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dream historyEvery person deals with the own as well as with the historical past. Stories maybe offer the objective judgement of a subjective kind to exist. If the dreaming has a historical dream which is settled possibly in the Middle Ages or in the time of the world wars, then he produces by this dream a connection with feelings and personality shares of the past. He establishes communication with the person whom it was earlier once. Maybe this also leads him to old-fashioned religious images and life-styles.


In the dream told stories one should be able to notice himself possibly – they mostly act from essential events or determining situations of own life, special value one, unfortunately, only late (too late?) can recognise. Tip: Even if the whole story cannot be reminded the next morning any more completely – what is always of it ‘still there’, take down please. With the biggest likelyhood this dream note will give later an important instruction or a missing thought ‘jigsaw puzzle’ explain. This is particularly valid for stories which one repeats or dreams even in continuations (like a film series).



At the spiritual level a dream in which the dreaming finds himself in different historical epochs can be a tip to a former incarnation.


(European ones).:

  • told somebody in the dream a history, one will soon uncover some lies which one has dished up to one.

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