the barrel: your work is free of charge, if something else begins,
  • in the head: you do not find way alone any more, if a strong hand looks for the help,
  • dig: you would like to forget something.

(European ones.): pure warning dream, – sign for a trap which will be soon set to one, –

  • see: Warning before an inattentiveness, – warning before a trap,
  • hineinfallen: if serious concern or disturbance registers by other people, – one was taken in from other badly and must carry some time hard as a result of,
  • hineinkriechen: one will get in a trap or bad society,
  • have one in the dress: if Peeping and carrying allows to expect, – one should urgently reduce his debt mountain,
  • mend: one will settle a rather disagreeable quarrel or can solve an old problem.

(ind.): in the clothes: you should think of your believers, – you will incur debts, –

  • bore: you struggle in vain,
  • hineinfallen: you will get in bad society.

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