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dream henHen is understood as a luck symbol which promises informal harmony and financial success, – above all the hen laying eggs or hatching is to be interpreted in this sense. The useful fowl stands for honest family life and motherly qualities in the very conservative sense – the ‘clucking’ which keeps in her fledglings under the wing down. If she protects her eggs, – translates: She provides for the fact that to us emotionally so easily nothing depresses. Who kills them in the dream, damages itself by an inattentiveness in the awake life itself. In the antiquity one believed who would see a hen with a lot of fledglings in the dream, to that is given child luck.



  • A splendid cock indicates to own, one will find a competent supervisor for his slaves, – one fights with a cock, he will have annoyance and quarrel with that.
  • Killing he the cock, he will lose his supervisor, – the cock has perished, the same will arrive.
  • see big and nice ones: Luck in the love have,
  • clucking: you are undecided, this brings danger,
  • of the cock see presecuted: do not trust to your friends,
  • with cock: Marriage joys expect you,
  • eggs see laying: Luck in the business, occupation and in the lottery, – monetary income, – (30, 64)
  • see hatching: you will have to wait long for the fulfilment of your wish, – also: glad hopes for child blessing,
  • with fledgling see: a big happy family circle in the marriage receive.

(European ones).:

  • see: Luck in the love, – it a family meeting stands in a queue,
  • on a nest: if prosperity,
  • announces

  • eggs see laying: Increase in the family or material profit,
  • with fledgling: promises a win in the lottery, – Li> means many children, grandchildren or a big family circle,
  • slaughter: one will damage himself by carelessness,
  • eat: if prosperity tells in,
  • of the cock see mounted: happy family life,
  • blanched see: meant glad hope.


  • hear clucking: a trip approaches you, if it does not push open, you experience interesting things,
  • with fledgling: Harmony in the family,
  • of the cock see presecuted: do not trust to your friends.

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