A dream about a hedgehog

The Persians believed that a hedgehog seen in a dream is a message that one can defeat enemies. It also foreshadows a new career.

In Western tradition, the hedgehog in dreams heralds difficulties in business. In ancient dream dictionaries, it symbolizes a weak person. Nowadays, a dream about a hedgehog is associated with friends, enemies, and a new career.


A hedgehog with upright spikes symbolizes a sullen, wayward, and difficult character. Walking hedgehog is a sign of struggle and glory, but also persecution, and still sitting heralds business with unknown people.

Dreambook hedgehog

To see a hedgehog

Seeing a hedgehog in your dream may indicate that something (or someone) is bothering you and that you need to deal with in waking life. It could be a family member or friend who has been doing something you disagree with.

When you see a hedgehog wandering around, it could mean that you are overly sensitive and overreacting to every little thing. Are you misreading the intentions of others? Do you take comments too personally?

If a hedgehog appears in your dream, it could also mean that you or someone you know is easily irritated or offended by others. This dream may suggest that you relax.

The hedgehog may also depict the sensitive part of ourselves – the part that likes to withdraw when things get too complicated. The dream may tell you to get more involved and not be afraid of letting yourself or others down.

A hedgehog can be a symbol of loyalty and honesty. It can also be a warning that you have lost your true self. By acting defensively, you hurt those who care about you. Why do you push others away? Why do you feel guilty?


The dreambook emphasizes that positive changes in your life will come if the hedgehog is friendly and you are enamored with it.

A hedgehog crosses your path

When a hedgehog crosses your path in a dream, you may feel that no one understands you. This is a reminder not to take everything to heart or misinterpret what others say to you.

Questions to ask yourself:
-Is there something that easily offended you in the past that you need to deal with?
-Do you know someone who is constantly irritated by the smallest things?

Another meaning of the dream hints that you will defeat your enemies but may also receive disturbing news. Such a dream can also foretell difficulties in business.

You are not sure what the intentions of the person around you are, but you are almost certain that they are not good. When you finally prove that someone is trying to harm you, you will stop them.

To find a hedgehog

Finding a hedgehog in a forest or meadow means you will be lucky. Something you have been dreaming about for a long time will happen to you. You may find a job, buy a car, or move abroad.

Those who are single may meet someone who will turn out to be their soul mate.

To feed a hedgehog

When you dream about feeding a hedgehog, it is a reminder to stop hiding and not to distance yourself from the people who you care about. You have likely been hurt many times by someone’s behavior. Thus you are now not letting people get close to you.


You often miss opportunities to be happy and loved because of this.

If you see someone else feeding a hedgehog in a dream, you should not take some things personally. For example, if your supervisor lets you know that the company is not doing well, it does not mean that he will find you guilty of the situation.

On the other hand, if someone gives you constructive criticism, learn from it rather than blaming yourself for everything.

To step on a hedgehog

According to the Dreambook, dreams symbolize doubts, fears, and distance from the people you love. You may fall into a crisis when it comes to your love life.

Your relationship with your partner will become cold, and you may ignore each other. You can’t let the lack of communication or the opinions of outsiders affect your relationship. If you want to save it, act fast.

Hedgehog curled up in a ball

Perceiving danger will make the hedgehog turn into a ball of thorns. Such a sight in a dream suggests self-defense and strong survival instincts in the face of problems. You will be able to handle any difficulties.

Hedgehog without spikes

The dream means that you are entirely in control of your life. You will deal with any problem. Another interpretation of the dream about a hedgehog without spikes says that you will become vulnerable in some situations and exposed to the attacks of others.

Small hedgehog

When you see a hedgehog with cubs in a dream, it means that you always put your family first. You are willing to do anything for it.


You sacrifice yourself often so that your loved ones can have a better life. You prefer to spend more time with those you love than to develop a career.

Another dream meaning, according to the Dreambook, suggests infantile behavior. Pay more attention to your reactions in certain situations.

