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dream hawkDangers threaten the dreaming. One interprets hawk mostly as eagle as a warning of infidelity. The bird of prey is valid as a symbol for a sudden loss or for a raid-like theft. A friend seems to develop hostility against the dreaming.


The hawk means robber and shrub thieves obviously and openly attack.




  • The hawk and the falcon mean the highest-ranking person according to the emperor.
  • Dreaming somebody, he holds a hawk or falcon, will be given him power, wealth and joy, – a woman is pregnant and owns them one of the birds, she will bear a son who attains fame.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he releases the birds to the hunt, he will send respectable officials to a service, – a my husband will take the second place according to the emperor, get authority and officials with an official order abordern.
  • shot of the emperors one of these birds, he will kill a servant who resembles the hawk.
  • Losing he one of them, he will lose a suitable man, – one has from the easy people this face which is not free, he will lose his employer, get in distress and become impoverished.
  • Dreaming somebody, his hawk throws down the chains and gets lost, it will alike go out to him.
  • Eating of a hawk’s meat or he finds hawk’s feathers, he will win of a powerful figure and high man rich means according to the consumption and the feathers which mean power.
  • see general: Petty jealousies will disturb you, – also: another takes away from you your luck,
  • kill: you are able to turn away a danger of yourself.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant infidelity or no luck in the lottery, – also: scheming people want to lead to one behind the light,
  • can expel: there waves professional success,
  • see flying: forecasts losses by a theft,
  • catch: if luck,
  • promises

  • hold prisoner: announced that one will be jealous of you,
  • shoot: after long discussions carry off the victory,
  • shoot: a competition approaches from which one will arise as a winner,
  • a dead one: promises the setting of the enemies,
  • being able to do a young woman in the dream a hawk of her chicken run chase away, she will achieve thanks to constant attention her aim, and it has still fallen out thus.
  • however,

  • The dream also means that enemies are in your nearness and wait only for a mistake of you.


  • infidelity, you have no luck in the lottery.

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