To hold a hedgehog in your hands

This dream usually symbolizes positive changes. The dreambook says that you may find a better job, receive a higher salary or become more successful.

The dream suggests that people who are unlucky in love may soon find a partner, and for those who are in a long-term relationship or marriage will have a child.

If you see in a dream that someone else is holding a hedgehog in his hands, it means that you are not brave enough to fulfill your dreams.

You may want to start your own business, change your profession, your place of residence, or even your partner, but you don’t have the courage to do something like that.

Instead of languishing over your destiny, you should finally take action. You will never know what you can achieve if you don’t try.

Holding a hedgehog in your hands also suggests that you have tried to deal with a difficult situation. The hedgehog also predicts excellent and unexpected news. If you drop it and it falls, the dream foretells a journey with many mishaps.


Hedgehog bite

A dream about being bitten by a hedgehog symbolizes jealousy. You may be surrounded by people who like to make others miserable if they see them as a threat. Since you are used to being successful, you will find it hard to believe that someone around you can be so unfair and cruel.

You will realize that you need to adapt to the situation as quickly as possible and develop some defense mechanisms to protect you from injustice.

If you dream that a hedgehog bit someone else, it symbolizes misunderstandings. You are likely to quarrel with your partner or one of your family members.

The reason will probably be trivial, but you will also bring up other, more serious topics during the discussion. You can’t afford to say something ill-considered because you will undoubtedly regret it later.

You are a hedgehog

This dream symbolizes the need to be more aggressive when the situation demands it. If you are too kind, others take advantage of you. You would like to change this, but you have not really succeeded so far.

In time, you will learn to recognize those who are in your life only because they want to take advantage of you. Take a good look at others.

To kill a hedgehog

The dream means that you will disappoint someone who has idolized you until now. After the initial shock and surprise, they will completely change their opinion of you. You will show a side of yourself that they have never seen before.

Crushing a hedgehog (running it over with a car) in a dream means that soon there will be distance, coldness, aloofness, caution, and doubt in your life. This dream shows that you have been making rather rash decisions lately, which has caused problems.


Dead hedgehog

A dead hedgehog in a dream is a sign that you will give up on something. It could be an idea or a project you have been working on for a long time.

Up to now, you have believed in its success, but as time goes by, you are more and more convinced that you were wrong. There is no reason to get depressed or frustrated because, in the process, you have learned something new that can help you in the future.

Dream meaning of hedgehog

  • To see a hedgehog – someone or something is bothering you
  • Hedgehog passes your way – do not take everything personally
  • To find a hedgehog – you will be lucky. Something you have been dreaming about for a long time will happen to you
  • To feed a hedgehog – do not distance yourself from the people on whom you care
  • To step on a hedgehog – try to save your relationship
  • Hedgehog curled up in a ball – you will cope with any difficulties
  • Hedgehog without spikes – you may feel vulnerable
  • Small hedgehog – you always put your family first
  • To hold a hedgehog in your hands – positive changes are coming
  • A hedgehog bite – someone envies you
  • You are a hedgehog – take a good look at those around you
  • To kill a hedgehog – you will let someone down
  • Dead hedgehog – you will give up something

Hedgehog – mystical dreambook

This symbol may indicate some limitations in your mind through which you can harm yourself, for example, by making inappropriate decisions.

This symbol can also warn you about the danger that may threaten you from a person you have great affection for.

  • If you see a hedgehog in your dream, it is a sign that someone in your close surroundings envies you very much.
  • Holding a hedgehog is a sign that you will encounter many obstacles on your way, not only in the near future but throughout your life.
  • Killing a hedgehog means that you will succeed in freeing yourself from your enemy.
  • Being pricked by a hedgehog signifies that you will soon become the subject of gossip in your surroundings.
  • If you dream that you are pricked by a hedgehog, it means that people are causing some of your suffering in waking life.
  • When you see a hedgehog hunting a mouse in your dream, it is a sign that some greedy person will use you for his malicious purposes.

dream hedgehog

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